To return a malfunctioning Pixel 4a, do you advise an "Advanced RMA" with a hold on the Credit Card or a "normal RMA"? Thanks

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Apr 5, 2009
Hello everybody,

For more details, I am in Europe (France) but the RMA part and the hold on a Debit / Credit Card may apply similarly in Europe and elsewhere (US & Canada. And Australia?)

I have an issue (swollen battery) with my **Google Pixel 4a** (bought on a bit more than 1 year ago).

Google Store Support (which has been a bit slow but helpful) offered me the choice between:

* "normal RMA": I send back my Pixel 4a first within 14 days and then Google Store sends me a refurbished replacement Pixel 4a

* "Advanced RMA": since I have Google Pay, if I accept they put a hold on my Google Pay Card, Google Store Support would send a refurbished replacement Pixel 4a immediately.

I nearly accepted the "Advanced RMA" but the first bad surprise was that the "price" of the refurbished Pixel 4a is 399 euros VAT included (almost the same in dollars) when I paid mine 329 euros a bit more than a year ago.

AND the 2nd bad surprise is that according to this page

if my Google Pay Card is a Debit Card (which is the case), Google Store Support will charge the amount instead of just putting a hold.

I don't accept being charged (even temporarily) more than the market price for an old phone when the Google Pixel 6a is only 374 euros on Amazon France and was around 350 recently and is even at 327 from third party vendors.

What would you advise me please?

1. Changing my Google Pay Card to a Credit Card so that I won't be charged if I do an "Advanced RMA"? But I am uncomfortable entering my Credit Card into Google Pay :(

1. a) Are you sure I won't be charged 399 euros if I set a Credit Card as main card?


2. Doing a "Normal RMA": I have to send back the malfunctioning Pixel 4a within 14 days and they will ship a refurbished P4a 1 or 2 days after Google warehouse has received it.

No Google Pay involved.

Thanks for your help, happy holidays !