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Jan 17, 2009
hahaha sorry i dont have tutorials xD
I started in 2011 :( but in chef central forum you can found some info :p

Thought I'd pop in to say hi to my favourite developer. I havent updated the OS for a while now, still using one of your older versions. Are you still on the moto z play?


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Thought I'd pop in to say hi to my favourite developer. I havent updated the OS for a while now, still using one of your older versions. Are you still on the moto z play?

Hey , yup, i'm still here!
I working on PIE CAF now , still searching a way to fix JBL mod and working to give moto mod support on pie too.


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Mar 29, 2016
Does anyone know if there are any rooting essentials, tutorials,etc., for the moto z3? Most everything on the net and xda only refers to the moto z3 play, although I have found a twrp recovery for the z3.


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Mar 29, 2016
Thanks for the tip. Since I never used magisk before, has it caught up with supersu as in the ability to use more xposed modules, etc, and along with magisk, is xposed pretty stable with oreo 8.1?


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Mar 25, 2012


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    XPerience is a free, community built distribution of Android 8.1.0 (oreo) which greatly extends the capabilities of your phone.
    This project are based on AOSP CAF

    #include <std_disclaimer.h>
    * Your warranty is now void.
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    NOTE: READ this PLS
    • Please don't ask for etas
    • Please don't report same bugs all time
    • Report with logcat and dmesg
    • Screenshots representative only
    • Moto mods with Audio Routing aren't working (JBL , game pad etc)

    • Cpu Overlay
    • Traffic meter view
    • Fab button recents
    • Lockscreen settings
    • Allow user to add/remove QS with one click
    • XPerience Updater
    • CloudFlare DNS
    • XPERIA apps support
    • Navbar themes (only supported in devices with navigation bar (You can enable it writing in build.prop qemu.hw.mainkeys=0 in devices with hardware keys ))
    • Custom Carrier label
    • Show the XPerience shield in the status bar
    • Show 4G instead of LTE
    • Battery charger color led (only in multi-colored led devices)
    • Clock/date
    • Status bar ticker
    • Moto Mods support

    • Boot
    • Rild
    • IMS/LTE/3G/2G
    • bluetooth
    • Camera
    • camcorder
    • MTP
    • Sensors
    • Led
    • Wi-Fi
    • MUSIC
    • sounds
    • Videos
    • sepolicy enforced

    not Working
    • You tell me

    Installation guide:
    from alberto97
    Make sure you have a nougat bootloader and modem else TWRP denies the installation by throwing a message about the wrong bootloader. Further details and a guide to upgrade what you need without losing data here.

    Requires Unlocked Bootloader & a Custom Recovery (TWRP 3.21 64bit from alberto97)




    Source forge
    if u cant find it use this direct link

    Or the web

    Custom MAGISK for OEM-CUST :

    Custom recovery for treble: Addison-Treble-recovery-3.2.2-0.img

    Changes in second post

    Any bug not reported in the bug report format below may be ignored.
    What is your--
    XPerience version:
     Download url:
    Gapps version:
    Did you--
     restore with titanium backup:
    reboot after having the issue:
    Are you using--
    a task killer:
    a non-stock kernel:
    other modifications:
    Provide any additional information (observations/frequency of problem/last version it worked on/etc) as needed:

    If you like my work, you can buy me a coffee , coke or any drink :) all donations are appreciated.


    XDA:DevDB Information
    The XPerience project, ROM for the Moto Z Play

    Source Code: https://github.com/TheXPerienceProject/android_device_motorola_addison

    ROM OS Version: 8.x Oreo

    Version Information
    Status: Beta

    Created 2017-10-10
    Last Updated 2018-07-12
    Treble Is here!!!!

    Moto Mods aren't working due to some perms

    I'll test it more today and if all is good I released it tomorrow :3
    Good day.

    Sent from my Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 using XDA Labs
    I will add changes without date :) it is to no forget what changes i've done.

