Trend Micro & Kaspersky

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Aug 29, 2016
Hey all..

I've recently been using Trend Micro on the Nexus 6P and decided to give Kaspersky a run. There was a day or two where I'd left both on together, which I know is a huge no no on the PC, but I was wandering what you guys had though about running them both and/or Malwarebytes on the same device co currently.

They all seem to have their own uniquenesses, which, as one app, would be brilliant.

Do you think it could create too many false positives or any other errors? ..and do you recommend any other security apps other than these?


Senior Member
Jul 13, 2016
Limit yourself to one running antivirus . Running two antivirus apps at a time will only slow you down, kill battery life and create conflicts within your system.

However, running Malwarebytes along with a single antivirus is fine.