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[Treble][Vendor][A64][AOSP]Project KEBAB 2.0 V2.2.1 [G570X][7570]

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can anyone help me? Im stuck on downloading mode after installing the newest version of kebab. Im trying to install Havoc OS 3.5 but when booting to system, it brings me to the downloading mode.

Update:- Never mind, im too blind to read the FAQ, kebab 2.0 is AB now instead of A only for the older versions.
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Dec 19, 2013
thank you for this. works perfectly with los 17.1.

i just have a question regarding the kernel, why doesnt the values stick when i change some things with a kernel app? an example would be when changing io read ahead values. you can change the values but a second later it reverts back to default. i can change it in blockdev but the values i set and reading back the values are different.


New member
Mar 8, 2013
J5 Prime v2 (570F)
Currently on RadicalOS 4
will this rom work on my phone: caos-v313+211010-arm64-bvZ.img

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    Welcome to Project Kebab Treble For Galaxy J5 Prime and 7570 Devices​

    Some information you should know..
    • This is a full Treble ARM A64 Vendor/Kernel Based on J4 and J6 for Exynos 7570
    • If you want to report a Bug, read the F.A.Q First Then provide a logCat OR LoggingKit.zip with detailed explanation
    • Read the instructions and the F.A.Q Before installing the rom or posting a reply.
    • I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    • You are not allowed to use anything from this ROM without permission, if you wanna port my project PM me.
    • Any sort of file kanging will be reported without hesitation.

    General features:

    - based on J600F a bit with extra Blob and HAL.
    - Support most of 7570 Device: G570X, J400X,J260X,J330X.
    - Support Q,R GSIs.
    - It's system as root.
    - More performance compared to stock.
    - Nitrogen Kernel V5 With treble support
    - Pixel Live Wallpaper added in AROMA
    - HK Tweaks features added in AROMA
    - Kebab ?

    NitrogenKernel Features:
    • Based on J400MUBU9CTGO source
    • Linux 3.18.140 under samsung Q kernel
    • Compiled with Google 4.9 Toolchain
    • Permessive SELinux
    • Optimized for Performance
    • GPU Driver: r29p0 driver
    • Custom Voltage Control
    • Dynamic FSync
    • Boeffla Wakelock blocker
    • Powersuspend
    • Charging boosted
    • SecBatteryControl
    • CPU Overclock up to 1.69 GHz
    • CPU Underclock go to 345 MHz ( For battery life )
    • Reduced spam on log for more RAM
    • GPU OC up to 1001 Mhz
    • Optimized Video Rendering

    Changelog KEBAB 2.0:
    - V2.2.1 Changelog:
    - Rebased On Android 10 Vendor
    - Add USB and Thermal HAL from stock
    - Add support for more device
    - Fixed Video Encoder/Decoder
    - Add new wallpaper
    - Fixed lag on some point
    - Update props

    Changelog KEBAB 1.0:
    - V1.5 Changelog :
    - General Optimization.
    - Fixed some issues
    - Add support for J3 2017 and J4 2018.
    - New props
    - Nitrogen Kernel V3.5
    - And others ...

    - V1.1 Changelog:
    - Full 7570 libs.
    - Thermal hw from stock.
    -Add support for other variant.
    - OMX from stock Pie.
    - Update props.

    • Selinux is permissive
    • Stretched camera in some apps
    • Delay Lockscreen on some GSI (GSI issues)
    • Offline Charging
    • Report Bug on Telegram Group

    - How to Install ?:
    if you are on old Create_vendor please revert it
    - Flash `Exynos7570_CreateVendor 2.0` Or The new repartition script for J2 Core use this script and reboot recovery, (the new repartition will wipe all data also internal storage but will increase system partition and vendor and you have to wipe system, cache, vendor and format data).
    - Flash `KEBAB 2.0_EXYNOS7570`
    - Flash your desired A64 A/B GSI (ARM32_Binder64) : "a64_bvn"
    - Reboot and enjoy GSI
    - After boot flash any Gapps Arm (Pico recommended) if GSI didn't have.

    - I dont like it, how do i revert ?:
    - Reboot to recovery
    - Flash `Exynos7570_RevertVendor 2.0` if you are on Kebab 2.0 and "Exynos7570_RevertVendor " if you are on old kebab Only if you flashed Create vendor, With the new repartition you should flash stock firmware with stock CSC (CSC_OMC...xxxxxxxxxx.md5)
    - Reboot recovery
    - It's recommended to flash stock pit
    - Flash any non treble rom or restore your previous twrp backup

    Download :
    Second Post

    Press thanks button if you liked my work!!
    Credit :
    @asarre (me the main developper)

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Treble project For J5 Prime , ROM for the Samsung Galaxy J5

    asarre, soulr344, ananjaser1211
    ROM OS Version: 10
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Latest Firmware

    source code: [url]https://github.com/asarr22/Nitrogen[/URL]

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 2.2.1
    Stable Release Date: 2020-04-30

    Created 2020-04-30
    Last Updated 2020-04-30
    Thanks Asarre, you are nice.
    my j5 prime is with android 9 , i dont have money to buy an phone with android 9 or 10, but with you help i have Android 9 in my j5 Prime.

    thanks a lot :victory: :fingers-crossed:
    SM-G570M tested

    I have a G570M/DS here, and it's all working fine (except VoLTE, but is never count as a bug).
    Good news for the owners of M variant, all GSI ROMs working here.
    Tested Havoc 2.x (Pie) and 3.x (Q) Lineage 16 and 17, AOSP and CAOS.
    Everything working except VoLTE and Magisk (bootloop).
    You have tested all ?
    Working fine? ?
    I tested with many GSI ROMs and all workin fine and usable, except VoLTE, Second SIM Card, Magisk and phisical buttons (home, back and recents). It's as usable as an native ROM (non-GSI).
    If you don't need VoLTE, 2 SIM Cards or root you cam use it.
    The phisical buttons don't work due to the GSI ROMs limitation because a GSI needs to work in all devices with Treble working, and some devices don't have phisical buttons.
    Fingerprint sensor still working.
    Sent from my SM-G570M/DS using Tapatalk.
    KEBAB 2.0


    Hey again, with new base and new android vndk KEBAB 2.0 is out for download. this release focus on phones stability and improvements, shipped with Nitrogen Kernel V5 it will allows you to get more performance with CPU and GPU also in video rendering. Right now it is based on android 10 vendor with VNDK29-LITE. This allows us to use Android Q and R with A/B GSIs.
    Please read F.A.Q and installation steps before flashing the vendor


    KEBAB 2.0
    Mega Folder: Here

    If you liked my work please click thanks button .