    • Add BOARD_ROOT_EXTRA_SYMLINKS for DSP (cuz is needed by dsp )
    • Added Alessa plug if you feel laggy you can try to set Touch boost or power off the hotplug :)
    • Is modified to work with EAS
    • camera: Check if aux camera whitelist is set before restricting cameras
    • Merge LA.UM.6.2.r1-09500-sdm660.0 Sepolicy (Due to we are using msm8998 for sepolicy's SDM660 is similar :) )
    • Re-configured EAS scheduler for MSM8953
    • installd: Fix for UID/GID mismatch in OTA upgrade to O-MR1
    • IMS: Sudden deregisteration takes place soon after registeration.
    • Telephony:proper supplementary service notification handling
    • Use proper summary for network select list preference on dsds/dsda/tsts
    • camera: Check if aux camera whitelist is set before restricting cameras
    • Addison: Add wowlan_triggers to wpa_supplicant and hostapd conf
    • update WLAN driver to LA.UM.6.6.2.r1-04400-89xx.0

    • Implement EAS (energy awarenes scheduler) inside the kernel
    • Implement EAS perf blobs
    • Implement Sepolicy for EAS
    • Fix random reboots
    • Rewrited kernel
    • Several bug fixes

    • Mark Moto's signature as Platform
    • reverted a lot of commits under frameworks due to causing inestability
    • Fixed some wifi issues
    • add latency blobs
    • more sepolicy for sensors
    • Update clang
    • Forward-port notification counters
    • SystemUI: small optimization for notification icon numbers
    • Show infinity for large notification counts
    • Prevent NPE with DropBoxManager
    • Fix another potential ChooserActivity related System FC
    • Add an option to force pre-O apps to use full screen aspect ratio
    • Add special captive portal servers for chinese
    • Make scramble PIN layout Multi-User friendly
    • Reorder tetherable connection types


    • Re-generate thermal-engine.conf to fix all isues in thermal driver due to missing configs and wrong configured due to the new thermal engine added in the blob updates some month's ago
    • Add Camera Thermal mitigation in the new thermal-engine.conf
    • Add some virtual term sensors take back from addison thermal-engine
    • Return ipacm
    • Use motorola Signature in the mods apps (now you can get updates from the playstore require clean install to change all Moto mod apps signatures)
    • Add Machine Learning blobs
    • Better stability

    • Writed a lot of sepolicy to fix several bugs I find when I tried enforced some weeks ago!
    • Fixed vFAT support due to some wrong sepolicy
    • fixed some random reboots due to a missing sepolicy for the sensors
    • Fixed Charge_only_mode in enforced
    • add sysfs battery info to camera (Motorola Camera need perms to know the current charge (CAM_DATAProc for uid=1047 name="battery" dev="sysfs" )
    • Bluetooth allow to read libApTX be readed from vendor (for uid=1002 name="libaptX_encoder.so")
    • Allow to the sensorhub to search inside his dirs to read all the sensors for uid=1000 name="sensorhub"
    • Fix AOD it is correctly enabled this time :)
    • enable burn-in protection in ambient display
    • Merge ASB-2018-07-05-3.18-o-release in the kernel
    • Upstreamed kernel to 3.18.81
    • Moved Gestures/ambient display/MotoActions under vendor
    • Updater is now fixed due to some typo introduced in the priv-app whitelist but now is working as expected :D you need to update if you get a new update information

    • Added ScreenOFF animations under Settings-->Display crt by default like XPerience 7 (android Gingerbread)
    • Fixed Tuner Settings FC
    • Added more sepolicy to fix sensors issues again these issues make hot reboots and GPS too (AGAIN that crap again)
    • Reversed LA.UM.6.6.r1.09000.89xx.0 from display to 8500 this fix some glitches
    • System improvements and NPE fixes
    • Added Some Missing IMS blobs
    • Update GPS guids
    • Merge Kernel ASB-2018-07-05_3.18-o-release

