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[TUTORIAL] [4.1+] [UPDATE :- 20.01.2014] Make 5 Button Navigation Bar Mod

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Nov 24, 2012
Chennai , I N D I A



Here is a Little Tutorial for making a 5 Button Navigation Bar mod. This tutorial should work in all sony devices that running Android version 4.1 and above. Tested in 4.4.4 too. Works well.

U all know that the Default Navigation Bar comes with only 3 Buttons. Back , Home and Recent Apps. So this little tutorial will help u to add extra two buttons (Very useful at some times) to the Navigation bar. One is Power Button and Next is Menu Button.

  • One PC
  • Little Knowledge of Decompiling, Editing XML Files and Signing Apks
  • Notepad ++
  • Some Brains :silly:

Note :- U can get the Notepad++ and Apktool for De compiling from here. Also there is a nice tutorial too..

(1) Decompile ur SystemUI.apk and go to res/drawable-xxhdpi folder.Then download ,extract and move the " TWO " attached pngs to that folder. It will ask for replace. Click yes. Do the same in “drawable-xhdpi“ folder too. Not necessary. But just do.

For Device With XHDPI Add the Pngs to XHDPI Folder

For Device With HDPI Add the Pngs to HDPI Folder

(2) Then go to res/values folder and find ids.xml file. Open it with Notepad++ ( Right Click and then Edit With Notepad++ ) . Then add this line at the end


Save it and close it.

(3) Now go to res/values/strings.xml and add this line at the end


save the xml file and close it..

(4) Then go to res/layout and find navigation-bar.xml and open it with Notepad++. U can find this


Just delete the marked lines and paste these lines to there

Click Here

Then save it and scroll down and u will see this


Just delete the marked lines and paste these lines there

Click Here

Save it and close the xml file

(5) Recompile and sign the SystemUI.apk and use it.. U will get 5 Button Navigation Bar…:good::good::good:

Credit :

@sandy7 for Basic Tips


(1) View attachment Power_Button_XXHDPI.zip

(2) Power Button for XHDPI Devices. http://d-h.st/tkg Thanks to My Brother @DaRk-L0rD
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Jan 11, 2009
Hi @iamkani bro

Try this 5 Button Mod for Stock Deodexed ROM. I dont have my XZ to Test. So test this and Report with A Screen Shot... :good:



I flashed the zip file via cwm. I wiped cache, and dalvik cache, flashed the zip. Still didn't get 5 button navigation bar, I still just have the home, back, and small apps icon. Did I do something wrong? Ps I have deodex 67 stock rom. I want to have 5 buttons so bad.

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