[TOOLBOX][26/2/15]Android ONE Toolkit OneClick Root/Recovery,Unlock/ReLock Bootloader

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Mar 31, 2014
just found a way to root latest 6.0.1 marshmallow root with august google security patch..... just use android one tool n thunderzap.zip n chainfire latest supersu from there site... just connect your phone n press root botton you will be boot to recovery just click update from zip sd card n select latest thunderzap.zip to root n update.. after update just on ur phone n install supersu app
Feb 8, 2013
1- There are two downloads. Download both files. Install first file then apply patch. Ensure the pre-install of Dontnet Framework 4.0.
2- If drivers not detected, search this post or forum or search google for google android drivers for windows and install directly.
3- After you flash the recovery, this toolkit will reboot your phone in normal mode, but before reboot goes into normal mode, press key combination to prevent this to go in normal boot and go into recovery mode without detaching the USB cable from your computer. It will go now into TWRP or CWM recovery mode. If you don't boot into recovery then stock rom will overwrite your newly installed TWRP/CWM recovery.
4- If you dont swipe in TWRP / CWM recovery mode the bootloader will not be ovewritten and you will again in Android death screen.

Hope this helps you.
I unlocked bootloader and twrp recover installed succesglfuly but there is a problem while rooting
It's successful found my decive and that I tryed to root after booting in recover its says follow steps on your phone so I did same but I didn't find the update.zip file can u provide me that update.zip so I can copy it by manually(if its possible)


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Jul 22, 2016
Not going past boot screen

Hey Anil Please add update Log to it
Hi I am unable to go past boot screen on Android One Spice Uno
I want to flash the firmware to fix this problem. But How do I enable USB Debugging since I am unable to go to settings as the device is not booting up.
The Android one tool kit is not detecting the phone I guess cuz nothing is happening from that interface.


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May 26, 2016
dont worry

it says to find update.zip in extenal sd card but i cant find it anywhere

listen my friend. I also didnt find update.zip because you need it. just go to reboot then click system. recovery will ask to install super su click yes. rebbot and go to su app it will say to update it go to the link it gives, update and then update binary with normal option. then reboot and it WILL take a lot of time to reboot dont worry and voila you are rooted .


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Sep 5, 2017
Will this work on Linux ?

Hi and I want to root my Android one phone Karbonn sparkle v but I I'm using Ubuntu and does this software work on Ubuntu to rook my phone?


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Dec 18, 2014
xiaomi mi A1

good job !
someone try it with the Xiaomi Mi A1 ?
when I launch with it, it is listed as "unauthorized" in devices list
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Aug 5, 2017
How to use android one toolkit without USB debugging??

Due to some internal problem, I am not able to turn on USB debugging so please tell How to use android one toolkit without USB debugging from the bootloader screen?? Conditions are:

I have unlocked my OEM and just want to install a custom recovery as if this will work then I will be able to install custom ROM so please tell if this conditions will help me...
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    Android ONE Toolkit 1.2.1[UPDATED 26/2/15]​
    Android ONE Toolkit (One Click Root , Unlock/ReLock Bootloader)


    Supported Devices:

    Micromax Canvas A1
    Karbonn Sparkle V
    Spice Dream UNO
    Nexian Journey One
    Symphony Roar A50
    Evercoss One X
    Mito Impact
    MyPhone Uno
    Cherry Mobile One


    One click Unlock or Relock Bootloader.
    One click Root Locked or Unlocked Bootloader.
    One click Flash recovery and 3 custom recoveries.
    Install Single apk or Bulk apks.

    .Net 4.0 (Click here to Download)

    How To Use:
    Turn ON USB Debugging Mode under Setting>>Developer options
    ⦁Open Android ONE Toolkit
    ⦁Click on Install Drivers Button(Skip if already installed)
    ⦁Click List Devices button, your device will be listed
    ⦁Unlock/Relock/Root your device else install apps

    Unlocking Bootloader:
    **Unlocking bootloader will Wipe/format Userdata**
    ⦁Click on List device just to make sure your device is properly connected to adb
    ⦁Click on Unlock Button, wait for device to boot in fastboot mode
    ⦁Press Vol+ key on your on phone to confirm Unlocking
    Phone will be reboot and may take some time to Boot.
    Now you can Install Custom recovery

    Flashing Recovery:
    Make Sure your device Bootloader is Unlocked
    ⦁Click on List device and see your device is listed
    ⦁Select any recovery from the Recovery List
    ⦁Click on Flash Recovery Button
    Wait for few seconds device will boot in normal mode
    You can Boot to your recovery by clicking on "Recovery" button
    Now can Root your Unlocked Bootloader device

    Rooting with Unlocked Bootloader:
    Unlock Bootloader
    Flash any custom recovery
    Click on List device and see your device is listed
    ⦁ ⦁Click on ROOT Button
    ⦁Wait for recovery to load
    ⦁and follow the instructions
    Now your device is Rooted
    Device will reboot
    Now your device is Rooted

    Rooting with locked Bootloader:
    Click on List device and see your device is listed
    ⦁Click on ROOT Button
    ⦁Wait for recovery to load
    ⦁and follow the instructions
    Now your device is Rooted

    Relocked Bootloader:
    Click on List device and see your device is listed
    ⦁Click on Relock Button, wait for device to boot in fastboot mode
    ⦁Press Vol+ key on your on phone to confirm Unlocking
    Phone will be reboot and may take some time to Boot.

    @varun.chitre15 for his Recoveries.
    @musfiqus for his recoveries

    I Am Not Responsible For Any Damage Caused To your Phone..
    If You Point Your Fingers At Me , I Will Laugh At You.
    Try at your own risk...

    Download Link
    Android One ToolKit 1.2[UPDATED 25.2.15]- Click here to download
    Android One Toolkit 1.2.1 Patch install on 1.2[7mb] - Click here to download

    Say Thanks If you Liked My Work

    Android one toolkit 1.2
    Added TWRP Recovery Support all Android one device.
    Window is now Drag able & added minimize button as requested.
    Fix minor application bugs.
    1-click root.

    Android one Toolkit 1.2.1

    Added Philz recovery from @musfiqus.
    2x Better performance compare to version 1
    I don't have an android one, but this is really good thing, keep it up :good:
    how to fix it, and what file is needed for this issue.
    Remove old drivers:
    Switch off your phone hold vol+ power button, select fastboot, connect usb cable, in your pc goto device manager right Click on android Bootloader interface>>>unistall, reinsert phone battery, turn ON your phone calls connect usb, goto device manager>>android >>uninstall.. Restart your PC
    Then install drivers...
    not working in sparkle v 6.0.1 marshmallow offical stock rom.... plzz give a new update