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TMous Sensation hboot issue

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Nov 17, 2008
Hey folks, I've got a TMous Sensation 4G, S-offed, rooted, with CM7, was trying to flash 1) a new ROM (Reverted AOSP 1.1.0) and 2) a newer radio version 10.14.9035.02_2 with Clockwork Mod, did the proper nandroid backup, wipes, reset permissions, set the .zips on the phone root, etc.

The ROM itself would not install with Clockwork Mod, so I rebooted and went into hboot (v1.17.1111). Dialogue went straight into asking me if I wanted to update the radio, so I did & it said it was successful. After the radio update it had me reboot again, and I went back into the hboot screen but it went directly into the same dialogue again. For a few moments I could see the normal hboot menu (with recovery, etc), before the dialogue asking me about updating the radio. I've tried several times just to get into recovery with the same problem each time. If I don't hold the power button/volume down the white htc splash comes on indefinitely, I've waited on it for hours before taking out the batt & trying again.

I'm at a loss as to what to do... can anybody help me?

It sucks b/c I can't even get into recovery in order to revert back to my old ROM (CM7alphakang)...

Any help would be appreciated...


Senior Member
Dec 7, 2009
you gotta take the PDIMG out of the sdcard, if you leave it in there it will keep asking to flash the radio, or anything else in that format, once you take the IMG off sdcard it will let you choose to go to recovery