Question TurboCharger, super slow

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Jan 13, 2017
Hi all,

I'm hoping you geniuses can help.

So I bought this Motorola Ultra 30 phone for it's advertised 12 minute for a full charge.

I didn't expect 12 minutes, I expected half an hour.

This thing takes 4 hours to charge with the 125watt supercharger.

It was sent to a company called SBE by Mototorla for repair, but it's no better.

Motorola don't really offer any help other than to say to do a battery calibration but we all know that doesn't actually exist. It didn't work anyway.

Anybody have any solutions before I trash this phone? I can't return it as they warranty is junk anyway as has been proven, and it's passed it's 30 day money back.