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[TOOL] [NO ROOT] Change phone resolution and DPI without root.


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Mar 12, 2017

What's New?
  • Several under the hood changes for better performance and stability.

Change phone resolution and DPI without root.​
Devices today come with high resolution and DPI settings. Sometimes a user may want to customize the settings for several reasons like:
1. To fit more content on the screen.
2. Increase phone (gaming) performance.
3. Increase battery life.

Good news! You can use this tool to change resolution and DPI on your phone WITHOUT ROOTING your phone.

Important: Changing resolution and DPI settings can make certain apps unusable. We have provided an option to reset your resolution and DPI settings in the tool.
The tool was initially designed for Samsung S5, but it could work on other devices. We tested it on 3 different Android devices, and it worked with no issues so far. Please give feedback on the devices you use it on so we can polish up the tool as necessary.
  • Windows PC (Windows XP or Higher)
  • Developer Options and USB Debugging enabled on phone. A guide on how to do that can be found here
  • ADB Installed
    You can get it here by @shimp208
    or you can get Android platform tools here
  • Resolution and DPI Set Tool (link provided below)

  1. Download the Resolution and DPI Set Tool (link provided below)
  2. Locate the folder where ADB (platform-tools) is installed
  3. Extract the Tool in the same folder where adb.exe is installed
  4. Run the Tool
  5. ENJOY :eek:
Further Information:
  1. This is my first post on XDA. I hope I have not violated any forum rules. Please comment and help me out if I have.
  2. This tool is free to use, at your own risk. Please do not re-upload it or redistribute it anywhere else. You may share the link to this post instead.
  3. Please give feedback

DOWNLOAD TOOL HERE Ver 2.1.0 (Latest)

Older Versions:
Download Ver 1.1 HERE

Version Changes:

Ver 2.0
  • Rebuilt tool from scratch in C++

Ver 1.5
  • Custom Resolution Settings (for various Aspect Ratios)

Ver 1.3
  • Support for custom DPI values added
  • ADB Check added
Ver 1.1
  • More resolution presets added
  • Reset/Restore settings option added


Resolution Options Menu

Applying resolution

After completing tasks



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Oct 8, 2007
changed on my ulefone power 3 with 18:9 screen to 720p custom resolution and it works awesome, gaming performance is now noticeable better without lagging! thank you

Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G955F met Tapatalk
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Apr 18, 2018
[HELP] Black Screen


i want to say thanks because releaseing this tool
and i have a question

after i change the resolution, and reboot from CMD , my tablet just get a Blank Black Screen and cant do anything

How to restore/restart the resolution ?

And after i try to reset from the toll it shown this :

please Moderator, Owner, or Who know the solution please help me
Thank you
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Apr 5, 2018
Thank you!

Worked perfectly on my Huawei p10, had been messing around with this tool for months, changing resolution/dpi pretty often, just for testing.

Update: Since my P10 got the update to Android 8.0, most dev settings, resolution and DPI reset after reboot! Still using this tool though :good:
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