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How to edit resources:

I have attached the software needed File Editor Suite, also you can get a 30 day free trial of PE Explorer Here

It's all very simple to do just follow the guide any questions feel free to ask.

Also take a look @ Making custom icons to replace the standard icons

Step 1:

Unsign the .dll .dla with File Editor Suites UnSigner.exe, just drag the .dll over the Unsign.exe as show in the picture you wont see much maybe just a CMD "black box" quickly pop up.


Step 2: Open with ResHacker\PE In PE you have to click the circled item and you will see the resources.


Step 3: Find the resource you want to edit, remebering that the file you will be replacing needs to be same size and bit


Step 4: Save your resource and in File Editor Suite you have siggner.exe click it locate the .dll and press start the process, the .txt file out put will say "Warning: This file is signed, but not timestamped.


That's it your done :)

Now use the appropriate software whether it be File Changer or just using Resco File Explorer/Total Commander to replace, if you have a file that can not be overwriten go into the phone find the file change the extension to .bak example: bronzeres.bak

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Jul 8, 2008
Nice job bud! I like the look of the PE Explorer R5 :D
lets keep the [TUT] going!:cool:

PS. for all, make sure to keep the same pixel size on the icons for better quality when displaying on device, for panels not as much, since the .cpr adjusts the size of the panels on the homescreen.
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Apr 18, 2005
yeah but he deleted it when stylez pissed him off. then he got banned...

And to fianlize what happened he broke the rules with reagrds to direcspect to members no more needed to be said... If anyone has a problem PM me directly

And then jdshifflets went on and created a new Sock Puppet account using his own address so we'd easily find out he's actually Kemekill.

And if that wasn't enough he didn't do a good enough job covering his IP address.

So until further notice Kemekill will Join jdshifflets in his/their split personality, until this is discussed and investigated.

To add to the Tute.
Sometimes when a file has only one Icon file (like for instance some .cpl files)
You can actually get away by using a bigger .icon file to replace it.
But best practice is to always use the same size and resolution to replace these.
Another Good Resource editor is CFF explorer http://www.ntcore.com/products.php
Or the Classic ResourceHacker.
Also until now i got away without unsigning files just fine, but i always sign them with new cert.
Yes I also wrote a Tute like this ;), but that has nothing to do with me stepping in here.

I'm just following up and the policy for creating Sock Puppet Accounts after a Ban.
Kemekill won't be back ever, and we (The Moderation Team) are not sure yet how this affects jdshifflets ban.
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Jul 17, 2009
I've gotten this to work pretty good except for one slight hiccup... the "signer" gives me an error that the signature has expired... any thoughts on how to correct this?


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Apr 18, 2005
I see a new Avatar there, cool.

Also when using PExplorer or CFF explorer sometimes you will need to rebuild the header for the file not to break.

At least i know that was the only way of removing \Noui from the first Marketplace exe (and also replacing it with my icon.

So with DLL files i don't expect this to be needed, but if you edit an .exe file and quickly see the .exe icon being replace by a blank icon you know you need to redo it with recompile header.


Jul 10, 2009
Anyone having challenegs in copying tapres.dll? I can copy bronzeres.dll and open it using PE or Resource Hacker but can't seem to copy the tapres.dll (wchich containts the start menu icon) to my PC for modifying..=(


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Apr 25, 2010
hi folks,

i tried to unsign and open MMAppLauncherCore.dll (after copying to my workstation) which maximus.mobile has made but after the unsign step res.hacker opens a empty file, i do not know why.

can anybody try to open the file too to find out the mistake?



  • AppLauncherCore.7z
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