How To Guide [TIP] Unable to boot to MSM / Qualcomm EDL mode? Use TWRP!

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CZ Eddie

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Sep 27, 2011
Austin, TX
Are you unable to boot to MSM / Qualcomm EDL mode? Use TWRP.
The "Reboot" menu of TWRP offers a "reboot to EDL" option which takes you right into Qualcomm mode for MSM.

For some reason, flashing Lineage 18 changed my phone's ability to get into MSM.
The usual method I use no longer worked.
So, I temp booted TWRP (fastboot boot twrp.img) and went into the reboot menu and used the "reboot to EDL" to get there and MSM'd my phone.

Just putting this out there for the next person who title searches Qualcomm or MSM for similar issues.

EDIT or look a couple posts down for a cool ADB method.
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Sep 15, 2007
Denver, CO
TWRP doesn't work on OOS12, it will crash dump, so this info is unfortunately of limited use. I don't know why they decided to not allow going to edl from fastboot.

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