[TUT] Smphony.W25/Karbonn.A7/Mobistar.S01/Ktouch.W650 Rooting Process and Custom ROMs

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  • Oct 6, 2012
    Custom Roms for Symphony W25 / Mobistar s01 / KTouch W650 / Karbonn A7

    Here you'll find Custom ROM For Karbon A7 device. Which might also be campatible for Symphony w25. Read the respective posts/ comments carefully before downloading and installing.
    (first of all back up your existing ROM with cwmr before any change you do to it.)

    it is backstreet MOD and V3.2 is coming so correct the OP:p
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    Oct 26, 2011


    What's so special about those apps. I have tried Hauwei ROM on a7. But some features wont work.
    Is something very good in those apps.

    They are just good looking. thast all. Use the Lithium rom (by rainwalker) it has some if the features of huawei rom

    How can i install another language in this rom? can anyone help me?

    Which Language? I think the MIUI rom has some other languages preinstalled. if you haven't updated your baseband for ICS yet, it should be easy for you to flash your phone with MIUI. back up your current rom first.

    I've tried many processes but none worked for me

    What didn't work for you? Plz share
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    Nov 11, 2013
    Hi, I'm a ''W25'' user,I rooted my phone,thanks for the help but I can't make a native 3g video call, can u tell me how to do it......
    I hope you guys can help...............


    Aug 13, 2012
    Hey guys, glad to see so much activity for Symphony phones these days. I have been far removed from tinkering with phones since my last post here at XDA :(

    Anyway, I don't know how relevant W25 still is today, but Zunaid bro, maybe you can update your post to remove step 17 as it is not needed (the uid and gid value are sufficient to verify root). Shell commands can be scary to many people.

    And more importantly, always remember and pass this word around: You don't need the Android SDK or even worse, the entire Java JDK gamut, just for ADB or Fastboot.

    You can get standalone ADB/Fastboot bundles here http://www.androidheat.com/adb-fastboot-install-drivers-setup/ (win-only) and here https://code.google.com/p/texasice-...wnloads/detail?name=adb_fastboot.zip&can=2&q= (win/mac/linux)

    You can link them directly, or include all required files in a zip file together with an AUTHORS file crediting the relevant websites and/or author names. That way, users only have 1 file to download -- much less confusing!

    I'm sure there are excellent local coders/modders around who can make a flashable zip or a one-click modding tool, but if you need further help or a private hosting place for files, PM me (although I cannot guarantee replies).

    Anyway, have a great year and happy hacking!


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    Feb 25, 2014
    Freezing Reboot

    Hi, I followed your instructions and my S01 is rooted. However,after I installed a custom rom (in your list), the phone freezed when rebooting. How can I solve this problem?

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      Symphony W25 device Finally Rooted !


      All credits go to jason_cheng

      Procedure given below:

      1. First of all, you need Drivers For your symphony W25 (Smphony.W25/Karbonn.A7/Mobistar.S01/Ktouch.W650 All are the same phone)

      Driver for winXP

      Drivers for Win 7 / Win 8

      64-Bit Win 7 Drivers

      Install them while connecting your phone on "USB debugging mode", and going to "device manager > other devices" on your pc. After installation disconnect the phone.
      (I believe some of you are having problems installing the drivers. I recommend you install the drivers on a freshly installed winXP pc. I faced a lot of trouble doing it on my Win8 pc)

      2. Download Android software development kit (SDK) from Here and install in pc. Default installation Directory should be C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk

      3. Android SDK may need Java development kit (JDK) installed in pc. If you need jdk, go here or go to their Website to download

      3. Download Fastboot From Android Central and keep it inside
      C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools folder

      4. Download Clockwork Mod Recovery for w25 from Link #1 or Link #2, unzip and copy to the same folder. replace duplicate (if prompted).

      5 hook your phone up with pc in USB debugging mode and go to C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools folder, Press Shift+right click inside that folder and select "open cmd window here". It opens a cmd window for that folder.

      In the cmd window, type
      adb devices

      If the driver installations are correct, you'll see your device connected as w650 (as symphony is re-branded from k-touch w650)

      6. Disconnect phone from pc and reboot it into the bootloader, by turning it off and holding [vol-up]+[power]

      Till screen turns green and says fastboot:recovery ?, Like below

      7. Plug your phone into your computer. On cmd window, type:

      fastboot devices

      Reply should be "???????????? fastboot" Meanng fastboot detected the device.

      8. In the cmd line, type

      fastboot boot recovery-english.img

      And that's it. You'll have booted into the custom recovery (cwmr), and from there you can do a full backup, or restore a backup, or wipe the phone. Use vol up/down to navigate through screen and Power to select an item.

      9. Use CWMr to backup your ROM. (It will be saved in: "SD card/clockwork mod/backup" on phone.) and reboot. Copy the backup into pc for further use.

      Step 8 was to make sure cwmr works on the phone. It's a temporary port of cwmr on your device.
      if problem occurs (less likely to occur), let us know in a comment and don't proceed further.
      Otherwise, Proceed below for permanent port..

