[Tutorial] Crossflash, Bypass OPID Mismatched Error

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Rushil Prince

Aug 11, 2018
LG V50 ThinQ


Feb 17, 2020
ok so i just finished crossflashing and phone is just flashing lg g8 thinq logo and immidiately turning off,is it supposed to happen? im sure i didnt miss everything in guide


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Jun 30, 2019


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Feb 17, 2020
There must be something missed. Try again in a meticulous fashion.
But, if it persists, then try erasing these partitions as well: vendor_a, vendor_b, system_a, system_b, product_a, product_b, boot_a and boot_b.
before erasing crate back up.
hello,i was doing this thing and my phone just shutted down and isnt reacting to anything anymore,can someone help me out?


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Jul 24, 2010


Feb 17, 2020
9This file is incomplete on the lg-firmwares site and although it is listed on the lgroms site the download link is not working
nope,download it! i just crossflashed my T-mobile to exactly that kdz.
it may say 800mb but when you download it it will be full 4gb kdz.
btw, i successfully crossflashed,after many attempts and everyone who is having issues,make sure you follow guide closely and only use drivers and apps listen in tutorial cuz they are modified. (dont forget to backup everthing,that saved my phone)

everything works fine, just one question: is Hand ID supposed to break after crossflash?
thanks for guide netmsm,you gave new life to my phone hehe.

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    Any idea, everything goes ok, but in LG UP im getting 0x6004 CrossDL error?
    I am getting the same error when i try crossflashing fron sprint to open_us and i think i followed all the steps correctly

    Edit: I backed up and erased these partitions in addition: boot_a, boot_b, vendor_a, vendor_b, product_a, product_b and it seemed to work afterwards.
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    Hi there ;)
    Thanks to all other guys here who have made helpful development to tame this beautiful =)

    LG has made things difficult in flashing custom and even stock roms by this new OPID thing! It prevents us from crossflashing but we have been able to use TWRP and change the system and some other partitions to have a different rom. We had to make some changes into OP partition using HxD editor.
    But now, through this tutorial, we're able to flash any rom without the need to change OPID in OP partition. Also, there is no need to root or unlock boot-loader.
    I was successful to do this on some G8 (LMG820UM) but I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY HARM TO YOUR PHONE!

    By continuing to read the following instructions you are actually accepting the risk.

    first, MAKE A FULL BACKUP OF ALL PARTITIONS; and I mean it!!!
    at least, for your sake, make a backup of "modemst1, modemst2, fsg, fsc, ftm" partitions, for emergency.

    QPST and Qualcomm USB Driver (get)
    LGE SM8150 Firehose (get)
    LGUP (get)
    LGUP_Common.dll (get)
    UI_Config.lgl (get)
    LG Mobile Driver 4.4.2 (get)

    1. Install QPST and Qualcomm USB Driver.
    2. Install LGUP.
    3. Find the folder named "model" in the installation directory of LGUP, then Create a folder named "common" in the "model" folder.
    4. Move "LGUP_Common.dll" and "UI_Config.lgl" into "common" folder. Change the attribute of "UI_Config.lgl" to read only.
    5. Install LG Mobile Driver 4.4.2.

    1. Open QFIL.
    2. Change "Storage Type" to UFS.
    3. Select "Flat Build".
    4. Browse for "LGE SM8150 Firehose" and pick it.
    5. Now, connect the phone to PC and boot into EDL mode.
    6. Open "Select Port" and select the phone, press OK.
    7. In "Tools" open the "Partition Manager".

    1. Make a backup of and erase these 7 partitions: FTM, Modem_A, Modem_B, SID_A, SID_B, OP_A, OP_B.
    1.1. You have to left-click on a partition then right-click on it and select "Manage Partition Data".
    1.2. In the pop-up window, you have 4 choices: I. Erase (to erase data on the partition), II. Read Data (to dump or back up the partition), III. Load Image (to restore the partition), IV. Close (to close the window).
    1.3. First dump/back up the partition by choosing "Read Data" then Erase it.
    2. Close the "Partition Manager" window.
    3. Wait for 5 seconds then press Vol- and Power until it restart.
    3.1. Immediately after rebooting, Release the Vol- and Power buttons and press Vol+ to get into Download Mode.
    Note: Do not let the phone to begin to boot! If it begins to boot, it may regenerate the SID and FTM partitions data and so you need to redo the whole step B.

    1. Open LGUP.
    2. Pick your favorite KDZ.
    3. Select "PARTITION DL".
    4. Press Start. And a pop-up window will appear. In this window you can select which partitions to be flashed.
    5. Here, uncheck these partitions: SID_A and SID_B. It will make it able to bypass the OPID Mismatched Error.
    6. If you are in Sprint or other platforms you will get the message whether to change the model or not. Of course you know what to do =)

    after completing the process it will boot up in some minutes and before starting the customization it will do one restart. just be patient.
    Hey good for you, so the Open a11 must be the Kor version right? Either way, could u do a big favor and try to get to recovery? Of course don't erase anything, but just verify you can get to the recovery screen?


    So, we just got this sorted. Thanks to SGMarkus as he mentioned it's the ftm partition that controls recovery access and fastboot access. So, with the newly flashed kdz, as it is, you can't even get to fasboot although u flashed the eng abl to it.

    But! Restore your old ftm, after flashing, and then you'll get access to both recovery and ability to get to fastboot after flashing eng abl.

    Some pictures of flashing my LMG820UM, unlocked from Sprint, into OPEN_CA 20j. In normal mode you cannot flash SPR_US to OPEN_CA which is shown in the pictures. But using this thread instruction it allows to flash, even it asks to change the model from SPR_US to OPEN_CA :D
    Until performing the instructions, it shows the "id: 2(SPR_US)" on the Download Mode screen, but after that it cannot recognize the phone model id and shows "id: 0()" :D
    Have fun ^_^
    I would like to know the following:
    (1) first, MAKE A FULL BACKUP OF ALL PARTITIONS; and I mean it!!! How, exactly, does one make this full backup? How does it get restored if needed?
    (2) 1. Make a backup of and erase these 5 partitions: FTM, Modem_A, Modem_B, SID_A, SID_B, OP_A, OP_B. What does this mean, exactly? What tool is being used for this?
    (3)If you are in Spring or other platforms you will get the message whether to change the model or not. Of course you know what to do =). I do not know what to do. It is not helpful to write such a vague, obtuse instruction.

    I don't speak for netmsm, and he's more than capable of doing that himself.

    But, for myself, I just wanted to say I think your comments are very unfair. 1st) The guide does say exactly how to back up those partitions, you, obviously, just don't recognize that, and probably thus have no idea what the utilities mentioned in the guide do. (hint: see where qualcomm and qfil are mentioned - just before 'make a backup'.

    2nd) If u don't understand something in the guide, read the comments others have made, because it's possible someone else has already asked that question. Re the 'Of course u know what to do', you'll find others have said they got that pop-up, and others didn't. From that u can deduce, it's not **critical**. And, if anything, u realize it's kind of a joke... as in 'who want's a sprint phone anyway?' Get it?

    There's no reason to be disparaging because u can't follow a guide without having to do any thinking at all. Sometimes, a guide can be 'over our head'. I.E. u just don't have enough experience in this area. Remember, a guide writer faces a dilemma; how to get the information across, succinctly, without becoming too verbose. Too verbose and the guide becomes a book, and most of us that write guides have no desire to spend the time it takes to write a book.

    If u don't understand, ask questions, but don't be disparaging. We should all be thankful netmsm even bothered to take the time to write this!

    alright, G8x Sprint succesfully crossflashed to OPEN CA :cowboy: