General TMobile Unlocked My P6 Pro!

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    So my 6 Pro came in yesterday. After years of buying Pixel phones from the Google Store with MetroPCS, I decided to take advantage of the $900 trade in with Tmobile and got the 6 Pro through them.

    I wasn't patient enough to wait the 40 days to receive the OEM unlock, so I installed the Tmobile app on the P6, chatted with tech support and they agreed to unlock the phone, no questions asked! Thought that i would get pushback for being a brand new account, but nope........they said to give it up to 24 hours and they will call me back with the unlock code!

    Can't wait to unlock and root!
    Did you ever receive that unlock code from T-Mobile? I want to do the same. Did you have to give them a specific reason for wanting to unlock the phone?
    Hey, yes I did. I told them that I was an Android developer and needed to unlock my bootloader so that I could test my applications. At first they only gave me a 30 day code. Called them back and told them that I needed a full unlock since the 30 day code doesn't allow me to unlock the bootloader. After I reassured them that I needed it for work purposes and that I would have to return the phone and cancel my account if I couldn't unlock the bootloader, they finally permanently unlocked it.

    I'm now rooted and waiting for those custom Roms to start dropping! 😁😁
    Sounds like you're on the xda fast track to unlock 🔓 happiness!😁👍
    I did a factory reset and now it's available.