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Aug 23, 2012
Can't seem to get the ADB drivers working on Windows 10?
Both my Surface 3 and windows computer? Any insights?


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Jul 19, 2010
I have unlocked my bootloader and trying to flash TWRP recovery but something is wrong. When i try to boot to recovery i come to sideload menu instead. What is wrong?


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Jul 19, 2010
i dont know how i can help you, no problem for me


Is this how stock recovery looks like?


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Jul 19, 2010
Try to flash recovery and then reboot directly in recovery
I will try this again. But now when i flash twrp it don't succeed.

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Try to flash recovery and then reboot directly in recovery

Now this happends:

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Try to flash recovery and then reboot directly in recovery

Started from beginning. Took away everything, drivers etc. Installed drivers and took TWRP home again. Changed USB-port and tried again and everything worked.
Don't know where i did wrong but glad everything is working.
Thank you for your help!!! :good::good::good:
Yes when you boot to recovery stay 5s & when logo Op1 press volume - you govtobtwrp

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Hi ! À question I flash ly oneplus 3 oxygenos with Twrp and before wipe all except internal storage (because mistake) but after unlock dev option advanced reboot usb deboging but when I want reboot to Twrp I can't ? I boot to recovery oneplus.
It's normal ?
And if I want to flash factory m'y op3 i loose unlock boot loader ? Or just Twrp ? Thank's I want to clean install and flash Twrp Supersu and Xposed.
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    Hello everyone, today I present my new creation: we are talking about a tool that allows you to do many things , from the bootloader to flash the factory image , comfortably. Now you're probably asking: but there are already other tools available , why use it? I 'll explain it: this tool currently supports 13 devices of different companies and all the controls have been tailored to each device .






    Install Drivers
    Unlock Bootloader
    Lock Bootloader
    Flash TWRP Recovery
    Flash Stock Recovery
    Flash Stock Factory Image
    Reboot Phone
    Update the Tool to last version
    Delete downloaded files


    Oneplus 3T (Stock firmware not found for now)
    Oneplus 3
    Oneplus Two
    Oneplus One
    Oneplus X (Stock Firmware not found for now)
    ZUK Z2 PRO (Stock firmware and recoveries not found for now)
    ZUK Z2 (Stock firmware and recoveries not found for now)
    ZUK Z1
    Nexus 4
    Nexus 5
    Nexus 5X
    Nexus 6
    Nexus 6P

    I could not test all the controls, because they are really a lot, I did some tests and everything seems to work. I added a button "Delete File " in the case when downloading some files you have problems, you can delete the corrupted files directly from the tool instead of going to look for it manually.

    Before using the tool, make sure that you have turned the oem unlocking, usb debugging and you reboot your device in Fastboot-Bootloader mode.

    If you flash a Factory Image, all your data will be erased.

    Use "Lock" only when you're certain that the Stock ROM functions properly.

    If you have any problems during installation then first try to update the Microsoft Net freamwork to latest version:


    Download .zip file;
    Extract all its contents into a folder;
    Click on setup.exe;
    Click on "Install";
    Waiting for the end of the process;
    Enjoy your tool :D

    There will be no need to re-download the new tool, but just look for new updates directly from the tool.
    In all cases I'll update the link in this thread and report it when there are new updates with its changelog. (If you have some problem during the update, press continue)

    Added official OPT recovery;
    Added official ZZ1 recovery;
    Solved some bug.

    Solved OPT bug on stock firmware;

    Add some download links

    Add new rom;
    Solved some bugfix.

    Add OnePlus 3 support;

    Add new download links;
    Add some new stock roms;
    Add restore stock boot logo for ZUK Z1 ( you find it on "Flash stock fimrware").

    Add new "Advanced Options", i add a screen with all possible fuctions above;
    I have changed some protocol (TWRP and Stock Recovery);
    Add Oneplus 3 stock recovery.

    Add new "Generic" option to advanced settings (if you want to install a custom recovery or some else on an unsupported device you can try);
    I have changed some protocol (Factory image and drivers);
    Add Oneplus 3 Stock Faactory Image ( i have not tested it, if you test it please make me a fedback).

    Added official OnePlus 3 TWRp recovery;
    Added last OnePlus One Factory Image;
    Generic Bufix.

    Added Zuk z2 and zuk z2 pro.

    Added Zuk z2 and zuk z2 pro TWRP recovery;
    Added new universal drivers;
    General Bugfix.

    Added new Fastboot and Adb app (If zuk users have some problem try to unistall the tool and install the last through download link);
    New UI;
    General Bugfix.

    Added OnePlus 3T support;
    Added OnePlus 3T TWRP;
    General Bugfix.

    Added last ZUK Drivers;
    Fixed Nexus Factory Image;
    Fixed OnePlus Factory Image;
    Fixed ZUK Z1 Factory Image;
    Added newest Nexus Factory Image;
    Added last OnePlus One Factory Image;
    Added OnePlus 3 TWRP 3.0.2-1.28 recovery;
    Added OnePlus 3T TWRP 3.0.2-0 recovery;
    Added OnePlus 3T stock recovery;
    General BugFix.

    If you think it necessary to add new features or other recovery or other Factory Image or you want to add a new device support please comments or send me a private message or send me an email to [email protected] (If you want to add support for additional device, please send me the link to download important files (recovery,factory image, ... ) or links to guides on the device(unlock bootloader) or anything that may serve me).


    ( Alternative Link )


    If you want to support the project please consider making a donation, thanks.

    - Alberto Petten�: 2.00 �
    - Oliver E. : 3.50 �
    - Tunde Alabi: 10.00 $
    - Giovanni MacCelli: 5.00 �
    - Cristian Godnik: 5.00 �
    - Luca Milkovitsch: 5.00 �
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    - Brian Salerno: 15.00 $
    - Alois Seelwische: 4.50 �
    - K & J Cooper Proper: 5.00 �
    - Janis Jemeljanovs: 5.00 �

    Really thanks to donators
    Added OP3 recovery stock
    Oneplus 3 Root,Unlock,TWRP Full Guide #oneplus3 #root #Howto #Simple and #Easy

    Used your tool to make this :)

    And we're back. Zuk Z1, OnePlus 2 and now for the OnePlus 3. Thank you for your support
    Thiis tool uses fastboot and adb you don't care of which version of what is installed on your phone. Read the basics about android phones.
    No need to be so rude to him, you would have been where he is now at some point.

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