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    looks like you faired better than me. my trade in is "in transit" from that Nashville hub and Google says they don't have it. it's been over a week. it's making me nervous. it's a Galaxy Note20 Ultra. if they lose it I basically lost over $500
    I'm in the same boat. My Pixel 6 Pro has been in transit from the Nashville hub since the 21st as well. They offered me $600 trade in value. I did some searching and from what others have said Google will still give the trade in value they assesed as long as you have proof the phone was shipped. They will have to do a lost mail claim with USPS and that takes around 10 days. Reading that makes me fill a little better but I'm still nervous as hell.
    My two Pixel 6 Pros were stuck "Moving through Network" since early morning Friday, October 21st. They still both show that status with USPS tracking, but yesterday I got an email that the one had arrived, and the Google Store does show that they are accessing it. The second one, as of this morning, still hadn't arrived.

    I've noticed with trade-ins that it's similar to some (not all) Amazon returns I've made. They give me a "shipping label", and have me drop it off at the post office. Then the tracking shows them not really going anywhere but handed off (I forget the exact terminology they use). It's like the post office doesn't really ship (or in the case of our phone trade-ins, deliver) in a normal fashion despite them looking like they do. As if the post office is just some central drop-off point. In Amazon return cases, I typically get an acknowledgment of the return is complete within 24 hours, but these device trade-ins are harrowing.

    I chose trade-in instead of selling on Swappa because I figured the selling price of them would go down tremendously with all the people upgrading - and I believe I've confirmed it did happen that way.
    USPS still shows both my traded-in phones moving through the network. Meanwhile, Google has emailed acknowledgments that it has received both and assessed and refunded the full amount estimated on one of them.
    well then, got an email just now from Google. they have it but usps tracking still says in transit. o_O
    It took like 10 days and they finally got my Pixel 4a and I got $300 for it which I was happy because I got it on sale for that much originally. Lol...