[TOOL][WIN,LIN,AND,DARW] Super image tools | extract or make partitions RW in super partition

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Aug 28, 2014
i'm trying to extract super partition and extraction interrupts

superunpack.exe super.ext4.img
Super image unpacker v_15 by munjeni @ xda 2020)

LpMetadataGeometry magic = 0x616c4467
LpMetadataGeometry struct size = 0x34
LpMetadataGeometry sha256 = 4E31CF64275442F40E25C772A18D1FCCD8B1291232E593F65E522FC7AC07DF03
LpMetadataGeometry metadata_max_size = 0x10000
LpMetadataGeometry metadata_slot_count = 0x2
LpMetadataGeometry logical_block_size = 0x1000

LpMetadataHeader magic = 0x414c5030
LpMetadataHeader major_version = 10
LpMetadataHeader minor_version = 0
LpMetadataHeader header_size = 0x80
LpMetadataHeader header sha256 = BB6DF87B25D60396FD565AA6730D6E5642B21B01CE604A09F6E35FD5634FC8CF
LpMetadataHeader tables_size = 0x1d0
LpMetadataHeader tables sha256 = ECF1D6F88DAFECC3F9805CF439A38A94FA6B14DD07F4B8974CA95E6FFBD209E8
LpMetadataHeader partitions offset = 0x0
LpMetadataHeader partitions num_entries = 0x4
LpMetadataHeader partitions entry_size = 0x34
LpMetadataHeader extents offset = 0xd0
LpMetadataHeader extents num_entries = 0x4
LpMetadataHeader extents entry_size = 0x18
LpMetadataHeader groups offset = 0x130
LpMetadataHeader groups num_entries = 0x2
LpMetadataHeader groups entry_size = 0x30
LpMetadataHeader block_devices offset = 0x190
LpMetadataHeader block_devices num_entries = 0x1
LpMetadataHeader block_devices entry_size = 0x40

Partitions = 4 used, 0 not used, total 4

partition_1_name = system
attributes = 0x1
first_extent_index = 0x0
num_extents = 0x1
group_index = 0x1
partition_group = main
extent num_sectors = 0x756930 (0xead26000 bytes total)
extent target_type = 0x0
extent target_data = 0x800 (dumping offset = 0x100000)
extent target_source = 0x0
Filetype EXT4. EXT4 size = 0xe71c9000
Dumping system.ext4 ...
.................................................Error reading 512 bytes!

Edit: doing the same on Linux fixed, now my issue is repacking,super, I'm sure that all images used to repack are sparse (good then infact I can open them with p7zip fine) but super creation fails, the command work but at a certain point it says
Invalid sparse file format at header magic
Invalid sparse file format at header magic
Invalid sparse file format at header magic
Invalid sparse file format at header magic

But as I explained images are fine (I tried to convert them with simg2img and it tells me that images are not good for him) so I don't understand what is going on
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Oct 22, 2014
From my point of view and understanding "Invalid sparse file format at header magic" is a typical feedback from command 'lpmake' - I also get that in Linux when I repack the Super-image manually. I also tried getting that fixed or finding a workaround, but nothing to worry I would say as everything works afterwards (y)

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    Super image tools was made for testing and educational purposes, ME is not responsible for what you do on/with your device using our tools, you must agree that you using our tools on your own risk, I am not responsible for anything else!

    How to use superunpack:

    - First step, unpack super.sin using my tool or use @IgorEisberg unsin tool
    - Step two, Superunpack. On windows just drag and drop unpacked super image onto our exe to start extraction. Also you can use it from command line, from script or from etc. On Linux use it from command line. No need to set slot like it was a case on lpunpack, our tool will auto extract all slot images for you, enjoy!
    - If you need to unpack partition images in RW mode add parameter 1 at the end of command line e.g. "superunpack super.img 1", than resize partition using resize2fs, repair and unshare blocks using e2fsck. Or if you unpack without rw you no need to resize or repair it, just mount it ro.

    How to manualy patch super partition in under Linux:

    Note that, superunpack is a tool for extract all logical partitions from super image or directly from super partition.

    How to use superrepack:

    adb push superrepack.arm64_pie /data/local/tmp
    adb shell
    cd /data/local/tmp
    mv superrepack.arm64_pie superrepack
    chmod 755 superrepack
    ./superrepack /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/super system_a

    Note that, superrepack is a tool to convert logical RO partitions iside your phone super partition to RW mode without extracting anything, all things is done on the fly directly inside super partition/image! In this example system_a partiton is converted to the rw mode, if you need other partitions to rw just change system_a argument. Or if you need all partitions to rw mode do it without partition rw argumet e.g: "./superrepack /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/super". YOU MUST RUN TOOL 4-5 TIMES UNTIL ALL ERRORS DISAPEARS!!! One of the well known errors is: "Couldn't clone file: Could not allocate block in ext2 filesystem". Look at /data/local/tmp/script.log each time and make sure it not contain any error otherwise you are not done things right and partition is not repaired yet!!! More info -> https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/...s-rw-in-super-partition.4120963/post-84966715


    - Superunpack is working on Windows, Linux, Android, Darwin11, just chose right binary.
    - Superrepack is working only under android


    - version 1 (21.Jun.2020), initial version
    - version 1.1 (22.Jun.2020), dump file format detection, partition size correction in case ext4, partition group detection, have extraction progress bar, improvements
    - version 2 (03.04.2021) implemented possibility to extract partition images to rw mode using Superunpack & I have made new tool called Superrepack
    - version 2 (04.04.2021) implemented arguments so you would do conversion on single partition instead of doing it on all partitions
    - version 3 (04.04.2021) implemented return codes and implemented output logs to be more scripting friendly
    - version 4 - not released
    - version 5 (08.04.2021) implemented resize and repair partitions after switching to rw mode. Implemented build script for building resize2fs, e2fsck, simg2ims, img2simg, lptools
    - version 6 (08.04.2021) better loop device detection and setup
    - version 7 (08.04.2021) fix selinux status detection
    - version 8 (15.04.2021) fix loop device setup in superrepack
    - version 9 (16.04.2021) make losetup android compatible
    - version 10 - not released
    - version 11 (01.05.2021) simplified, removed needs for parameter rw, implemented dm-verity disabler
    - version 12 (05.05.2021) make old logs always deleted before fresh log is created, this prevent concentation with old logs
    - version 13 (06.05.2021) make linux version so you should do the things on your super partition dump in linux machine
    - version 14 (07.05.2021) fix compilation mess between linux and android
    - version 15 (08.05.2021) use libselinux to determine and set selinux to permissive mode instead of popening getenforce-setenforce tools


    - me and me :)

    Source code:

    - source code -> https://github.com/munjeni/super_image_dumper
    I'm not one of those who make paid software and promote on xda, my work is always free. Even I'm always providing source code for free, source code of this tool is here -> https://github.com/munjeni/super_image_dumper , enjoy! ;)
    Version 7 is out! V6 had error detecting slinux status. I do not have device with super partition for test my tool but I have only hope that all is ok. Let me know! :)
    Pixel 4a, working. V13
    how about simg2img