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What do you mean by 'U1'?
I flashed from the TMB U firmware to the non-carrier specific U1 firmware. The U1 firmware is basically compatible with all US carriers and comes with less carrier related bloat. If your device is SIM locked to T-Mobile or another carrier. You will want to have that SIM locked removed before flashing because the SIM unlock can only be processed on the carrier related firmware.


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Apr 27, 2012
I am not sure if this is possible using your software. If it would be possible to change the system font using ttf files. If not, its no big deal, I truly thank you for your work.


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Dec 22, 2010
Does this tool run in a Windows VM? I don't have a windows install to run this in.
For the record:
I use it in a Win10Pro VirtualBox VM on a machine running Manjaro.
It works using either wireless ADB or USB debugging (you have to pass the USB device to the VM).
Paid for a license a couple of years ago - worth the investment.
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Dec 3, 2009
Ok I have switched to oneplus 11 and Adb App Control is stuck at loading screen and eventully errors out and I have to close it. Works fine on My s23 Ultra

I am using the latest version of Adb App Control 1.8.0
I am on windows 10 pro, all updates
I am completely updated on the op11
I have USB debugging enabled
I hav treid uninstalling and re-installing Adb App Control
Windows see's my op11 jus fine and I have copied and moved files back and forth, so the cord and phone are in working order

So does adb app control support op11 phones? If so then what could I be doing wrong?

Do I need drivers of some sort, even though windows sees the phone just fine?

I aso cannot get apk editor pro to see the phone
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Dec 6, 2011
I am getting errors that my Wi-Fi calling has continually stopped working. I looked through the list of uninstalled applications but nothing is jumping out of me that says Wi-Fi or calling or phone. Does anyone know what apps might control this?

If it helps, after I uninstalled a bunch of apps the Wi-Fi calling icon was still in the notification bar but seemingly Not functioning. Once I rebooted my phone, the icon was gone altogether but I was still getting the error message saying Wi-Fi calling has stopped working.


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May 24, 2020
Ok I have switched to oneplus 11 and Adb App Control is stuck at loading screen and eventully errors out and I have to close it. Works fine on My s23 Ultra
I am working on fixing this problem in the next update. Newer version of Android on some devices (Oppo, Vivo, OP, etc) doesn't provide information about installed packages and this cause an error. If you have the Extended version, you can disable "Auto data update" option in the ADB AppControl settings and work with your OnePlus right now (but without icons and app names).
Does anyone know what apps might control this?
Try to restore all disabled apps and check how it will work. If the problem is related to disabled apps you can disable them one by one to find a clue.


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Dec 3, 2009
Ty for the quick reply

I ended up getting it going.
I was messing with stuff and did adb devices and my phone immediately popped up the "trust this device" message, I hit always.

I did have to unplug and plug back in though before adb app control finally noticed the phone.

After that it worked ok, not sure if this info willl help or not.
Mar 29, 2019
  • Added a automatic permission system for popular apps (see the list on the website)


Hope you enjoy the changes! I try for you!
Regards, Cyber.Cat
Hi, I just bought a S23+ and love it. And so I feel also for your sw, since you seams to fill the empty black hole of my root absence (since I don't dear to mess up with Samsung's knox).

I read that you have granted access for a list of apps (Tasker, etc).

May I ask you to fill up with Skvalex Call Recorder https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/...ne-calls-from-the-phone-line.1441643/page-484 - that's the last app I really miss since it has been a great app (the best!).

Thanks in advance!


Oct 17, 2013
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
[S20 FE Snapdragon 4g SM-780G]
Hi all,
Is there a way to install an app via this software to trick the system that the app is "pre-installed" without root? I need to install "Google Phone" app with pre-installed state somehow to be able to use phone recorder with it.


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Sep 22, 2007
Thanks for releasing the latest version.
I have activated version and latest scrpy installed. I can control android TV fine.

I have noticed, the screen control option doesnt play nicely on signage screens.
For signage display it works first time and then subsequent attempt shows only black screen.
During that time I have tried to connect via vysor it seems something is choking the process or process is not exited upon closing the task. With Vysor all works fine.
Love this piece of software, would be nice to get this fixed please. Thanks again.
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    Thank you so much for this app! My redmi note 9 was extremely slow because of the xiaomi blotware and after disabling most of that (the main culprit being the mi account) it is now operating normally again!
    what's wrong with this command
    >> adb appops set <com.heytap.market> RUN_IN_BACKGROUND ignore
    [Info]:command output redirected to file
    < and > are for redirecting... I don't understand why you used it. Use simply the pkgID.

    adb appops set com.heytap.market RUN_IN_BACKGROUND ignore
    Wow, this is AMAZING! I downloaded it and after using it for just a couple minutes, I immediately bought the Extended version. This makes life SO much easier, no juggling different device package disablers, mucking about with adb, and there's a portable version. Thank you so much!
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    ADB AppControl 🚀
    Root is not required. Works with any Android device. Can do almost everything you dreamed about with applications.

    ADB AppControl - the desktop program, that will allow you to easily manage applications on your android device. You can disable unwanted pre-installed system apps and bloatware, or install new ones using a modern graphical interface. The program includes many useful tools and tweaks which allow you to get the better experience with your device. This is exactly the tool that you will use for many years - after trying ADB AppControl you will see that working with applications via adb has never been so easy.



    System requirements: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 and .NET Framework 4.6.2 or newer.
    Device requirements: Android 6 or newer.

    Works with any types of Andoird devices (smartphones, tablets, TVs, watches, etc)!


    The program can grant permissions for popular applications (in two clicks!)

