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Jun 4, 2012
San Antonio, TX
There is an option like that press the menu button

I've got soft keys and there's no menu button, only recent apps, home and back button.
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May 6, 2013
If you could add the progress bar at the top like that in browsers that would be great.still a great n light weight app (y)
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    Use Tinfoil for Facebook. A very great alternative of this app :)
    Hello friends!

    today I decided to delete my fb account. I care about privacy and I don't need fb anymore. I know a lot of you ladies and gentlemen enjoyed my app and it was a good time we had but today is the day I have to say farewell. I hope you understand my reasons. Don't misunderstand me I am not leaving XDA ;)

    Maybe I will see you another time. Stay funky!

    Thank you for everything!
    Hey mate publish your code on github and another one try to help and continue your project :)

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    Stop complaining about the photo upload and read the developer posts.
    For me this app works great with dalvik. Haven't tested it with art. Some issues/ideas i've noticed:

    - Photo sharing doesn't work.
    - Full screen fb videos don't work.
    - "People" icon moves to notifications, not contacts, as it probably should.
    - 3-dot menu icon is dark. Shoudn't be white, as others?
    - You could place a share status circular button at the bottom corner as in Google+ and other matherial design apps. If possible.
    - Message icon could be always visible, not only in landscape mode.
    - Without the shadow, top blue bar could "connect" with Facebook website bar and look like a thick single one.
    - Removing orange border around active website elements would be great, but i think it's impossible.
    - Pull to refresh feature would be great.
    This app is not available on Google Play Store: how about security and privacy?

    You can see the authorizations of the app yourself... It requires only network access. Make a comparison with the official Facebook app and let me know if you think that your privacy is preserved