Touchpad as a 'always on' clock and weather station

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May 31, 2010
My touchpad is still going strong. Amazing this old dinosaur is still working. Sadly it's too slow to do much with. I tried setting it up for my toddler, but after numerous attempts at games and whatnot we've given up - just too slow.

My wife asked me if I could at least make it into a clock. I thought adding weather to it would be nice. I used to have this working prior to installing the latest tenderloin OS, but can't seem to make it work now.

Running ev_tenderloin-9-userbuild-2019.08.30, been running OK for over a year.

It sits in the wireless charging cradle.

The OS doesn't have the 'always on' option in settings. At least not that I could find.

I can not find an app in the play store (after trying half a dozen) which will
a. Be an always on clock
b. include weather

I did find one app called "Clock Weather Launcher Clean" which seemed to show promise of at least handling the clock side of it because it had a setting to make it always on, but it's a pay now test later app which times out after 3min. no real way to test if I don't want to take the risk of pay now.

Anyone have any suggestions to making this work?

As always, thanks in advance.