Question Tmobile oneplus 9 sim unlock

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Sep 12, 2019
Did you already check with @mobbdeep here?

I am network unlocking the OnePlus 9 series now as long as it's from T-Mobile and being used on their network.
hey i was wondering if you are still unlocking sim for oneplus 9 tmo

Can you messagee I tried messaging you but it wouldn't let me
are you still unlocking oneplus9 tmobile?
I have managed to get a T-mobile employee to provide me with a temporary sim unlock code, it works for 30 days and I have to renew it every 30 days.
I am wondering, with this code, will I be able to use it to request the unlock code from OnePlus's website, root my phone and maintain root status afterward. My fear is that the temporary status of this code might either hinder oneplus from issuing me the full unlock code or that it might damage my root status once I have it completed.

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