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    As some of you have expressed the desire to know how to create your own watch faces, I have started working on a tutorial. To begin with, it will be a slide presentation. I will also try to create a video tutorial, but time does not allow for that right now.
    Here's a quick sampler. The aim is to create something that is easy to follow, where you can benefit from the 9 months of trial & error I went through to get from zero ability to a more advanced stage in using the Gear Watch Designer tool. I believe this fast-track method if used with sincerity will, hopefully, allow some of you to reach my level in perhaps 9 days, not nine months. Try out this sampler tutorial and see how easy it is to create nice watch faces. The components are also displayed, which you can save and use in the tutorial.

    Basic Tutorial on designing your own watch face in Gear watch designer:

















    I made a watch face way back in the days of GWD 1.2
    I’d like to make another but my old head forgot how to add 3 things that the old one had.

    1. Tap the top and battery % would show
    2. Tap right and day and date would show
    3. Tap left and steps would show

    Could any kind person point me in the right direction to achieve this in GWD 1.5
    Promise I will write it down for next time.
    Kind regards,

    The process is pretty much the same for all 3.
    - In the left side add Text box (Normal Text), place it where you want to press each function
    - On the right side in the "Properties" top right side click the down arrow next to the 3 horizontal bars and "Set as button"
    - Choose the Action tab.
    - In the drop down next to "Action", select "Open App", and choose the app you want to open.

    Edit** and you have to set each text font opacity slider to 0% so the text becomes see through
    I've got latest Java installed in Windows 10 Pro 64-bit although stupid GWD setup keeps saying that I haven't...

    Please what on Earth shall I do to skip that bug without having to run everything on a 32-bit VMware Windows 10 Pro machine? :rolleyes:

    Try this:
    Go to where your GWD is installed and add a folder called jre. In that folder create a folder called bin. (This is all lower case)
    Now go to where you have Java installed, click on bin and find javaw.exe. Copy that file and paste it in the bin folder you created in GWD. I had this problem last November and it solved it for me and still working.
    Thank you, but unfortunately the Java error message is the first thing that comes up when launching the setup. [emoji53]

    You did copy the javaw.exe not java.exe? If so, I'm sorry it didn't work for you. Hope someone else can chip in with a solution.

    Mine looks like this:
    I am unable to download the watch designer tool from samsung developers. Anyone have the current version handy?
    I'm on the same boat.. i have contacted samsung but still no response from them.
    All links look broken from samsung developers.