    • Disable and uninstall applications without root
    • Multiple apps installing
    • Saving APK files of installed apps
    • Full Split Support (.apks)
    • Debloat wizard
    • Permissions Manager
    • Permission grants for popular applications (Tasker, MacroDroid, etc.) App List.
    • Saving and loading applications list-presets
    • Quick search on Google Play, ApkMirror, F-Droid and others
    • Changing the screen resolution and DPI
    • Hiding icons in the status bar
    • Device remotely control via scrcpy
    • Creating screenshots of the device screen
    • Quick reboot in recovery and bootloader
    • ADB console with quick commands
    • Fastboot support
    • Logcat logs
    • Simple file upload
    • Taking screenshots
    And much more features now and coming soon!

    Links and Manuals:

    Quick start: Launch program, enable usb debugging on the your device and connect it by usb cable to PC. Click the Enable Network Debuging button (upper right corner) to connect to the device over the network.

    Official website

    YouTube channel

    Telegram group

    User's Manual


    On PCs with Windows 7/8, if your device can not connect via usb, you need to install the adb driver. You can learn more in documentation.

    Support device with android version below 7 may be limited.

    To connect to the device by IP
    , first connect it via usb to the program and click the Enable Network Debugging button.

    When you connect the device for the first time, the program will prompt you to install the ACBridge application.
    This is my service application for android to provide data exchange between the device and ADB AppControl on a PC. It must be installed in order to be able to display application icons and their names, instead of their packages names like com.android.app. You can also use the program without ACBridge, but you will lose some of the cool features (no icons and no application names). Now ACBridge comes with the main program, but in the future I plan to add it to the Play Market.

    The program has an Extended version with interesting features.
    It was created especially for those users who like the program and want more features.

    ADB AppControl collects anonymous usage statistics.
    The anonymous data that's can being collected: Android device model, Android version, packages that have been disabled. This anonymous data help me to make ADB AppControl better.

    Terms of Use

    By using this program, you agree that the author is not responsible for any malfunction of your device and / or denial of warranty by manufacturer. ADB AppControl program is free for personal use. This is not an open-source project, therefore modification of the program is prohibited. All rights to the program belong only to its author. You may placing the program on other web resource, with a link to the program's website - https://adbappcontrol.com

    When using this software, the following anonymous data may be collected, transmitted to a remote server and processed:
    - Android device model, Android system version, list of applications that have been disabled or removed on this device using this software.

    Full text of Terms of Use

    My other application for Android TV:
    ADB TV: App Manager

    Please leave your feedback and suggestions. I really appreciate it!

    Update 1.8.2 is already available!

    Download ADB AppControl

    Hi, everyone!
    I continue to work on update 1.6.3 and has already made some important fixes.
    A new option will also be added - Accurate application sizes. Now ADB AppControl gets applications using adb shell dumpsys diskstats command. It does not always provide actual app sizes and may not work on some devices. Now it will be possible to get current sizes directly via acbridge.

    🚀 ADB AppControl 1.8.0 update
    Many fixes, including the scrcpy installation. A new Process Manager has been added. It shows the applications running on your device and their % RAM consumption. The Process Manager turned out even more interesting than I thought it would. While still in the development phase, I used it to detect and disable several background apps on my devices.

    - Fixed scrcpy installation
    - Fixed bug with auto-permissions
    - Fixed a rare bug with device connection
    - Fixed problem with ACBridge installation on some devices
    - NEW! Process Manager (Extended version only)
    - In the preset file, the list of packages is now sorted

    As always, you can update from the program.

    ⬇️ DOWNLOAD ⬇️

    Dear friends!
    🌎 Today, the 1st year anniversary as ADB AppControl released on XDA.
    For me it became an important day, because it was August 15, 2020 an international release of ADB AppControl occurred, and I remember how excited I was that day. Development began in May 2020 and it was a small project for me and my friends from 4pda forum. But users really liked my program and I must had to share it with the whole world. I want to express gratitude to those who are all this time supported me - with your support we have this powerful and useful tool now.

    Also, thanks to the great XDA forum - you are awesome, guys!

    If you are interested, then under the spoiler you can look at the first versions of ADB AppControl.
    Sorry, that is not English, then I have not yet knew that thousands of people around the world will be used by my program.

    This is the 1.0 version. It doesn't look good, but it really works!

    In the 1.2 I improved the design and fixed some bugs (and added new)

    You are lucky, here on the XDA you immediately saw version 1.4 with icons and app names :)

    Now we have the modern looking 1.6.5 version with useful Debloat Wizard and many other great features.

    However, I don't plan on stopping. I will go further and make this tool even better. I have gained a lot of invaluable experience during this year and now I can do much more!

    I also made a Special Edition of ADB AppControl especially to the anniversary.
    This is the common 1.6.5 with a modified "retro" design. Just download the file, unzip and place .exe file in the folder with ADB AppControl 1.6.5. Run it and enjoy!


    Thank you for using ADB AppControl!
    🚀Update 1.6.3
    Available for download!
    Thanks to everyone who supports the project. You are the best!👍


    Please, subscribe to the official ADB AppControl news channel

    - Dividing lines added to the list of applications.
    - Fixed "Device in sleep mode" error when updating data.
    - Solved problem If the acbridge was installed on the sdcard.
    - New option "Accurate application sizes" (Android 8+, only in the extended version)
    - Optimized the Check and Debloat function.
    - Automatic define IP and port of device
    - Added the ability to specify the port when connected over the network
    - Improved support for the screens with a small resolution (from 800x600)
    - Fixed Permissions Manager bug
    - Fixed bug with scroll application list after search
    - Fixed a bug with a message when you turn on caching icons
    - acbridge updated to version 1.6.0
    - ADB updated to version 31.0.2


    Share your the impressions of the new version in the comments!😉