      10. Repeat step 6 and 7. Go to C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools folder and click on recovery.bat file. Click on it and in the next window, Press any key

      Permanent port will be completed

      reboot phone if not rebooted automatically.

      11. To check cwmr, Repeat step 6 but keep pressing the two buttons even if the screen turns green (fastboot). Continue until.....


      screen is red (recovery). after that you'll see Clockwork mod recovery page.


      You'll need it to restore your original rom if you mess up anything.

      12 In CWMr,
      a)]Go to Advanced
      b) Choose "Wipe dalvik-cache"
      c) Now go to "Mounts & Storage"
      d) Choose "Format /cache"
      e) Shutdown your phone

      13. Download and unzip bootrepack from this post (by jason_cheng). Copy the "boot.img" file from "rootrepack" folder and paste to C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools folder

      14. Repeat steps 6 & 7 (green screen)

      15. In cmd window type

      fastboot flash boot boot.img


      fastboot reboot

      see image below if you have any confusion.


      16. After the phone is restarted, type in cmd window:

      adb shell id

      which should result "uid=0(root) gid=0(root)"

      Rooting is now Unofficially completed

      17. To verify, Type each line in cmd window, and press enter

      adb shell

      echo "1" > /system/pwned

      cat /system/pwned

      If the Reply to the last line is "1", Congrats ! you have root access to your phone!! :)
      Now remove that test file you created just now. Type:

      rm /system/pwned

      What now?

      18. Install "Superuser" from Play store
      It does not come with su binary. For that, Go to this post and download only the attachment. Unzip it and put the files in C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools folder.

      19. Now open cmd window, type each line and enter.

      adb remount
      adb push su /system/xbin/su
      adb shell
      chmod 4755 /system/xbin/su

      now open superuser and check for su binary. I don't recommend su update.

      20. Install "Busybox free" from Play store (optional)

      Rooting Officially Complete.​

      If you face problems at any step, please let us know in comments. We'll try to help.you out.
      Also feel free to try out the IceCream Sandwitch based roms & the upcoming Jelybean rom for Symphony W25 on the second post of this thread.
      If any of you come across a new rom for w25. Please do share.
      If you come across dead links on my thread, plz let me know by posting comments, or PM me.

      If you find this post useful, then plz hit the thanks button and share it with people who have this phone and waiting for root

      End of tutorial.

      .usefull links:

      Karbonn Mobile A5 & A7 (Android 2.3.6)

      Link2sd tuorial in bangla: সহজেই বাড়িয়ে নিন অ্যান্ড্রয়েডের ইন্টারনাল মেমোরি

      How To Solve Internal Memory Problem(Great Post)
      Custom Roms for Symphony W25 / Mobistar s01 / KTouch W650 / Karbonn A7

      Custom Roms for Symphony W25 / Mobistar s01 / KTouch W650 / Karbonn A7

      Here you'll find Custom ROM For Karbon A7 device. Which might also be campatible for Symphony w25. Read the respective posts/ comments carefully before downloading and installing.
      (first of all back up your existing ROM with cwmr before any change you do to it.)

      10) ICS refresh V3 Uploaded by meosuper

      14) XINIX 8 for Symphony w25 Created by rainwalker (Recommended)

      Maybe is needed to extract the "boot.img" to remove the restrictions on it, and make it rootable... Have you tried with generic "rooters"?
      Nope. It didn't work. Hangs at step 7 (Pic Attached). tried on XP and 7.
      Drivers install this time. and cmd>adb shell shows attached device, just like you said. but nothing happens after step7: waiting for device :(

      I guess this process in not for me :(

      can you provide link or tell me the process on how to add cwm recovery and backup the stock rom from the phone?
      So that I can upload for you guys to check it out.

      Note: my phone goes to recovery mode using the same method described in Karbonn Mobile A5 & A7 (Android 2.3.6
      I checked.

      Unfortunately, CWMR needs to be built for your hardware in order for it to work. I think CWMR for the Karbonn should work without modification if it has the same hardware, so see if you can find info on getting CWMR onto the Karbonn. If the bootloader is really locked then you'll have to find some way to unlock first.

      Backup the recovery partition [1] before doing anything, although I cannot verify whether it's the same partition across all phones. If anything goes wrong you will lose the ability to boot into recovery mode, but your phone will work. With a backup of the partition you can just bit-copy and rewrite the partition exactly as it was.

      Because you already have the drivers installed using SuperOneClick, you may like to see now if Unlock Root works [2]. Else, go ahead and root the phone using the manual method. First, run the exploit [3]. Tell us how this goes, then we'll continue (basically upload the su binary and optionally the Superuser app). Otherwise we need to see what other exploit works.

      [1] http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1160213
      [2] http://lifehacker.com/5873745/unlock-root-roots-nearly-250-android-devices-in-one-click
      [3] http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1296916
      i tried that one from play store.i didnt make any change.try to flash any beats mod.search in this forum.i saw a thread about beats audio mod which contains a flashable zip for all android.
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