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TOUCH PROBLEMS (maybe not?)

Have you got any touch issues with your s20 FE?

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Deleted member 11071359

Hello, friends :)

I heard about all the complaints about the touch issues on this phone, so i went and try that touch scree test

Turns out, during the test, the phone records input that i didn't made, but, for my surprise, out of the test in real use, i never got any ghost touching any zoom problems, scroll problems, nothing.

I have the phone for more than a month now. EU snapdragon version, fully UNLOCKED (6GB/128)

I even try to make the ghost touching happen in real use, scrolling just like i did in the test app i tried it on youtube; instagram; reddit; youtube music; play store; on the samsung news feed, etc...

Does anyone also had a positive test, but didn't had any real issues?

Thanks ;)

video of some guy about the problem:

Deleted member 11071359

I also had a positive test, but I didn't have any real problems or at least I didn't notice them!
Weird right?

Gives me mixed feelings about it,because the problems that are being reported are impossible to note notice if you or me had them

It's like a fake positive in a COVID-19 test XD


Senior Member
Mar 19, 2012
Samsung Galaxy Note 10
OnePlus 8T
This is a problem for people who play games like pubg mobile. The top left corner which is on left of camera for me the problem lies there. While keeping 2 fingers on screen and pressing with the 3rd finger on top left side of screen will result in a double tap instead of single most of the time

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    I also had a positive test, but I didn't have any real problems or at least I didn't notice them!