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ToUcHwIz 5uX fusion blast {Micromax a57}

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BlAcK BeAsT(aK)

New member
Jun 28, 2014
ToUchWiZ 5uX Fusion blast​
[Creating a Richer,Simpler & fuller life]​

The best ever rom for Micromax a57
With superb theme, revamped UI, a whole new Launcher, Touchwiz themed status bar and awesome tweaks, it’s simply what you ever wanted.
Before installing this ROM, you have to remember that I'm not responsible for any kind of damages that happens to your device. This ROM
is only for Micromax A57. Installing it on another device will surly result to a hard brick!
Do anything at your own risk




Status bar:



S Memo :

Ultimate features:
  1. NewTabbed S4 Settings
  2. New MMS
  3. New browser
  4. New lockscreen
  5. Changeable lockscreen text
  6. Extended Power Menu
  7. New s5 style statusbar
  8. New Phone
  9. New Contacts
  10. New Clock app
  11. New Calendar
  12. New video app
  13. New my files app
  14. New Voice Record
  15. New Music app
  16. Jellybean recent panel with 2 shortcuts like Touchwiz
  17. New google search widget and app
  18. New FM radio
  19. New calculator
  20. New memo app
  21. New voice search app
  22. Setted custom jellybean title bars on all the mentioned apps
  23. Lockscreen improvements
  24. S5 Style statusbar
  25. Edited the scripts for better performance
  26. Increase touchscreen sensitivity
  27. Less RAM usage through zipalign.
  28. Smart zipaligning Reduced /dbdata, /data, /sdcard usage of *.db files and faster database access.
  29. Smart sqlite optimizing Faster disk access through remount script (noatime, disabled barrier etc).
  30. Smart remounting Better network throughput from TCP tweaks and 3G tweaks Graphics Enhancement Overall Better Performance and Battery Life Less lags through LMK Tweak and Various VM Tweaks Faster SDCARD Read/Write Speed.
  31. Added Beats+Xloud for better and extreme music experience.
  32. Transform your phone to Lamborghini. (joke , lol)
  33. You will be amazed after this installation


Downloading link:
Update 1:-
Screenshot of update 1:-
Homescreen and lockscreen


background and general s4 ui
  1. framework fixed by sk(suraj kumar)
  2. now only single battery icon on status bar
  3. new style lockscreen with changable lockscreen text
  4. s4 clock widget on lockscreen
  5. awesome s4 style ui
  6. new messaging app added
Downloading link:-
Update 2:-
Screenshot of update 2:-
Swipe to kill Application

samsung task manager
  1. added swipe to kill Applications
  2. added samsung original task manager
Downloading link:-

It just KILL the recent apps , it does not remove the application from recent lists
  1. Ali shahawez
  2. tentenponce
  3. -HellRaiser-
Update 3:-
Screenshot of update 3
kitkat platlogo

Jelly bean style swipe to kill application

Samsung task Manager
  1. Kitkat platlogo added
  2. now jelly bean style swipe to clear application
  3. samsung original task manager
Downloading link:-

  1. MuSaddiq
  2. somnath
  3. sk(suraj kumar)
Update 4:-
Screenshots of update 4 :-
s5 messaging app

s5 music player

Multiwindow{Multitasking} side bar added

s5 style SMemo

S5 calculator
  1. S5 messaging app added
  2. s5 Music player added
  3. Multiwindow {Multitasking} side bar added
  4. S5 calculator added
  5. white box text transparency on status bar while downloading fixed
  6. S5 style Smemo added
  7. Samsung keyboard fixed
Multiwindow multitasking side bar is not linked to any app users can move side bar anywhere on the screen by pressing it 2-3 seconds...
* for those who want to remove multiwindow side bar:-
open root explorer> go to system>app> delete Multiwindow app
* wait for further update i will link multiwindow {multitasking} side bar to settigns
Downloading Link:-

  1. touchwiz Resurrected v{1.0} and all its devs
  2. evanlocked
  3. sicopat
  4. ryanfebriyadi
  5. iamareebjamal
  6. Android-Fany
  7. Team Nexus
  8. MuSaddiq
  9. Tentenponce
  10. Mariozawa
  11. . Stackoverflow
  12. spacecaker
  13. pineappleowl
  14. PotatoInc.
  15. . Piyush pastor
  16. radichification.
  17. vishnu pv
  18. Goldie
  19. Omni-Rom
  20. snipper killer
1.Make A nandroid backup as always
2.Boot to recovery(CWM or TWRP will do.)
3.Wipe data factory reset
4.Install Zip from SDCARD
5.follow aroma installer don't forget to check the checkbox under Agreement page in aroma installer
(please read and follow Agreement and Terms and Use)
6.after install wipe cache partition wipe dalvik cache.
7.reboot device wait for 2-5mins.
(note.!! Prestigio wizard is added for initial set-up.(I just Like It hehe :) ))
8.finally enjoy.

Terms of Use :
  1. Don't post/use the Rom/Any part of the ROM anywhere else without written permission from us.
  2. You're allowed to port the ROM to any device, but please obtain permission before doing so.
  3. Please don't post dowload links to other websites. You can only post links to XDA thread and our Fb Team ninja development group.
  4. You are allowed to make themes/ patches for the ROM without breaking rules, but also post them to XDA
  1. BlaCk BeAst(ak) - creator author Touchwiz 5 UX fusion blast
  2. SK(Suraj Kumar) - for setting,status bar &awesome themer and his great source for lockscreen.
  3. ImbaWind - XDA recognized contributor for Adrinaline® Engine. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1579710
  4. Vishnu PV - for TouchWIZ resurrection v9.5 where we get all the source..
  5. SpaceCaker-for awesome guides OF CHANGABLE {LOCKSCREEN TEXT}
  6. Janmarc DelosSantos- for touchwix ux v2 as an base
    Sorry if I have forgotton anyone!

Bugs and fixes:
  1. PlayStore Error 498/Insufficient storage - run RootEX navigate to system/etc/init.d/ DELETE "SDCACHE" script then navigate back to System click on /bin/ and delete "a2sd" and "app2sd" reboot device and its fix...
  2. Status Preference under Settings > About Phone> Status - FORCE CLOSE ERROR (will release an update soon)
  3. unable to recognize country code in contacts and mms - (will release an update soon)
Hit thanks if you like my work:D
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