Trying to disable the proximity sensor on the Zenfone 7

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Jul 4, 2022
Hey everyone!

I'm kinda obsessed with solving this issue right now. I've been told that the proximity sensor on My ZF7 won't ever work again due to a cpu issue (replacing the sensor wouldn't do a thing) so I'm trying to disable it so I can flip the camera without it displaying as "obstructed".

I've been following this reddit post:
It's exactly my problem, but the difference is that op had a zenfone 6. I ran the same command as him in Termux with no success (file or directory not found).
I think it may be that the code changes from the ZF6 to the ZF7, but don't know exactly how. Maybe the driver name for the proximity sensor is different? I'll attach some screenshots. Thank you all!


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