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Jul 2, 2007
Device is powered on but the Screen LCD Light doesn't

Guys do you know what files are responsible for making the LCD display light up?

I successfully ported a rom for my MTK device, but when I push the power button to turn off the screen and push it again,it fails to work or light up
But the device is working fine,when I touch the screen I hear sound responses so the device is still ok and working, but the display is black or doesn't light up...

I replace these files with stock

but the screen still refuses to light up again...
I suspect I need to re'place a .so file in the lib but I don't know what
Can someone someone give me an idea? Thanks
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    Please refer to this post . . . :cowboy:

    For detail specific on MT6575 SoC, refer to this NEW Thread by xXx~~~SHLOK~~~xXx & DarkFrenzy . . . :good:

    For detail specific on MT6577 SoC, refer to this NEW Thread by Avenger4droid

    All MT65xx android phones are plagued by the same problem, No Custom ROMs & there are just too many models out there... :eek:

    DEVs that are developing custom rom for it are only a handful. If you have the same model as these DEV then you are very lucky indeed to get cwmr & custom roms from them. But what about those hundreds if not thousands of MT65xx out there ?

    No worries, you can port any Custom ROMs to your device quite easily using Master Shifu dsixda's Android Kitchen....
    Links for that is below my signature... :cool: Even though they are for MT6573, some of them are still relevant... :eek: Many have successfully ported numerous of MT6573/ 75/ 77 custom/ stock ROMs out of it....
    Full Credits & Special Thanks to Master Shifu dsixda for making such a Super Easy to use & Fabulous Android Kitchen...

    Below is what i found out when porting ROM, you may need to patch the following below from your stock ROM for it to work...
    modem.img - SIM1/ 2 not working
    libcameracustom.so - Camera no auto-focus
    mtk_stp_wmt - Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth can't switch on
    Generic.kl - Home key doesn't work

    So here is my quick & easy patching tut for porting Lewa OS to MT6577 based Ulefone Star N9776. Everything works except for FM radio... :eek: Added on May 06 2013 - Hmm, it seems many never follow the whole thread & begin porting using this tut... :eek: Read this post here & here first, rest of the procedure is same... Thanks to fellow xda members that has contributed to this thread... ;)

    Another one here for Porting Master Shifu bgcngm's V970 Custom ROM to Lenovo A789...
    Everything is working on this one...

    Recently, i get just too many PMs regarding ROM porting & i don't know everything... :laugh:

    So i'm starting this thread & hopefully to get more involvement from fellow xda members to share their experiences as what are the other files needs to be patched to get it fully working...

    Pls include...
    1. Name of your device
    2. ROM that you ported from
    3. What are the things that is not working initially
    4. What are the file names & location to patch it

    Cheers... :cool:
    Where to hunt for ROMs to port... :D
    Added on Feb 25, 2013
    Operation to Support & Reward our MTK SoC Developers
    Head up to here & show your support...

    Added on Mar 31, 2013 - Patching MT6628 ROM to work on MT6620 & vice-versa
    Thanks to kumar abhishek for letting me know that it is possible to patch MT6628 to MT6620, i found out Star N9770 which is from the same company as my Star N9776, some Chinese manage to patch it, everything works & this info found out by s_bd on china-iphone so i use that as base to find out which file is the culprit... :cowboy:

    Below is what i found out, need only these few files (patch from stock to ported ROM) & everything works...

    This is of course minimum patching because its from the same manufacturer... ;)

    system/etc/firmware/mt6620_patch_e6_hdr.bin-> If yours is MT6628, you'll need to patch all mt6628_fm_*_*.bin too
    system/etc/firmware/WMT.CFG-> This is the antenna cfg, without this, FMradio cannot receive clearly


    Wi-Fi & BT
    system/lib/modules/mtk_wmt_wifi.ko -> After patching, both works & can be individually switch on/ off

    system/lib/libbluetoothem_mtk.so -> MTK Engineering will show MT6628 if not patch...

    system/etc/firmware -> if yours is MT6628, you'll need to patch all WIFI_RAM_CODE_* too

    system/xbin/libmnlp -> This culprit file is the GPS. Took me the longest time to find out
    Found out recent for porting Lenovo s890 (MT6628 to my MT6620), some apps at system/vendor/operator/ is blocking GPS so just delete all apps & use MTK Engineering mode to confirmed it... :fingers-crossed:

    fmradio.driver.chip=1 -> if yours is MT6628 then change it to 3
    mediatek.wlan.chip=MT6620 -> if yours is MT6628 then change last digit to 8
    mediatek.wlan.module.postfix=_mt6620 -> if yours is MT6628 then change last digit to 8

    symlink("wlan_mt6620.ko", "/system/lib/modules/wlan.ko"); -> if yours is MT6628 then change last digit to 8

    Happy Porting...

