[TOOL] Multi Xperia U Tool by AlexDroid00 V1.9 [All In One]


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Mar 2, 2013
After a long time of work in creating this tool, here is the final result;). Course will be continually updated.
I have to thank especially Cuorerossonero for aid, recommendations and test;)

For now, these functions are:
1) Flash kernel with Fastboot
2) Flash kernel with ADB
3) ADB/FASTBOOT Tool (reboot) (install/update applications, wipe data/cache, V1.2+) (run a logcat 1.3+) (Reverse Tethering of capslock66 1.5+)
4) Bootanimation Tester (1.2+)
5) Bootloader unlocking wizard (1.1+)
6) Root and Unroot (automatic whith you have bootloader unlocked and .89 kernel)
7) Button for visit the XDA's thread to check for upgrades
8) Driver ADB/XU/FASTBOOT Installer
9) Credits visualizer
10) Language selector
11) Update Center

Secondary functions:
- Automatic update
- Divided the various program files in multiple folders, to allow easy use of the tool by the user.
- Bootanimation of tool
- Verification of the presence of all the files on startup
- Title changes depending on the function that you use (1.3+)
- Totally in Italian and English (1.5+)
- Screen CMD enlarged to allow easy reading
- Regular updates
- And much more...

Universal functions (for all device):
1) ADB/FASTBOOT Tool (all functions)
2) Bootanimation Tester
3) Root and Unroot
4) Button for visit the XDA's thread to check for upgrades
5) Language selector

Functions that there will be prossimante are:
They are shown in the changelog in style FXP :p

How to use the tool:
Extract the archive in the folder of your choice and open the file Multi Xperia U By AlexDroid00.exe Tool and follow the instructions in the Tool

- Exit from the tool using the appropriate exit button added in the main menu or other menus. This will close any processes remain open after use of the tool, for example adb.


Changelog, download and credits in the next post;)

Use the Thanks button if my tool was useful to you, you very help me to continue the project, Thank you very much :D
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Mar 2, 2013
[TOOL] Multi Xperia U Tool by AlexDroid00 [All In One] (Download/Changelog/Credits)

Mediafire Folder

2.0 (not released)
- Fix many minor bugs
- Totally restructured the code to make it more lightweight, stable, smooth and better
- Optimized fastboot and adb
- Great new feature to automatically create a zip flashabile with recovery from inside the kernel of your choice
- Optimized the "Language Selector" to work with the "Device Selector"
- Added the "Device Selector"
- Support for Xperia P
- Support for Xperia Sola / Go
- Automatic installation of all applications in the folder Apk
- You can pull all the applications from the System and User folder from the device
- You can pull all files in the framework folder
- You may pull: SystemUI. apk, SemcGenericUxpRes.apk, framework-res.apk, framework.jar from the device
- Ability to flash an file .Ftf (only bootloader unlocked, untested, more complete if flash is used flashtool)
- Automatic installation of all applications in the folder as a System App

- Fix bug
- News system for the tool
- Display the changelog for a future version
- Display of current changelog
- First alpha version GUI (graphical version, it will release together with 1.9)
- New Slim version (the drivers are missing, the tool will be downloaded if needed)

- Bug fix
- Optimized the code
- Title during the bootanimation
- Optimized translation
- New icon
- Optimized language selector
- New automatic update system

- Bug fixes
- Root whit bootloader unlocked and .89 kernel
- Verification of the presence of all the files on startup
- New tool bootanimatin
- Optimized English traslation

- Optimized English translation
- Bug fixes
- Update ADB and FASTBOOT
- Fixed a serious bug in the installation / upgrade of an application in the English version
- Renamed the name of the main .exe file

- Tool translated into English to allow you to post the tool also on XDA
- Language selector (English / Italian)
- Fixed some bugs
- Implemented Reverse Tethering of capslock66 (SOURCE)
- Download Flashtool installation files
- Fixed the title screen during the Credits
- File for Root and Unroot included in the Files folder, then deleted the folder stuff
- Added a lot of patience and time on my part ;)

- Unreleased version, you can go directly to 1.5

- Title which changes depending of the function you use
- Fixed some bugs with your own flash adb and fastboot
- Fixed the bug of the delay in the display of the screen output with version 1.2
- Reboot after flash a kernel also added to the flash from fastboot
- Fixed other minor bugs
- New function in adb tool: Run a logcat
- Fixed a small bug in the update tool from an application
- Optimized the text
- Wait for the device inserted in: Bootanimation Tester, Logcat, Update / Install Application

- New bootanimation tester
- New functions in the adb tool (update / install apk, wipe cache and data)
- Fixed various bug
- Added exit button also the ADB tool
- Optimized the text

- Bootloader unlocking wizard
- Optimized the text
- Optimized some visual bug

First relase.

- Cuorerossonero for aid, advice and testing
- Bin4ry for the base of the script Root and Unroot
- Pajerm for the base of the flash ADB
- GEKTHEBOSS for the idea
- Capslock66 for Reverse Tethering (SOURCE)
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Mar 2, 2013
R: [TOOL] Multi Xperia U Tool by AlexDroid00 V1.5 [All In One]

Thanks very much :D

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Mar 2, 2013
1.6a RELASED. I had to release 1.6a for the problems we had with the new version ADB and FASTBOOT. Thanks for your patience.
Thanks to DhyzCherrie for the segnalation and testing 1.6a.
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