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[TOOL] XIPKitchen from PPCKitchen.org (Beta 6) Updated: 06/07/09

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Senior Member
Sep 14, 2007
White Oak, NC

File is attached below. It's still in beta form. Will update more as needed. I do have some major improvement's coming soon I hope. So stay tuned!

Beta1 had 346 views!! Thanks for all the testing!
Beta2 had 1388 views!! Thanks for all the testing!

Major thanks to evalu8t0r for helping out with some "Auto Click" source code!!! Please make sure you donate to him here if you can!


1. Open XIPKitchen.exe
2. Pick your device xip, wait for XIPPort to do it's thing, and then disappear.
3. Pick your new xip, wait for XIPPort to do it's thing, and then disappear.
4. Go thru the checkboxs for files you want to remove or not. If the files are not in the XIPs, then the checkboxs will not even show. So if it shows, it's there.
5. Press build xip, wait for several apps, including XIPPort, to do their thing, and then all disappear.

5a. If you see this message,
then just press the OK button until it goes away.

6. New XIP will be moved to a folder.
7. Temp folder will be the new XIP OUT folder. If you need to do any more tweaking to it.


  • XIPKitchen_Beta6.zip
    1.5 MB · Views: 4,385
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Senior Member
Sep 14, 2007
White Oak, NC
What this app does: (At the moment)

  • At the moment, it only works with BIN files. It does not work with OS.NB.PAYLOADS. Yet. Therefore you will manually need to extract the XIP from the payload for use with this program.
  • Uses XIPPORT to dump two BIN files you choose, and combines them into a third BIN.
  • At the moment, this app is only a frontend for other apps. This process has already been noted in another thread by sp3dev located here. This app does that process, and more is to come. I give the credit to sp3dev for inspiring me to finish this app. (It was started with the buildxip method, but since that source was lost, and that file isn't compatible with every device, it was converted over to this method.) Even though this app uses other apps, it is planned to slowly start removing the need for these other apps, and do it all by itself with no help at all. But even though these apps are needed, there is basically no work at all on the end-user side except pushing a few buttons.
  • Gives you the option to remove some of the un-needed files if they are found in the XIP.BINS.
  • Allow's you to preview the finished MAP.TXT when it's done just for verification purposes that everything went smooth.

How to use: (At the moment)

  1. You can either Drag/Drop a BIN file onto the "Pick Device XIP" button, or click it to bring up a box that defaults to the "DEVICE_BINs" folder in the root folder of the application EXE to allow you to choose one in there or anywhere else on your PC.
  2. You do the same thing with the Donor XIP that has the Microsoft build files you want to be included in the finished XIP.
  3. If certain files are found in either the Device OEM section, or the Donor Microsoft section, and they are in the list of files that are known to be able to be removed from the XIP, then checkbox's will be available to be checked to not include those files in the resulting finished XIP.
  4. A checkbox will also be there to open the MAP.TXT file when its done to show you if the process worked or not.
  5. After checking the wanted/needed checkboxes, then you can press "Build XIP"
  6. This will start the conversion process of the two XIP folders into one new folder.
  7. Once you've done that, the new XIP will be moved to a folder in the application root called "NEW_XIPs". The filename will be a conversion of the Device XIP filename, and the Donor XIP filename. (Ex. Device XIP = Raphael.BIN Donor XIP = 20757.BIN New XIP filename will be Raphael_20757.BIN) With my current setup, I have all my Device XIPs named properly in the DEVICE_BINs folder. And the Donor filenames named with the build version they are (20757.BIN) in the DONOR_BINs folder. Thus making the new Filenames always resulting in a less confusing name.
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Senior Member
Apr 3, 2007
It is excellent idea.
When it will be possible to test the program?


Senior Member
Sep 16, 2007
I don't even look at the map.txt anymore. lol...

Trying to eliminate some of the steps, but should have a test release soon enough. I want this thing to do a new XIP faster than 30 seconds. Sheesh... 30 seconds is just too long.

you have always been out for performance but jesus lenny i think your pushing the limits a lil dont ya think. well i cant wait to see what you got in the making.


Inactive Recognized Developer
May 9, 2008
Gainesville, Florida
I've been waiting for someone to make this....PPCHaven.com was really close to finishing their Kitchen which would include this, but they never finished it :'(


Retired Moderator
Dec 15, 2007
Great work Lenny. Eagerly waiting for your kitchen :D Did you check the suggestions I made? Possible to include those too in your kitchen?


Retired Senior Moderator
May 26, 2007
ahhh so thats what Noonski was talking about ;)

Nice tool indeed, cant wait for it to be finished :)


Senior Member
Aug 13, 2007
Lennysh, great idea.

Hi Lennysh,

You are very bussy becasue I've read several posts from you in different web sites and for different PDA ;-)

Well, this tool is a great idea and I'd like to test it in Diamond. We are still waiting for your new HX4700 ROM.

Thanks in advance!!!


El Parra