    Added on April 02, 2013 - Camera patch for Lewa ROM
    If your Lewa cam is not working in spite of all the known patching methods then refer to here... :cool:
    For patching Lewa Lenovo A60 cam auto-focus you'll need the following below from your Stock base ROM patch to Lewa & auto-focus will work...


    Summary of Lewa ROM for MT65xx
    Jelly Bean MT6628 based MT6589 SoC

    Jelly Bean MT6628 based MT6577 SoC

    Jelly Bean MT6620 based


    For starter better not use Dakele, G3, G2L, G2H b'cos it includes uboot.img meant for those device & it may require much more additional patching... :cool:

    MT6620 based MT6577 SoC

    Added on April 21, 2013 - Basic Ethics
    Ethical ROM Porter... :cool:
    Added on May 06, 2013 - Factory ROM backup
    i get too many pm, many brick their device & they didn't back up their Factory ROM first...

    Added on June 23, 2013 - MT65xx Lewa OS Porting Tool
    Since many are interested in porting LeWa, attach is my simple program that does everything automatically for you...

    However, on the 2nd part, you'll have to identify what is not working & patch it yourself... :cowboy:

    Credits to Igor Pavlov & Master Shifu Michfood...

    Happy Porting LeWa ROM...

    Hmm, it seems many are having trouble with this LeWa Porting tool... :eek:

    Upon checking Master Shifu Michfood's Russian thread, found out that the below must be met or this tool will fail to operate...

    Requirement on your MTK devices -> Root access to ADB
    The default.prop at boot.img should be as below...
    Use Master Shifu's Repack Utils, make the changes, re-download boot.img via SPFT then only use this tool again... :cowboy:

    This tool operates with your device fully booted up, not at CWM or fastboot...

    Extract this tool to your Desktop otherwise disable UAC if you use this program at other folder or it will not work properly... :eek:
    Added on June 24, 2013 - MTK FirmwareAdapter Tool
    Just found out that Russian Master Shifu back37 has shared his brand new ROM porting tool here...

    With this tool, ROM porting on MTK devices is a breeze but as i always says always make a backup copy first via CWM/ TWRP before starting always or you might end up here... :cool:
    Added on May 5, 2014
    Just found out that Master Shifu has just started his thread here . . . :good:
    Added on July 01, 2013 - ANDROID_firmware_tool_v2.1 for MTK devices
    This is another great app by Russian Master Shifu Michfood for modding apps, framework, deodex; great for ROM Cooker AKA the MTK Android Kitchen...

    You can even use its Wireless ADB app to avoid constant USB charging that might spoil your battery in the long run...

    Master Shifu told me its hard for him to maintain several threads so you gotta ask all your questions there... :cowboy:

    To change the language to English refer to below...

    v2.3 is a Donationware now, if you wanna try out then download this full older version here... :cowboy: if you find it useful then upgrade to V.2.3 & support Master Shifu Michfood work...


    Solutions link

    FM radio, camera, 3G data fix - MT6577
    MT6515 i9300 LeWa Port
    Porting tips
    How to choose which ROM
    LeWa Porting tips
    init.rc cam fix
    Another LeWa porting tips
    Wi-Fi fix
    Cellular Network fix
    Virtual key & porting tips
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    Updater-script Wi-Fi fix
    Android Kitchen to repack back boot.img
    MT6589 BT fix
    MT6577 vold.fstab swap
    Another vold.fstab fix
    bootloop fix
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    Another sdcard fix (2) (3) (4)
    Porting Tools Updated Version
    MT6575 audio & micro sim fix
    MT6582 media player fix
    Another SIM fix
    Another storage fix


    hey master mind if you add these..
    and i like your idea for consolidating everything about MT65xx devices i thinks its a good idea we can create a huge community with this.
    maybe we should request for a MT6577 device to be added since many phones use this platform. and its not that hard to port roms from other MT65xx devices.

