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Jul 7, 2010
This is a tool for windows. The purpose of this application is to view, sort, filter and install Ouya market apps from a PC.

*This is a Beta release, please post any issues! Also looking for some verification that all is well at this point, so feel free to post. Thanks.

Lets say you have kids or other family members on the tv that the Ouya is hooked up to. This application will allow you browse and install games from the Ouya market from your PC so you can spend those precious gaming minutes/hours actually gaming rather than looking for, downloading or installing your games. It also has my favorite feature, a complete list of all games in alphabetical order! You can also use this to install any apk file or reboot your ouya.

Basic usage-
- Select a game to view the image.
- Click "download" to save the selected game apk file to disk.
- Click "install" to browse for a .apk file to install
... That's all you need to get going, the rest kind of just make sense, but feel free to ask if you have any questions.

If you want to use the wifi adb support, please make sure that you have tcpip support enabled on your ouya.
For stability the adb server is killed on every button click before it issues any new adb commands, which means even the reboot will take about 15-20 sec while the server comes back up to respond.
More sorting and filtering to come...

Install Instructions-
-Extract the files and run the setup.exe, after which it will be accessible from the start menu (under ProfessorPopTart).
-For updates please uninstall the previous version.
-Use the "nonInstall" version for a standalone executable.

*This is a Beta release, please post any issues! Thanks.

** updated to version 0.2
- Update json responce methods
- Added game list on load

** If you want to check out the source or follow development. (currently working on sorting...)

IRC - FreeNode #ouya-dev


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Jul 7, 2010
Make it open source and it'll happen
Fyi, just finished an alpha build of this to run on the Ouya. Its just a simple app that lists the games and shows you the image when you select it. You can then download the apk for install. Basically the same thing this one does... I have been testing it on cm10 and seems to be working fine. I need a few days for code cleanup/documentation so its at least presentable for a beta, then I'll post the apk for general testing and such.