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Question Tmobile oneplus 9 sim unlock

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Nov 28, 2007
He did mine, but I was using my unlocked OnePlus 8 during the time. I used my new locked OnePlus 9 for a few days, could not handle using it without root. So I popped my sim card into my unlocked op8.
@mobdeep sent me a msg saying it's done with Instructions. Not unlocking.
I think he needs to do what he does while the OnePlus 9 is active.
I'm not 100% sure that's why it didn't work.
I donated anyway and will donate some more as I know @mobdeep deserves it for everything he does for us!

I know the feeling without root. The ads alone were driving me nuts! And the performance hit the stock rom was causing!

I kept my 7 Pro with me until the 9 for unlocked. I did phone/email/text with the 9 and then used Wi-Fi on the 7 Pro for everything else.

Converting it to the global rom and then debloating with xXx's Magisk Rom helped a ton.

Following mobbdeep's instructions with it attached to the network the whole time and staying on stock rom worked like a charm. His method worked for my son's Nord N10 as well.

Now a general question: every locked phone I had to date just required a non-network SIM and a code to unlock. Why does T-Mo do it thru an an app instead? I even tried unlocking it the normal way for giggles and it behaved differently than a typical locked phone.

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