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Treble Toolkit [A and A/B]

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New feature coming in 21.8.1[B4]:
· Bootloader unlocking for Huawei devices!

I do need testers for this as my P8 Lite is missing the data pin in the Micro USB port.
21.8.1[B4] and 21.7.1[B2] will be pushed out to OTA servers in the 2nd August 2021.
It is highly advisable for users currently on 21.6.1, 21.6.2 and 21.7.1 to upgrade to 21.8.1[B4] (64 bit users) or 21.7.1[B2] (32 bit users) as these updates fix the problem with Device Specific Features servers.

And the Detailed GSI Installation feature in 21.8.1[B4] will not show the CMD prompts by default, however, you can enable that if you'd like in "About" > "Settings" > "Enable CMD Prompt Visibility"
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It's been a while since I've posted previews since the Beta Program has been a thing now since 21.6.1 but I can't help but to share this one of 21.10.
I welcome you all to "Setup Important Files", a feature which allows you to quickly add/replace/delete important files such as GSIs, boot images, etc.
This is not fully working yet but here's a preview of what to expect:
Screenshot from build 21.10[2194]

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    21.9.1 Beta 2 has been pushed out to beta servers expanding upon Beta 1 with more tweaks and fixes.
    21.9.1[R3] and 21.7.1[R3] have been pushed out to OTA servers. Learn more about 21.9.1 here:

    I hope you enjoy it!
    Hey! Here's your second preview of 21.10. As you can see, Treble Toolkit will warn you about a new update outside of the launcher now too. (Screenshot from build 2195)
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    Welcome to Treble Toolkit, a software that has various tools designed for devices with Project Treble support.

    Treble GSI Flashing, TWRP Flashing, TWRP Booting, Bootloader Unlocker, Permissiver Flasher and FreeCMD (allows you to run your own commands in the Platform Tools included), dynamic theme (adapts to your computer's theme), Partition Erasing and Integrated Updating Service (Annotation 2).


    Device Compatibility:

    Me for creating this tool and testing with OnePlus 6 and Alcatel 1 (2018)
    dhacke for testing with Sony Xperia XZ2 (Dual)
    Miustone for testing with Sony Xperia 5
    (If you confirm your device as working/non working you will get a place in the credits.)



    Source Code:

    Update Server (If anyone's curious):
    (release.zip and version are for launchers 5.2-5.9 and update.zip and version.txt for launchers 6.0-current)
    The compatibility list has moved to:

    Hey, it's been a while!

    I'm officially discontinuing this project, however, not because of what you may think.
    I'm developing a GUI version of this toolkit that will be available for download when finished

    Here are some development images of the project so far:



    Current situation
    Windows bat - Discontinued starting on the launch of the GUI version (LTS for now)
    Linux - (LTS)

    I'm sorry Linux users, but I don't have the knowledge to code GUI apps for Linux, so only the Terminal version is going to be available.

    Have a nice day and stay safe ;)
    Hello to all Treble Toolkit users.
    Please rate the current 21.9.1 design from 1 to 10 and please leave feedback (if any).
    I'm currently taking select user suggestions for future versions of Treble Toolkit to improve even more.
    21.9.1 Beta 2 has been pushed out to beta servers expanding upon Beta 1 with more tweaks and fixes.