    1 Device: KATA i1
    2 ROM ported: LeWa OS from Zopo ZP900
    3 Camera, FM radio, 3G Data not working


    FM radio fix and Camera Fix

    i did was i extracted the PORT ROM and STOCK ROM to any folder then searched for the thing that didn't work. eg. CAMERA
    then i copied all the files that has camera in it from stock and overwritten the ones in port.
    (i also deleted the extra files the STOCK didn't have, don't know what happens if you don't delete the extra ones, but since your reverting to stock just use all of the stock ones IMO)

    here it goes

    For CAMERA - "can't connect to Camera"
    copy these from stock ROM to port ROM

    \system\lib\hw\camera.default.so --- (if you have two files like camera.goldfish.so delete this the one with the goldfish)

    you can copy the stock camera.apk if you want but not necessary

    now for FM Radio


    you can also copy the stock fmradio.apk if you want but not necessary

    for the 3G data refer to master yuwengs post #1.

    so based on my experience i think this is also applicable with other hardware problems. not all, maybe some hehe :D

    success!! :highfive:

    hope this helps!

    credits to master yuweng for helping me finish my lewa rom port. dsixda for kitchen and lewa os team for their great rom.:D
    i'll share my experience with you that how to port ROM for mediatek device
    My Porting methods in any MediaTek SoC base device
    device chipset must be same i.e base is MT6577 = port is MT6577 otherwise its wont boot
    device screen resolution must be same then easy to port and boot :) sometimes 720p device boot up in my WVGA device :) so no comments js advice use same resolution device for port
    android os version must be same otherwise ROM not booted up :) i.e. 4.0.4=4.0.4 , 4.1.1=4.1.1 ,4.2=4.2
    make sure you have working stock ROM or CWM nandroid backup for your base :)
    then do this

    AFAIK :p , any MediaTek any SoC ROM ( I.E. MT6575 , MT6577 , MT6589 ) will successfully ported throw Android dxida Kitchen only :)
    just need to replace bootclasspath of port boot.img>ramdisk>init.rc to base in init.rc this things u guys know better then me :)
    then make your changes u wish in ROM i.e. add support of data/apps , add init.d support etc...

    then add or remove apps you want :)
    now take these stuffs from your stock ROM only not from any other working ROM in your device i suggest you only choose stock rom for some patch files


    now copy that whole folder to port rom and if it ask u for replace press yes and replace it :)
    now do porting throw kitchen
    and make ROM by pressing 99 button:)
    now flash zip and check :) most of all Ported ROM throw kitchen will boot up u just need to check what things is working and what not :p
    now if you find that audio is not working then do this
    first copy your device stock rom system>lib folder to somewhere else
    and delete all folder from lib folder ( mark my words delete only folders not any files in lib folder )
    now press Ctrl+F and search ( audio ) in small letters and copy all files which u found in search results and replace it in system>lib of your port rom :) audio fixed 99.99% thanks to master shifu yuweng and voetbalremco for this nice tutorials :)
    same things in camera , just use search button in system/lib and search for [ camera ] copy and replace all files which u found as result of search :)
    done reflash rom again then check , i hope it fixed your issue of camera and audio by this methods , i only use that methods to port any ROM in my old A90s and my new UMI X2 , already ported 3-4 ROM :) working fine all , only lewa give me storage mounting issue :) m working on it :)

    Yeoh Bro, you make the right choice ! :eek: There has been alot of development for MMX A110... :good: So many custom ROMs so little time... :laugh:
    Ofcourse, I'll explain it more clearly. @yuweng. Please...include this in OP, ive explained too many times :p

    I assume you use dsixda's kitchen.
    Set up working folder for stock rom
    Go to advanced > tools for boot.img
    > unpack boot.img

    Navigate to the folder called Boot-extracted.
    > rename it to something else (for now: stock boot)

    Set up working folder for port rom.
    Go to advanced > unpack boot.img

    Do a google search for 'winmerge' > install program (free).

    Open winmerge, for left navigate to the 'stock boot' folder, and select init.rc (about 40kb)

    For right, navigate to the port 'boot-extracted', and select init.rc (about 40kb)

    In winmerge find lines like this
    Chmod camera blablabla (on the left pane you will see where there are differences)
    Chown camera blablabla

    If there are differences in those lines, copy the stock lines, and overwrite the port ones

    Save the files (crtl+s)

    Navigate to boot extracted folder, you can close winmerge. Copy stock Zimage (from 'stock boot' folder) to port, and overwrite the Zimage there with stock one.

    Go back to kitchen, > advanced > tools for boot.img > build new boot image.

    Profit :D