    • Fixed vFAT support under enforced sepolicy
    • Fixed hot reboot on addison due to sensors issues (some perms failing)
    • Updated display blobs from bardock pro
    • Updated ril blobs
    • Enable AlwaysOnDisplay (again xd)
    • Change glance to flat up sensor (Big thanks to Alberto97)
    • Seed new libs to remove hidl.base
    • Moto Glance as Pick Up sensor (Big thanks to Alberto97)
    • Update Moto Actions to reflect the last sensor changes (Big thanks to Alberto97)
    • More sepolicy to fix issues under enforced
    • Use AOSP doze pickup (Big thanks to Alberto97)
    • Drop HWUI due to recent changes * In Android 8.1 and later, only the ro.zygote.disable_gl_preload
      property still applies. All other properties have been removed.
      Reference: source.android.com/devices/graphics/renderer
    • Actions: Allow enabling Hand wave when doze on Pick Up is the only enabled option in AmbientDisplayConfiguration(Addison)
    • Make less agressive Alessa thermal
    • Fixed FC under Tuner settings
    • Moved to Sepolicy Enforced :D works good now
    • Kernel optimizations
      --- Optimized MEMCMP
      The previous version split into cases where both inputs were aligned, the inputs were mutually aligned and unaligned using a byte loop. The new version combines all these cases, while small inputs of less than 16 bytes are handled separately.
      This improved memcmp provides a fast path for compares up to 16 bytes and then compares 16 bytes at a time, thus optimizing loads from both sources. Making a 45% boost speed in larger process.

    • add Missing DTS-EAGLE code due to our device support it ( thanks to @LazerL0rd you can found more info here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/development/guide-how-to-port-dts-eagle-to-t3802259)
    • Merge CAF tag 'LA.UM.6.6.r1.8900.89xx.0'
    • added more tuning parameters to fix some battery drains
    • The Alessa FC is normal due to it use olders parameters to make a notification intents and arent supported by Oreo so the FC is normal at this moment, I working on new app but make a new app takes his time due to I rewriting it in Kotlin and not in JAVA.
    • The Gallery FC i never faced it and well it is removed if you install gapps with Google photos :)

    • fixed boot issues
    • Drop libshims anyways we no need them cuz we have Oreo blobs
    • merge some sepolicy from Alberto97
    • Update some blobs for display

    • Update code for Power HAL
    • Add the posibility to Read alessa and lisi custom configurations for power HAL
    • Using the PerfHAL API to comply with Treble
    • Support VR + Sustained performance mode
    • Power HAL: fix sysfs_read/sysfs_write usage
    • linker: Provide soinfo path of the shimmed binary
    • linker: Remove unused find_libraries declaration
    • linker: Make shim reference path absolute
    • track updated libvorbis repo
    • AudioService: Fix camera shutter sound toggle
    • use O_CLOEXEC in power hal
    • land: Build 1.0 power HAL and use TARGET_HAS_NO_WIFI_STATS true
    • Merge LA.UM.6.6.r1-08600-89xx.0 tag into kernel/xiaomi/msm8937
    • Merge LA.UM.6.6.r1-08600-89xx.0 tag into kernel/xiaomi/msm8953
    • Merge LA.UM.6.6.r1-08600-89xx.0 tag into kernel/xiaomi/santoni
    • Merge LA.UM.6.6.r1-08600-89xx.0 tag into kernel/motorola/msm8953
    • Updated XPERIA Launcher 11.3.A.0.17
      --- Widgets not updated.
      --- Corrected calculations of blurred wallpaper offset in landscape.
      --- Improved visibility of search personalization card
      --- Open MMS matching text
      --- Fix a crash when search fails to fetch a photo
      --- Handle display size changes for shortcut icons
      --- Don't animate away Google Feed when Home is stopped
    • Fix updater app issues

    • Optimized the rom with some script to auto-config the governor
    • Fixed Encryption on GSI's (worked for me but I need more testing)
    • Fixed some random crashes (the only expected by me, Alessa kernel app have crash related to some perms but Im dont remember where I put the source so fornow I can't fix it)
    • Revert Sepolicy to permissive due to some problems with vFAT
    • Some more changes

