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[TOOL][recovery] Android 4.4 / 5.1 / PC


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Feb 16, 2013
Recovery tool , all in 1
        Unlock bootloader / enable usb debugging and
        Connect your mate7 to PC via USB cable

        1.  -Install Stock recovery 4.4
        2.  -Install Twrp Recovery 4.4
        3.  -Install CWM mod mate7 4.4

        4.  -Install TWRP 5.1
        5.  -Install stock recovery 5.1

        6. Exit

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Aug 8, 2011
no trojan here...at least not on my part...i think that it is flase positive as the EXE tries to run and extract some data and then run DOS window program...you can assume it is safe...I did on saturday this and my pc is OK and phone is too...
PS: also a question to the author - is then my Phone rooted also with this custom recovery or I have to do some additional step?


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Oct 8, 2007
Will this stock lollipop recovery work on official lollipop b324? Or do we have to wait for an updated version? Or is the update server side?


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Sep 27, 2013
Can wholeheartedly confirm the fact that this is NOT a virus. Thank you for this! I've used it multiple times to go back to stock recovery since you can't do any official updates/downgrades while on twrp.

So again, thanks!
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Oct 16, 2005
Port Elizabeth
Please go to page number 1 of this thread and download the tool from the 1st post. That is the easiest way to unlock bootloader.
the tool does not unlock the bootloader it says in the file the boot loader must be unlocked

"Unlock bootloader / enable usb debugging and
Connect your mate7 to PC via USB cable"


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Jun 13, 2009
the tool does not unlock the bootloader it says in the file the boot loader must be unlocked

"Unlock bootloader / enable usb debugging and
Connect your mate7 to PC via USB cable"
If you are an advanced user and you have adb installed, then open command prompt, connect your smartphone to your PC (USB debugging should be enabled). Now, reboot your phone in bootloader mode (adb reboot bootloader) and type the command 'fastboot oem get-lockstate'. If the response is 'unlocked', then that means that your bootloader is already unlocked.

If your bootloader is locked, Here are the steps to unlock bootloader below.

Section 1: Things that you need first:
a) Your IMEI number: write it down by dialing *#06# on your Huawei smartphone OR go to Settings -> Status -> IMEI
b) Your Product ID: write it down by dialing *#*#1357946#*#* on your Huawei smartphone
c) Serial number: On your smartphone, go to Settings -> Status -> Serial Number

Section 2: Getting the Bootloader code from HUAWEI's web site
Once you have the above things, using the Google Chrome browser, visit the following link below to get your Bootloader Unlock Code.
a) Please visit the link: www.emui.com/plugin.php?id=unlock&mod=detail (Wait for the page to fully load first and don't hush) - If you are using Chrome, right click on a blank space and select "Translate to English"
b) At the bottom of the page, check the checkbox and click on the wide gray button below (don't worry about the chinese language or use 'Translate to English' option on Chrome)
c) You will now be taken to login page - Register a new ID by clicking on the link in dark-amber color at the bottom right, which will read "免费注册 >>"
d) Now on the next page, click on the first grey-color tab that shows a smartphone (It will show "电子邮箱注册" - in English, it will read 'email address')
e) Type your email, password, repeat the password and the security code that's displayed on right. Check the checkbox and click on the GREEN color button 'Sign up now'
f) You will now receive an activation email on your email inbox. From the email, activate your HUAWEI acount
h) After activation, come back to the link www.emui.com/plugin.php?id=unlock&mod=detail and follow step (b) above
i) If it shows a form with many drop down options, skip to next step. Otherwise, login with your new user id and password
j) On this page, from the first drop-down, select the 2nd option (In English, it will read 'smartphone')
k) In the 2nd drop-down, scroll down and select the model of your Huawei smartphone (e.g. MT7 TL00 or MT7 TL10 etc)
l) Now type down your Serial Number and IMEI that you noted above and enter the correct verification code, as shown on right and click on the green button (submit)
m) If you did everything correctly, it will give you the bootloader unlock code

a) If you don't already have the ADB tools, search for ADB tools (version 1.4.2), download and install on your PC.
b) On your smartphone's settings, enable USB debugging (go to Settings -> About and tap multiple times on BUILD NUMBER until it says 'You are now a developer'. Then in 'Developer options', enable 'USB Debugging')
c) Connect your Mate 7 to your PC and look at your smart phone and (a) Roll down the notification window and select 'Connect as MTP device' and (b) On your smartphont, when the prompt about USB debugging comes, tap on 'Allow USB Debugging from this PC'.
d) Now on your PC, open Windows Explorer, go to C:\ADB (If ADB is installed in environment variables, any folder will be okay) . Now, while holding the Shift Key, right click anywhere on a blank space and select 'Open command window here'
f) Now type 'adb devices' and hit Enter key. --> This should list your device with the serial number. If it does not list, then either USB debugging is disabled or usb devices are outdated - In this case, install HUAWEI USB device drivers
g) Now type 'adb reboot bootloader' and wait for your smartphone to reboot into bootloader mode
h) Now type 'fastboot devices' and hit <Enter> key (this should list your smartphone)
i) Now type 'fastboot oem unlock <your bootloader unlock code>' and hit <Enter> key
j) Wait for a few seconds and the response should be 'Done..... '

Your bootloader is now unlocked!
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