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May 11, 2012

Welcome to Project Spaget X ARM64 Treble For Galaxy J530X/J730X/G610X/J701X/J710X

Some information you should know..
  • This is a full Treble ARM64 Vendor/Kernel implementation for the Exynos7870 Supported devices
  • If you want to report a Bug, read the F.A.Q First Then provide a logCat OR LoggingKit.zip with detailed explanation
  • Read the instructions and the F.A.Q Before installing the rom or posting a reply.
  • [FOR DEVS] You are allowed to customize this vendor if you want to use it in ROMs with proper credits. but not to distribute 1:1 copies

- Personal Notes
And here we are, few leaks and reworks later. X is here. i went with a letter this time just because it looks cool. This is officially going to be EOL for ARM64 AONLY vendors that i make (unless a critical bug was here that needed attention) . i dont have alot of time to work on 7870 And when i do i prefer it to be on something more productive than Treble

Anywya, TLDR : alot changed, alot was fixed. its a new vendor, flash and enjoy

Old releases

Alright, The "second" Treble update is here, this time it is FULLY ARM64 compatible. Thanks to the hard-work of @Astrako who managed to boot ARM64 Exynos 7885 bases on our device. This project is HEAVILY based on his work. and i would like to make that very clear. This is not a OneMan job. this took alot of hardwork by many people to make it reach the stage it is at. basically we are official minus the tag. This project is also possible thanks to my dear friends @Kique119 @me2 @SPARTANICUS and my other testers who spent day and night testing this with me.
At this stage, everything is mostly GSI related.
And finally, the cherry on top, is support for 3 more devices. Thanks to the devs who assisted me on adding support for their own devices. mentioned below.

If you appreciate this ambitious project, consider hitting thanks, supporting the thread, and donating (Paypal) to support my development (using cocaine of-course)

- Initial Notes:
Supports ONLY the mentioned devices Above
1. Don't forget to check bugs before asking questions
2. Since most of the GSIs are AOSP, forget about VoLTE, Knox features, Samsung apps, Camera mods or features, or other Samsung related features.
3. You can use any non-treble rom even if you have treble vendor installed, as long as you flash a non-treble kernel. The rom will ignore your vendor and everything will be as non treble.

- General Features :
  • - based on G965F Vendor with VNDK-28
  • - Adapted to J730/J530/G610/J710/J701 devices
  • - latest CronosKernelV5 included with most of the features of OneUI kernel + many more
  • - misc things enabled in framework overlay for better experience
  • - Seamless GSI patching, without user intervention
  • - Seamless setup process, with dynamic Scripts
  • - And Spaget

- How to Install Project Spaget:
  1. - Flash `Exynos7870_CreateVendor` and reboot recovery
  2. - Flash `Exynos7870_Spaget_X`
  3. - Flash your desired ARM64_AONLY GSI
  4. - Read OPTIONAL below

- What GSIs are support/recommended ?:
  • - Avoid sGSIs and flash source built GSIs (Such as PHH,PE)
  • - ARM64_AONLY GSIs only
  • - I recommend Pixel-experience or evo x and luke GSIs
  • - if you want a daily rom. avoid sGSIs
  • - More can be found here : Treble

- I dont have googleapps. what do i do ?:
ONLY for gsis that does not come with google apps
  1. - Download Gapps pacakge from Here (ARM64 > VER > Micro or lower
  2. - Go to TWRP > Wipe > Advanced Wipe > Tick System > Repair > Resize
  3. - Flash opengapps_xxxx

- I need more info. where do i get it ?
Ask in this thread. if you need more , head to
General bugs (GSI):
  • - offline charging is broken in Android 10 roms
  • - Bluetooth Calls
  • - Some GSIs might not include a camera, use Footej
  • - Some camera apps will have stretch

- I dont like it, how do i revert ?:
  • - Reboot to recovery
  • - Flash `Exynos7870_RevertVendor`
  • - Reboot recovery
  • - Flash any non treble rom or restore your previous twrp backup

Is that all ? I have treble now ? what about all the complicate process before ?
  • Yes, you now have a project treble device, ready to flash any GSI/sGSI of your choice aslong as it fits in your SYSTEM partition.
  • The entire process changed and now is much more seamless and noob-friendly. yet take caution as always

What if i didn't boot ?
  • In some cases, you might be stuck at a bootanimation loop or a splash loop, in this case follow the troubleshooting steps in the F.A.Q post

