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Touchscreen problems

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Jan 4, 2018
Its mostly noticeable with the keyboard, I have noticed the lag with GBOARD as well but I'll try it again and see if the problem persists. Thanks for your response.
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Oct 19, 2010
I'm having problems with the touchscreen. Most of the time it's working alright but just like this, out of the blue, starts missing touches, swipes, etc.. sometimes this problem is very VERY noticeable and embarassing. I don't know if it's software or hardware related, but I fear this can't be solved. I'm thinking about selling the device before it starts loosing too much value.

See this video i made with my old 950XL to the brand new XZP

I'm facing this exact same problem on my Xperia Xz1 Compact. I'm very disappointed with this basic bug. Scrolling is such a important feature and I can't believe Sony hasn't fix it through all different devices. It's a shame.


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Apr 24, 2013
Some Pixel 2 and the S9 also have this problem. I use to have this problem until I installed a custom Rom. So I believe it's software related


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Sep 19, 2010
Does a different keyboard solve the issue? I've had some issues with certain keyboards in past, but not on XZP, though. I'm using gboard here, with disabled gestures and prediction.
Maybe trying the Xperia keyboard? It's not stock on XZP, but you can still install it.


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Mar 2, 2018
I solved it by disabling background use of Google play services from battery settings, in some applications like instagram and Facebook the scroll problem persist but in Gboard it is solved


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Oct 2, 2014
I just got this phone brand new for a week now and am noticing the same thing. When I'm typically scrolling down on a web page in landscape at normal speed, out of the blue the page doesn't respond initially thru the swipe motion, but when I let go of my finger from the screen, it registers it as a tap instead thus inadvertently tapping links or what not. Frustrating as hell. Lol.

I'm still under the 30 day return policy, so I'm thinking bout returning and repurchase I suppose as I do love the phone aside from this. With my luck, next unit will probably come with a host of other issues like suckier battery.. Lol.
Just sucks man.

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    I seem to have a similar issue. It's not restricted to a particular area of the screen, I've activated the option of seeing where the touch is, sometimes it just skips a touch and does not show it. There are moments when it happens more often and moments when it doesn't happen for some time.
    Seems most of the times to be related to changes in the touch pattern, like inverting scroll direction in a page or going from swipe to single touch.
    I've tried to reset once clear cache a couple of times, but with no effect. When it happens while scrolling if I keep swiping the finger, sometimes it sees it intermittently, sometimes not but if I touch with another finger near that one, the touch of the second one is shown correctly.
    I cannot quite figure out if it's more of a software of hardware related issue. Before this I used a meizu m2 note and I did not change the way I touch the screen, but never had this kind of issue.
    Had this conversation with Sony today: Development does know about the touch screen issues it *sounds* like it will be fixed.

    This is not what I contacted them for. But I figured I ask since I already had their attention.
    I reproduced the problem look at 24sec