    • Sepolicy Enforced
    • merged LA.UM.6.6.r1-08500-89xx.0 tags
    • Status bar ticker
    • Clock and date configs
    • Fixed camera issues
    • Hexedited blobs to remove the dependency of android.hidl.base
    • Bug fixes

    • Fix mods app binding issues
    • Implement motorola charge_only_mode
    • Revert launch bootanimation early this fix issues with offline charging with motorola implementation
    • Fix mod charging with charge_only_mode
    • bug fixes

    • Updated MotoMods Apps from OPN27.76-12-22 24
    • Updated CameraOne from the last version published in the play store
    • More Sepolicy
    • Track Motorola charger_only_mode
    • Binderized Vibration HAL with context haptics (Thanks to alberto97)
    • Bootanimation early start (data latemount (Thanks to alberto97))
    • add missing display libs
    • Track color mode 1 like Stock rom does (we dont have that green color anymore xD)
    • Unified gestures menus (based in alberto97 implementation)
    • merged LA.UM.6.6.r1-08500-89xx.0 tag
    • arm64 Blobs Updates
    • Track oreo IMS
    • Add missing props for oreo rild
    • Update camera blobs

    • Security patch 05 may
    • Merge tag 'LA.UM.6.6.r1-08300-89xx.0' in kernel and source
    • update fingerprint to OPN27.76-12-22 24
    • Frameworksav:camera: check metadata type before releasing frame
    • Make it possible to hide signal strength via Carrier Config
    • Add support for getAtr api(for rild blobs from 8.1)
    • TelephonyComponentFactory: Overload makeSubscriptionInfoUpdater
    • Navigation bar themes
    • upstream kernel to 3.18.81
    • TurboPower is showed in lockscreen when you connect the turbopower charger :D like stock
    • Expose additional native libraries Extracted from OPN27.76-12-22 24
    • Enforce privapp permissions whitelist extracted from Stock OPN27.76-12-22
    • ro.sf.hwc_set_default_colormode
    • addison: add trim property
    • addison: Enable B service adj transition by default
    • addison: add property for game detection feature
    • track perf configs from stock
    • update fingerprint to OPN27.76-12-22 24

    • Redesigned app of updates.
    • display: Report connected node for HDMI( Projector Mod)
    • Implement changes for camera mod (untested)
    • Fix issues related with the signature in mods apps.

    • Fixed mod support
    • Returned Alessa governor and Alessa_plug
    • Alessa thermal is arrived
    • TCP Ascarex is here
    • Implement Fingerprint boost
    • Implement CPU Boost
    • Returned XPerience governor and tweaked for addison
    • Updated mod manager from OPL27.76-51
    • Track prebuild ModFrameworkProxyService from OPL27.76-51
    • Fix ModFrameworksProxyService permissions
    • Add motorola camera instead of camera2
    • several bug fixes

    • Fix LineageActions
    • Merge LA.UM.6.6.r1-07400-89xx.0 Caf branch inside kernel
    • Added My New Governor called Lisi
      ---- This driver adds a dynamic cpufreq policy governor
      ---- designed for latency-sensitive workloads.
      ---- The governor does a periodic polling and
      ---- changes frequency based on the CPU utilization. (latency-sensitive The reference was taken from interactive)
    • Fix Camera FC
    • Add TUI entry in Manifest and blobs
    • Track Oreo Motorola blobs (Missing for in-call audio)
    • Bunch of bugfixes and stability
    • Custom ambient display (LineageActions) can't be used in Treble rom due to it is installed in system (i will check later if it can be inside vendor/app)


