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Apr 28, 2009
Bravo mon grand

au moins je suis sûr que les extras Nokia fonctionneront sous la langue de Molière.

Contratulation dude

At least i'm now sure that extra Nokia stuff will work out of the box for any languages especially for the french one..
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Jun 11, 2009
No Android Fanboys Please !!!
first , nice too see another one here on the sammy Forums :good:

and now about your Rom:

first , you do know this is a Samsung phone right ?

better look what you cook , you really don't Need htc unlocks on a sammy :)

the unlocks :

you use ultrashots full unlock v4 , and non of ultrashots unlocks use PKG_hBk0dY_XBLUnlock it isn't needed :)
there are more things you Need to look at like your csc package and Nokia packages charing the same files , your Rom isn't imageupdateble this way ( oem )

maybe ist better to take this Rom offline and rethink this and clean your Rom.

but not to be a total **** :D I just hope you make a nice Rom for all the sammy users , and hope you get lots of thanks for your hard work.

Greetings Cees Heim
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