@corsicanu For great help with the repartition scripts, GSI patching and tons other throughout the years.
@Astrako for making booting ARM64 a possibility. and allowing this project to exists. kudos
@Kique119 For his awesome testing and documenting this project, without him there would be no spaget
@KassemSYR, for G610F Support and testing.
@Zero_Cool7870 , @DAvinash97 , @mohitsama and ORIGINALNAME123 for J710/J701 support
@SPARTANICUS For his great work maintaining KRAKEN kernel, which supports this project fully

Testers :
@Kique119 @LuanTeles @ion1s @djedjy @vsmhell @fetaiharbin @Mizo2019 @Me2 @LelMwhLwl @@rlukas210
@PedroDomeneghi @DaffyMirror4318 @bien2004official @AleeX157 @Alijouhara
And many more i cant remember the usernames of. please mention

Downloads. Changelogs , F.A.Qs below

OldPost (a64)---
So, i have been hesitated to release this project since last year. GSIs are not the most stable and many J users prove they are unable to read. they just want ready stuff. with this project that is not the case. if you skip the instructions/F.A.Qs and notes, dont bother installing this project as you probably wont be able to get it running.

This is a fully featured VENDOR and KERNEL designed for this device to support project treble, it is based on other Exynos 7870 Vendors and modified to support our devices, i have also added few patches and updates that even official 7870 vendors do not have. to get the best possible experience

I have also added a GSI_PATCH zip that should be used if you want to have the least amount of bugs.
The vendor is pretty much bugles, therefore any bugs you face, Report them to the appropriate Threads of the GSI you installed. or github issues section. as those are not mine to fix. i only provide the vendor and kernel that allows GSIs to run on.

  • Flash “Treble_Jx30F.img” in TWRP as Image (Selecting RECOVERY)
  • Reboot recovery.
  • Wipe System, Data, Dalvik and Vendor.
  • Flash "jxy17lte_Vendor_9.0_v1.0.zip".

  • Download the desired GSI (it MUST be arm_binder64/A64 Variant)
  • unpack it if it wasn't in .IMG format
  • Go to TWRP , Install , Install IMAGE
  • Pick your GSI and select SYSTEM IMAGE
  • Flash "GSI_Patch.zip".
  • [OPTIONAL] Flash the “Gapps_patched.zip”

  • If you flash Gapps, Google will spam you with fullscreen warnings and notifications about your device not being certified. But don't worry, you can certify it.
  • Just reach the homescreen, then proceed to install the "Device ID.apk". Use it to grab the Google Services Framework ID and paste it here: https://www.google.com/android/uncertified/
  • And paste the ID there. Then wait a few minutes and reboot. Few seconds after rebooting, you'll be done and you'll be able to normally log in as always.

** Note : This gapps is recommended for all **
  • Download latest gapps from http://opengapps.org
  • place in /sdcard or /external_sd
  • flash magisk.zip
  • flash magiskgapps.zip

- Confirmed working GSIs :

** You can only use ARM_BINDER64 / A64 GSIs **
PHH AOSP V113 : Github
Liquid Remix : GoogleDrive
Pixel Experience With Gapps : GitHub
Resurrection Remix : RR
XenonHD : TeamHorizon
P.S : only Omni and PHH Do not require the GSI_PATCH_FP The rest do in order to get Fingerprint working

- Known GSI Bugs:
  • Bluetooth calls are broken
  • Some 3rd party cameras have stretched pictures
  • And more here at Github Issue

@corsicanu For general help through out the years
@prashantp01 For overlay fixes and native camera fix. and other contributions
@Kique119 For his awesome testing and documenting this project

Testers :
@Kique119 @LuanTeles @ion1s @djedjy @vsmhell @fetaiharbin @Mizo2019 @Me2 @LelMwhLwl

And few more that didn't give me their usernames :D

Downloads. Changelogs , F.A.Qs below

XDA:DevDB Information
Treble, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017)

Source Code: https://github.com/ananjaser1211/Helios_7870

ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.x
ROM Firmware Required: Latest bootloader and modem
Based On: AOSP

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: X
Stable Release Date: 2020-01-13

Created 2019-05-11
Last Updated 2020-01-13
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May 11, 2012
Downloads and changelogs

NewsChannel : Telegram
Come hang with us on our chat : Telegram
Official Treble support Group : Telegram
SpagetX Treble ARM64 Vendor Based on G965F VNDK-28
GoogleDrive : Download

P.S : If you failed to download please login and save the folder
P.S 2 : This requires Pie bootloader and modem on devices that supports them (I.E not j710 or g610)
Spaget Treble ARM64 Vendor V3.0 Based on A750FN Vendor
MegaDrive Download : MEGA
GoogleDrive Mirror : GDrive
Documentation : Here

