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TS9 SP9853i: Fact Finding Mission

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Feb 26, 2021
Hey all, I know this a long shot but I am looking for someone who could possibly lend a bit of their time to share some knowledge. No, I am not looking for a custom firmware for my device because none exists. What I am hoping for is a sanity check and maybe a nudge in the right direction. I have spent countless hours trolling translated 4PDA posts. While I am certainly no developer, I do like to poke around in files and learn what I can. I understand all the risks and consequences.

Wanted to verify if root can be obtained by patching the boot image with Magisk. Not looking to do anything crazy but I am trying to make some small edits to how Steering Wheel commands work. My unit uses the canbus decoder to handle several features including SWC. I found that with the canbus, SWC could not be mapped using the built in app. I found the wiring info for my vehicle and rewired SWC from canbus to the KEY1 and KEY2 wires on the head unit. This allows me to now program my wheel buttons and even set long presses, yay. The one thing that does not work is mapping the voice button to launch Google Assistant or similar. Canbus mapping was weak and had duplicate functions like making the voice button a second mute button, lame. I also want to start learning how to modify the OEM apps like Radio, Music, BT, etc. So enter my need for root permissions.

I do have a copy of some firmware files for this device that were provided as hotfix for people having boot issues. I was able to merge the Android files into the System.img file using CMD but no luck figuring out how to decrypt the boot img file. The last file I believe is the MCU file. Kaier Tool seems unavailable from every link I've tried(edit: found what i was looking for and am now much closer). Some of these Russian links are straight up bogus as well...

Anyways, here is the system info page for my device and a link to the firmware files. Now I should add that I may not actually flash these files to my device but someone with a damaged unit may volunteer to test it out. I like my stuff working. I just kind of want to go through the motions and see whats up. I appreciate any help someone is willing to offer. At the very least maybe these files can assist someone else as the firmware for these devices is not easily obtained (Please do not flash them to your device and hope it will work, it won't). Again, I am looking to learn, so this will be an ongoing process for me. Thanks!

EDIT: I did obtain Root. See post https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=83963285&postcount=17

Drive Link to Firmware Files:
TS9 4Runner Firmware (853 MB)

System Info:
What color is the SWC wire on the navigation system?


New member
Feb 26, 2020
hi. i have also SWC working, but cannot program them. can you help me finding key 1 and key 2 connections?
If you car has Canbus based SWC then you can't re-program them as the Head Unit's canbus decoder box does this.

If you car has resistance based SWC then you connect them to the Key1 / Key2 wires of the head unit, and use the Steering Wheel app to chose what each SWC button does. You may also be able to use Tasker to create more useful functions that Sterling Wheel app won't do.


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Feb 26, 2020
My problem is now, that some things don't work like expected. And I don't know where to find any help.
For example music information is not shown on the car's multi-information-display.

Android head units do not send out Canbus messages, they only have a simple decoder box that allows them to "listen" to messages sent on the Canbus by the car. So you will never get any info from the Android head unit on the car's multi-information-display.

As for the SWC wiring.

- If the car has Canbus based SWC then the correct firmware needs to be selected for the decoder box and car model (Settings > Car Settings > Extra Settings > Select Model).

- If the car has resistance based SWC then connect to the Key1 / Key2 wires of the head unit's wiring harnes, and use the Steering Wheel app to chose what each button does.

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