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Towards a Complete Kernel Source Code For Lenovo A6000 / Plus

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Senior Member
Mar 29, 2011
Here is the issue i'm facing.

I created a new image from the KK stock kernel + the missing parts , repacked it the boot.img from the stock rom.
When i do
fastboot boot new-boot.img

the phone reboots and mounts the system partition and couple of other internal partitions with no display.
Do you know these symptoms?
Any Idea what could be going wrong here?

On the other note,
the LP source code compile good without any issues at all, but I'm using stock KK so there is room for to make tries with it.

Sir chhapil... Can you build new lolipop kernel with OTG support? That would be nice...

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    Complete Kernel Source Code is essential for building rom from scratch
    what lenovo did it give us incomplete Code missing the important files and directories and hide the essential part
    Lenovo should release kernel source in full, so we can look after our self
    Kernel development doesn't take place unless we get the device's schematics and its corresponding defconfig.
    Lenovo has hidden the caf tag inside the firmware. there is matching qcom caf kernel tag for the same chipset. But without the schematics of the device, we couldn't proceed in developing
    until now the official source is incomplete
    but some developers trying to fill the gaps from similar devices you can find these builds on github
    here is the last source kernel from lenovo and github

    kerenel source from github by Flour_Mo :
    kerenel source from github by ramsudharsan updated 20/8/2015 :
    kerenel source from Lenovo updated 7/8/2015:

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Towards a Complete Kernel Source Code For Lenovo A6000 / Plus, ROM for the Android General

    ROM OS Version: 5.1.1. Lollipop

    Version Information
    Status: Testing

    Created 2015-08-24
    Last Updated 2015-08-24
    here is the kernel thread,
    Somehow its not visible on device search

    hey i just checked lenovo site now lollipop update is in september
    whats the good news?

    i can't confirm any thing now ,
    but i think the coming days we will make progress to solve sim bug completely on CM12.1
    I find following things missing from stock kernel
    1. whole kernel directory all together
    2. Def-config (altough i managed to extract it from boot.img)

    Do you what are other things that are missing?

    I'm able to compile the kernel with some fixes from cm kernel, but now able to generate the dtb file. Any help will be appreciated.


    good job chhapil
    i gave links to kernel source from github it should be completed
    you will find also at github the source for cynogenmod 12.1 if you want compile it
    Here is the latest update from my side.
    I'm able to create zimage from kernel, dtb from source. But the kernel fails to boot.
    If I flash my kernel the phone restarts with blank screen and it mounts all the partitions when connected to pc.
    I'm not very sure what's going wrong.

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    try this link :
    copy from kernel folder to kernel source and compile
    you will find also zimage ready