[TIP] How to Enable 2 Button Navigation on the OnePlus 8 (no root)

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Dec 18, 2010
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Presumably this also works on the OnePlus 8 Pro. Here's hoping it also works on Oxygen OS 11.

If you search under Apps and Notifications, you may notice that the OnePlus 8 still has a hidden "2 Button Navigation" App installed. That's because it's still capable of using it, even though there's no option to do so in Settings. You can enable and disable it using adb commands.

You must enable Developer options to access adb commands (Tap build number in About Phone until it tells you that you are a developer. Go to Developer options and enable "USB debugging").

If you are on Windows, download the minimal adb fastboot zip here, then extract it to its own folder and click cmd-here.exe to use adb commands.

Plug your phone into your computer. Type "adb devices". Make sure only one device appears (your phone should be the only android device plugged in . If your device appears, check your phone to see if its asking permission to use debugging over usb, then grant it.

The following command will enable the 2 Button Navigation Bar:

adb shell cmd overlay enable com.android.internal.systemui.navbar.twobutton

To disable the 2 Button Navigation Bar:

adb shell cmd overlay disable com.android.internal.systemui.navbar.twobutton

It's as simple as that. :good:

Swiping up from the Home button brings up Recents, and tapping the Home button goes Home, like it should.

If you are using a third party launcher, you may have to swipe up and hold to get Recents to appear while you are on your Homescreen or App drawer.


If Oxygen OS 11 still has this hidden app, then these commands should still work after updating. I would also disable 2 Button Navigation before upgrading to Oxygen OS 11 from 10, just in case. You can enable it afterwards as long as it still exists.