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Aug 27, 2009
I have no idea what's going on with my touch screen its going crazy! I don't no how to describe it. But I was running cyans experimental about 5 days and out of no where my touch screen went crazy. Its like when you swich home screens manually... it just does it back and forth it won't go to a exact scren just inbetween screens. And my status bar doesn't respond as well wither. But I did a nandroid back up and went to 4.0.4 same problems. Then I upgraded to 4.9.2 ( my fav ) and I did a fix_permissions in the recovery consol and it kinda stopped. It still does it just not as bad or as much. Any ideas?


Senior Member
Jan 26, 2009
My girlfriends phone does this as well. I've wiped her phone many times, and it seems to temporarily fix the problem.... but eventually it comes back. I'm not sure if this is hardware, software or firmware related.

Can you run adb logcat and post your log, id like to take a look. I'm about to do a warranty exchange... but id rather not.
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