Spaget X
- ReMade fully based on VNDK-28 S9 Vendor
- Based on Project Pizza Treble (8890)
- included most fixes for audio, webview and others
- added fixes for camera
- removed alot of obsolete hacks
- samsung offline charging added
- Re-did props and features and overlays
- Added patches for Android 10 Roms
- Fixed nuke.sh script on 10 roms
- fixed performance in some GSIs
- Fixed thermal , power , memtrack and other HALs
- Improved OMX fixes
- Removed alot of samsung security services
- Improved Wifi, NFC, graphics , camera and other fixes
- Fixed some reboots on G610
- Fixed Youtube Crashes and OMX issues on most devices
- Addressed alot of random reboots
- Fixed GNSS/GPS on some variants
- Removed HKTweaks due to reboots
- Fixes for J710 Wifi and bluetooth
- Tons of other changes and improvments

[COLOR=""]Spaget V3.0[/COLOR]
- Fully based on A750FN 64Bit Vendor
- Seamlessly integrated ALL patches into the vendor
- No longer do you need customized TWRPs, patches, zips whatever. just the vendor and GSI
- Fixed all the VENDOR related issues we had
- Audio, camera, NFC, everything is redone from scratch and improved
- Supports Android Q booting
- Updated overlays and configs
- Added support for J710/J701/G610
- Updated to Helios V4.0 Kernel with tons of changes and goodies
- Automatic GSI patching at first boot
- New repartition script with extended support. fail safes, backup features and tons more
- Live TWRP patching, so it will patch whatever twrp you have instead of using my own
- And tons more through out the months of testing, using and developing
- Please read the thread agian to understand how to use it


Treble Vendor V1.5 Based on Stable A600FN Pie Vendor
Full TREBLE Documentation and guides here : GoogleDocs
Treble folder mirror : MEGA

Treble Vendor V1.0 Based on Stable A600FN Pie Vendor
GoogleDrive Project : Download
Full TREBLE Documentation and guides here : GoogleDocs
Treble folder mirror : MEGA

1- HeliosPro 3.1 Kernel
2- Added HKTweaks
3- Fingerprint fix for All GSIs
4- Hotspot fix for All GSIs
5- AdaptiveBrightness
6- Updated included overlays with more features and pie base
7- DualbootPatcher J5/J7 Seperation

1- Patch fingerprint libs for all GSIs
2- Switch to samsung fingerprint
3- Add device model number detection
4- replace gsi fingerprint with stock one

1- Special patch for PE/RR/LR and other roms that do not have working FP
2- Do not flash on OMNI/PHH
3- Must be flashed AFTER the Vendor/GSI

Kernel updates
- Updated base to latest pie source
- reworked and updated helios ramdisk tweaks
- Reverted old hacks to fix some bugs
- Performance and battery greatly improved
- F2FS enabled
- LZ4 Enabled
- GPU Performance Greatly improved
- Full CPU/GPU/DEVFREQ/MIF/CAMERA Voltage control and more
- Magisk V19.1 included

Bugs :
1- some users might face SDCard issues while using PE
- if you did , back up its data and format it in PE

-initial release
- Helios Kernel 2.8
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May 11, 2012

Q: Device requirements ?
A : you MUST be on an Pie Bootloader and Modem, otherwise you will have no sim, no lockscreen etc (Devices such as J710 and G610 can use OREO)

Q : Do i need to format internal storage ?
A : No

Q : Can i use the Treble recovery for normal ROMs ?
A : Yes, it is preferred especially when making backups. just be sure to wipe vendor when switching to non treble roms

Q : What Camera is recommended ?
A : Footej and open camera works the best

Q : Can i flash any GSIs ?
A : Any GSI that is ARM64_AONLY is supported [8/9/10]
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Feb 2, 2017
When I install magicgapps everything seems normal giving me that its succesfully installed but when the system boots I dont have any gapps installed? What am I doing wrong? I installed the RR Rom. I mention that i took the gapps from the official website. I followed every step from the thread...


Nov 4, 2015
Well, i've tried all the GSI's linked on the google drive folder of the project and just AOSP booted up and this one have two bugs, all the configurations related to the simcard doesn't work and the simcard don't work, i can't get signal.
Another question, "A64" means "ARM64"? or there's another variant called "A64"?


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Sep 30, 2015
Bình Định
Well, i've tried all the GSI's linked on the google drive folder of the project and just AOSP booted up and this one have two bugs, all the configurations related to the simcard doesn't work and the simcard don't work, i can't get signal.
Another question, "A64" means "ARM64"? or there's another variant called "A64"?
Type these commands in terminal:
setprop persist.sys.phh.sdk_override /vendor/bin/hw/rild=27
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