    • [*] Fixed sdcardfs (adoptable storage works fine this time) idk please test
    • sdFat for exfat
    • Initial treble support
    • Bug fixes.
    • Enable MTP over functionfs
    • Merge Kernel over Oreo CAF branch LA.UM.6.6.r1-07200-89xx.0
    • Merge GPS HAL LA.UM.6.6.r1-07200-89xx.0
    • O-MR1 GPS blobs from bq/bardock-pro/bardock-pro:8.1.0/OPM1.171019.011
    • Update Timeservices from bq/bardock-pro/bardock-pro:8.1.0/OPM1.171019.011
    • Binderize them all
    • regenerate manifest.xml
    • Last changes from alberto97 AOSP (OSS sensors , updated blobs etc)
    • Modify permissions for /data/vendor/misc
    • execute some files from vendor
    • track ril blobs from tissot OPR1.170623.026
    • Move to CAF RIL
    • update ramdisk to accorded in CAF about new Ril implementation
    • sepolicy: fix execution from vendor
    • add missing radio configs
    • make fs_config inline with CAF
    • ship 32bit ril blobs too
    • Allow installing on Nougat + February security patches
    • Allow installing on March Oreo bootloader
    • sec_config: Remove clients group id from sensors
    • PDR: Allow ril to access the locator and notifier services.
    • sec_config: Add 2901 to IPC Router config
    • Allow QMID service to aquire net_raw permission
    • fix ipc comunication this issue was generated when I do the movement of all to vendor
    • initial treble flags
    • fix sepolicy for treble
    • Fix Fingerprint
    • Binderize NFC
    • force navbar some GSI not have it enabled so force enable
    • Fix camera issues
    • Hex edit camera blobs to allow the support of reading files from vendor
    • NFC change passthrough to hwbinder in manifest
    • move LineageActions under vendor
    • Implemet VR HAL(LA.UM.6.5.r1-06700-8x96.0) Addison support VR so we can ship VR HALS :p
    • CloudFlare DNS by default.

      NOTE: if u wanna install GSI PHH's Treble and you have encryption please do a backup and format data to remove encryption or you can't use it.

    • Fixed settings theme issue (when you change to dark or black theme the sugestion tile isn't white anymore)
    • Force to maintain disabled lockscreen rotation
    • Added battery light led controller (only multi-colored led devices)
    • Fixed some wakelocks
    • Added Retro Music (i dont have time to fix Stardust crashes)
    • ambient ticker
    • Optimization changes
    • Updated pixel launcher rootless to v3.4
    • Much more.

    • Writed Audio_amplifier hal to fix low sound (it work's for me, please give a review)
    • Added Alessa Kernel tweaker again updated to oreo
    • Updated Stardust Music app
    • Removed not working features from xperience settings it will be added back when i fix that problem
    • Fixed support to use Dolby
    • Performance: Memory Optimizations
    • Substratum fixes :)
    • Burn in protection (For OLED Display)
    • Moard related to kernel changes

    • Battery Styles
    • fixed shim libs
    • Update xperience signature
    • Enable wifi wakeup config option

    • Fix motomods load stuff (not need to do manually anymore)
    • fix ril scrip execution due to sepolicy issues
    • Addres moar sepolicy related to mods and others things
    • ship text classifier
    • Ship power hint
    • use OSS libiio
      --Kernel changes--
    • [tip:sched/core] smp: Add new wake_up_all_idle_cpus() function
    • clk: msm: clock-cpu-8953: Use CLKFLAG_NO_RATE_CACHE
    • msm: mdss: Don't constantly fire interrupts for DSI status check
    • arm64: Use optimized memcmp
    • arm64 crypto
    • interactive updates
    • Sched updates
    • Majority changes for perf and bug fixes.

    • Fixed the form to load greybus driver following the Oreo requeriments
    • updated Fingerprint, omx, sdm, codecs and uevent from oreo soak test
    • Feb 05 security patch
    • a lot of kernel changes
    • Allow to use moto camera (install it from the play store)
    • Move to api 1 to use the motorola camera if u want to use Gcam search #persist.camera.HAL3.enabled=1 in the build prop and remove # from the line)
    • update thermal


    • initial motomods support
    • ModFmwProxyService from Nash oreo update OPX27.109-34
    • ModManager from nash update OPX27.109-34
    • Added the linkeages from NASH source OPX27.109-34
    • fixed theme issues
    • added some optimization inside the kernel.
    • Moard changes related to motomods
    • Kernel builded with Clang LLVM 5.0
    • Since the app have security issues you need to enable manually attach your batterymod
      ***with therminal write su: give su permission
      ** echo > 1 sys/devices/soc/soc:[email protected]/mods_interfaces/3/hotplug
    • enjoy

