Trouble with fingerprint reader

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Apr 27, 2016
It's also been suggested that you don't need to press too firmly on the display. Making sure you touch the right area, as well.


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Aug 10, 2010
So I've been messing around and registered my thumb 3 times and it seems to be working a little better now. I will continue testing with it.


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Apr 6, 2010
Having the same issues with the fingerprint sensor. Checked for an update almost as soon as I opened the box, but it indicates it's up-to-date so now I'm clueless. I'm continuing to play with it, but if I can't get some improvement it's going back.

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    I have to say that this fingerprint reader sucks. I can barely get it working and may end up returning the phone over this. They should have left it the way it was because it is really bad.
    I have the S10+ and I have tried everything. It keeps telling me to press harder but it only works about 20% of the time. It's awful.
    I had the same issues and couldn't get anything to make it better. I have the Samsung screen protector still on. Found a setting called "Touch Sensitivity" under Display, turned that on and it's been perfect ever since.
    Mine works 50% of the time. Like it'll unlock no problem for a while (every time), but then, all of a sudden, it won't read any of my fingers for multiple tries.

    I'll exchange mine as I wonder if I have a defective unit. But if the other one is the same, I'll unfortunately have to return this phone. I'm not paying top dollars for a premium phone for it to have an inferior fingerprint reader.
    This is not 2014. We should not have to consciously think about the how to use the fingerprint. Turn on sensitive, remove screen protectors, register and finger multiple times, update firmware, hold down finger, tap finger....etc.
    How about sending the phone back to Samsung and tell them we don't want to be paying nearly a $1,000 and be beta testers