[TOOL] rkDumper (utility for backup firmware of RockChip's devices)

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Apr 20, 2010
What the name of device?

rkDumper 1.09d test

Note that the latest versions of devices give fake data instead of firmware after a certain address.

I think you are right. I dumped using rkdeveloptool and a lot of the partitions were just filled with hex CC.
Probably no solution then.

Your program I had an issue with any command.

Android\RockChip\rkDumper_109d_test>rkdumper /log /debug /test

rkDumper (version 1.09d_test)
Utility for Rockchip's firmware backup

(c) RedScorpio, Moscow, 2014-2021

==========================[ START ]==========================

Detected OS: Windows 8 Pro [build 9200] x64
Real OS: Windows 10 Pro [build 19042] x64
-- Devices enumerating --

USB devices table (found 12 devices):
1 Device #0: USB Root Hub (ports: 8)
2 Device #1: USB Root Hub (ports: 8)
3 Device #2: USB Root Hub (ports: 8)
3.5 Device #3: Genesys Logic USB2.0 Card Reader
VID = 0x05e3, PID = 0x0745, REV = 0x0903 (USB 2.0)
Driver version = (7-15-2019)
3.8 Device #4: USB Composite Device
VID = 0x046d, PID = 0xc52b, REV = 0x1203 (USB 2.0)
Driver version = 10.0.19041.488 (6-21-2006)
4 Device #5: USB Root Hub (ports: 4)
4.3 Device #6: USB Hub (ports: 2)
VID = 0x0424, PID = 0x2532, REV = 0x0182 (USB 2.0)
4.4 Device #7: USB Composite Device
VID = 0x046a, PID = 0x0023, REV = 0x0220 (USB 2.0 Low Speed)
Driver version = 10.0.19041.488 (6-21-2006)
5 Device #8: USB Root Hub (ports: 22)
5.11 Device #9: Rockusb Device
VID = 0x2207, PID = 0x350a, REV = 0x0223 (USB 2.0)
Driver version = (9-1-2020)
5.12 Device #10: USB Composite Device
VID = 0x062a, PID = 0x5918, REV = 0x0102 (USB 1.1)
Driver version = 10.0.19041.488 (6-21-2006)
5.22 Device #11: ASUS USB-BT400
VID = 0x0b05, PID = 0x17cb, REV = 0x0112 (USB 2.0)
Driver version = (8-30-2013)

Found: LOADER device (RK3566 2207:350a) #9
Unknown command

==========================[ STOP ]==========================

==========================[ STOP ]==========================


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Aug 3, 2016
Rkdumper /log /debug /test dump
Found Loader device ( rk3566 2207:350a) #13
Command to read failed
Command to reset failed

Unit: rk3566 h96max 8/64 version / using rkdumper 109d
Trying to backup units firmware


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Aug 3, 2016
Hmm.. Problem solved by user xmannv In the "imgRepackRK" thread
Hey thankfully upload a full backup image
- that I unpacked and boot patched with magic and flashed
All worked fine

Thanks for great support and amazing tools
Sep 1, 2019
Hey buddy, from what i can tell, you are the most talented rockchip developer around.
I have a 7 inch rockchip device that i would love to be able to "unlock" the bootloader. I have full root access to the device (ANDROID 4.2.2) . i can pull and flash the stock images (mtdblock) with dd. but if i modify the boot.img at all it will not boot. (I tested by flashing to recovery) . I have bricked several of these trying to figure this thing out. It definitely is not normal rk firmware. I have several of these particular tablets that i would like to be able to upgrade to Android 5.1.1. i can pay you for the job and i can send you a device
Sep 1, 2019
Alas, I'm not a developer at all. It's just a small Uility

you are a developer my friend.... and i need you. Please take a look at my boot.img? this was pulled from mtdblock2 with dd. if you can help me recreate the signature block at 00000400 i would be willing to pay you substantially. Hell id pay you just to try. please take a look bro and let me know if you need to see anything else


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Dec 17, 2020
I am trying to learn how to root a jp5 tablet, if you have any information I would be grateful, I will gladly compensate for step by step instructions, all I have is a broke tablet myself and a data cable with USB otg file manager nexus. Thank you.

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