    • Camera issues fixed
    • moar sepolicy
    • add black dark and dinamic themes inside display
    • Moar changes :D

    • Android 8.1.0_r5
    • ARM64 (move to ARM64 recovery posted by Alberto here
    • taked sdm blobs from OP3T
    • Jan Security patch
    • Bug Fixes
    Like Alberto, I had the idea of moving to ARM64 since Ril was Fu***d in ARM32 and I couldn't find the solution, but Alberto finished the implementation before I did, so moved all over his commits, so thanks to @Alberto97 for that.

    • Removed mod support for now it causes some random reboots and weird issues
    • updated adreno blobs
    • updated libmotgpu
    • updated sdm blobs
    • updated libsettings (ims related)


    • Move to 64bit binder
    • Build ipacm and merge last upstream
    • add wifi service permission to acces to /dev/wlan
    • Uncomment motorola related eventd
    • Configure the p2p_search_delay to 100 msec
    • fix cmdline acces needed by telephony
    • Add libtinycompress to build target
    • Add sepolicy for ipacm

    • Add XPerience Updater
    • Update security patch to october (update to android-8.0.0_r23)
    • Increase Zenmode max hour limit from 12 to 24
    • Fix NPE's
    • Set and remove tiles with one tap

    similar to alberto97
    • NFC on XT1635-03 works out of the box
    • Fixed an issue where CMActions (now LineageActions) crashes on incoming calls
    • IMS/VoLTE is back
      ---my changes--
    • SDM O blobs
    • Sepolicy additions
    • Always on (enable it from tunner settings)
    • Patched CNE
    Today comes a new build :)
    You can find it in the updater or on the official servers during the day.

    • Camera issues fixed
    • Moto Mods attach fixed now you not need to use the terminal to enable the moto mod
    • Fixed FC's in ModFmwProxyService
    • update qti-telephony-common to avoid FC's and dead ril
    • moard in second post.
    Treble is here!!!!.

    Treble has been implemented and you need to follow these mandatory changes before you flash this build.

    Since a new partition was required for full treble I converted an unused OEM partition into vendor which is almost 765mb of size.
    And no we aren't re-partitioning your device or anything else which may hardbrick your device

    You need.
    • Flash this recovery: Is modified to mount vendor partition and the posibility of flash Vendor images and backup them.
      Download here: Addison-Treble-recovery-3.2.1-0.img
    • For root acces you can use Normal Magisk but it can fails so i made a modified version :) (is 16.3 xD but I writed wrong number)
    • Custom kernels aren't supported until they update their kernels with latest source available

    Supported Treble GSI
    • Phh's ARM64 A Only /with GAPPS and su or without them(Vanilla)
    • Phh's Lineage OS ARM64 A Only
    • DirtyUnicorns ARM64 A only GSI
    • RR's ARM64 A Only

    • Motomods Arent working for now due to permission failures
    • In GSI camera take's some time to open
    • You tell me.

    Device tree can be pushed soon in my repo, i cant push it now cuz i have isp issues (not internet connection and data mobile is spensive to push all the things.) and a friend who help me to test (him has uploaded the zip of this build)

    • If you want to return back to Stock you need to flash the rom using Bootloader version to rewrite OEM partition
    • If you want to return to any other custom rom you can do this
      1.- Flash the zip wipe data factory reset and enjoy!.
      2.-Use nandroid :)
    • You can use this recover to flash normal roms :)
    • If you flash PHH's and stuck a bootloader or dark screen force reboot and now is ok :) or if you get a panic (rebooted to bootloader) no problem start it again and works :)
    • You want to Root no treble rom, Flash normal Magisk

    Download the treble rom :) : xperience-12.1.0-20180412-NIGHTLY-addison.zip


    Frequently asked questions about treble