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[TOOL] - Topway TS10 firmware workbench

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May 1, 2021
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Mar 29, 2007

i've managed to use your tool, but there is a mention:
i've used it in a ubuntu vm (latest) and the mountpoint directory is empty if i don't run everything as root
repacked ok after this

my question is if i have to add the other files originally found in my original firmware folder with the newly repacked firmware files.

original firmware content (TS10.1.2_20210505.171701_TW1-V2):

repacked firmware content:


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Mar 29, 2007
In fact you don't need to run as root if your user can read the sourcedir and write in the targetdir (config.ini)
tested: (set rw user permissions recursive to cwd)
Step 4 of 4 - Mounting ready raw firmware into '_mountpoint/' folder
mount: only root can use "--options" option

mountpoint is empty now. adding sudo before mount command fixes this but needs root for every change there

ubuntu 20.04.3 lts x64

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    Hi fellows

    I'm a kind of newbie in the Android world, but I created a set of shell scripts to work with Topway TS10 Firmware:



    Scripts intended to mount the Topway TS10 Firmware, make modifications and reassemble the firmware They can retrieve the firmware from specified location and after modification, they can put the firmware into another specified location


    1-) config.ini = A file to setup parameters, paths for the original firmware and patched firmware, temp directory to work with firmware files and mount point to edit the firmware

    2-) import_original.sh = Retrieves the files .0 .1 .2 and .3 from the location specified in config.ini

    3-) import_patched.sh = Retrieves the same files that 'import_original.sh' but from the patched location specified in the config.ini (normally a firmware that you've already patched before)

    4-) unpack.sh = Unpack the imported firmware and create the mount moint (as specified in the config.ini file) to work with the firmware

    5-) repack.sh = Unmount the modified firmware from the mount point, delete the mount point, split the firmware in files .0 .1 .2 and .3 and move it to the patched directory as specified in config.ini

    6-) inject_tweaks.sh = Modify locale, dataroaming and remove (if necessary) the values in ro.fota.device to avoid message "UI unauthorized, please contact the supplier"

    7-) inject_mods.sh = This will copy all the contents of the '_mods' folder inside firmware. I.E. I put a 'gps_debug.cfg' inside 'system/etc/' and it will be injected into firmware overwritting the existent

    :cool: inject_su.sh = This will inject su binary into firmware as a daemon, this is dangerous as the firmware is permanently rooted and the apps don't ask for permissions (they already have the root access) USE AT YOUR OWN RISK

    9-) clean_local.sh = This script will unmount the firmware and delete it, it will also delete temporary files. as its name says, it cleans the dir !

    External (included) tools:

    tools/twt (Topwaytool) forked from https://github.com/mkotyk/topwaytool

    _mods folder containing a sample file 'gps_debug.cfg'

    N'joy it !

    Run as root

    only a53***** files needed !
    Yes, that's right, I forgot about mount command, so you have to run it as root anyway