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[TUTORIAL] How to create and install android bootanimations from scratch

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Jun 5, 2013
So I apologize if this has already been answered but I'm a little too lazy to read through 33 pages right now... I've found several gifs that I'd really like to use to make my animation, but their sizes are way off from my phone's dimensions. Would there be any way to resize them or something so they'd be useable?

rad io

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Jul 27, 2012
Could this be?

could this be a leaked boot animation from Cyanogenmod's new logo??

nahh. i jaust made it up. first attempt. its not that kickass. but i am glad it worked. as i forgot to set the compression to "stored" on first try. :) :cowboy:
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Hey thanx for posting this! :laugh: I've also made a boot animation...here's its page:
ht tp: //forum. xda-developers. com /micromax-canvas-2 /themes-apps /boot-animation-c2-boot-animation-canvas-t2718552 /post51923332 #post51923332

ht tp: //www. droidarena. in /Thread-BOOT-ANIMATION-C2-Boot-Animation -with-Own-C2-Logo-v-3-0
Just remove the spaces coz xda isn't allowing me to post links.
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Jun 1, 2012
Hey thanx for posting this! :laugh: I've also made a boot animation...here's its page:
ht tp: //www. droidarena. in /Thread-BOOT-ANIMATION-C2-Boot-Animation -with-Own-C2-Logo-v-3-0
Just remove the spaces coz xda isn't allowing me to post links.

great work bro :good:

but please kindly remove the whole qouted first post... it just makes harder to scroll down :)
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Video conversion

Thanks for the share. What is the naming convention? image00x.png or image00x.png?
If i send u the AVI would you be able to convert it into a bootanimation.zip folder for the Droid X?
I created the zip file but when droid x loads, it displays the default "androind" boot animation...

:DMaybe u can use this:
online-convert. com


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Aug 30, 2013
Could someone help me out with an animation? I found a really cool one on reddit but the animation is very slow. Here is the download link. I've read thru some basics on bootanimations and tried a few things but it hasn't helped. The desc.txt in the animation looks like this:

1080 1920 24
p 1 0 part0
p 0 0 part1

What could I try to speed this animation up? Could someone take a look?
Time is in Secods or in Milliseconds?

great work bro :good:

but please kindly remove the whole qouted first post... it just makes harder to scroll down :)

Thanks bro! :D
:confused: One thing I wanted to ask u....dat the no. which is written before the Folder name represents time in Seconds or in Milliseconds?? Because I've specified a time of 10-16 but it doesn't even stay at that pic for even a second! :silly:

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I tried that and it didn't work, it wouldn't play at all when I changed the framerate. But it's running a lot slower than the 24 fps it's spec'd at right now anyyway so it's something else.
Try to write "c" instead of "p" next to the last folder name's line....It would then always complete the whole animation.... U can try to remove some images from ur bootanimation so dat the tym taken by each image will b automatically reduced....


I just create a bootanimation, but pictures in part1, part2, part3, until part7 are not appear? What happen?


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Mar 15, 2014
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Aug 8, 2012
Hey guys maybe someone can help me out. I made a bootani, and it works, except for the white flashes problem. I have three folders, part0, part1, part2, parts 0+1 play fine, part2 white flashes under certain circumstances.
A) it only does it if there are more than 60 frames in the folder.

B) it only does it if I set it to repeat.

C) it makes no difference which frames I remove yo get it down to 60 frames. (Total it needs 72, so I have to remove 12, but any 12 taken out fixes it, as long as I get it to 60 or less)

D) it is ONLY part2. Parts 0+1 I have set to repeat and they do *not* flash despite having as many as 245 frames.

C) it does it whether the frames are PNG or jpg.

D) it does it regardless of the folder name. The last folder has the issue, whether it called part2, part3 or something else.

E) it is *not* a thumbs.db file or anything like that. I'm on Ubuntu. I've shown hidden files. There is nothing in the folder but the frames. I have created a new folder and moved the frames to it in case there was something wrong with the original folder.

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Nov 1, 2013
i make a boot animation using ur instruction for my gb custom rom.... but the boot animation is continious and i cant see home screen...

i put desc.text like this
240 320 30
p 1 0 part0
p 0 0 part1

how to solved this plis help me

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    How to create and install android bootanimations from scratch

    This is a guide which tells you how to make a your very own bootanimation and install a bootanimation on your device.
    Please let me know if you made a bootanimation using this method so that every bootanimation made using this method can be posted here

    #This guide assumes that you are windows user and have - 
      1- 7 zip or winrar installed
      2- a image editing software (for ex-photoshop)  #

    Bootanimation- what is it ?

    Bootanimation basically is a collection of .png pictures that are projected on the screen one after the other quickly so that it looks like a animation , stored in a zip file


    1-you need a bootanimation.zip file [you can find them on google]

    now if you have downloaded the bootanimation.zip file ,open it up

    2- as you can see in the picture you find some folders in it named
    "part0"    "part1"    "part2"
    and a desc.txt file .


    folders like part0;part1,etc. STORE .png pictures of bootnaimation
    the desc.txt file contains all the necessary info to run bootanimation like resolution fps ,etc

    EXPLANATION OF desc.txt


    As you can see in the image
       #1-it is the resolution of the bootanimation(you should basically use your device's resolution for ex - in the pic it is 320X480)
       #2-it is the fps(frames per second) of your bootanimation [higher the no. faster will your bootanimation play [B]a standard fps should be 30[/B]]
       #3-these are the folders which contain images for your bootanimation
       #4-it is a pointer to tell it to look at new commands
       #5-specifies the no. of times this section of bootanimation will play ( 0 means infinite)
       #6-defines pause in seconds before repeating or moving on next line (o means no pause 10 means 10 sec pause)

    Fire it up el captain !!

    we'll start making a bootanimation from scratch from here

    #1-create a folder anywhere put in desktop for ease,let's call it

    #2-open the folder and create another folder name it

    #3- With part0 created, it's time for you to start creating an image. To make it simple for beginning we'll make a simple one .So, using Photoshop as an example, create a new image which is the resolution of your handset. [like if ur on htc explorer use 320X480 or galaxy mini use 340X320] (if u don't know your device's resolution google it

    #4-Give a black background to the image and take a image you wan't to fade in . paste it as a new layer and set the layer to 0% opacity
    so now you can only see a black background.

    #5-now save the image in your
    part0 folder
    and name it

    #6-now increase the opacity of your bootanimation by a narrow degree say 6%.now save it as
    in the part0 folder

    #7-repeat step 5 every time until you reach 100%.and each time save it as image003-image004 etc. in part0 folder

    #8-open notepad and type this --
    1080 240 24
    p 1 60 part0
    c 1 0 part1
    c 0 0 part2
    c means that the entire part of the animation (eg part2) will be played even if bootup completes.[/COLOR][/B]

    [B]change[/B] the 1080 240 with the resolution you are using

    Thanks to @cisza for this info.. [images will be updated soon ]

    #9- save it as :
    in the root of your bootanimation folder (not in part0)

    #10- compress it using your archive manager say 7zip ;winrar,etc.
    or else bootanimation WON'T work



    congrats u just made a boot animation... and remember to share with us your bootanimation ;)

    You can also use boot animation factory by RD despotovski01 It may help you with debugging and previewing and also creating bootanimations ;)

    Installing bootanimations

    To install your bootanimation just use root explorer to put it in system/media folder
    if using htc stock rom put it in system/customize/resources folder (make sure to rename it the bootanimation.zip to htc_bootup.zip )

    thanks alot for this....

    1-made a 480x800 video,
    2-used video to photo converter (# of frames selected)
    3-used irfanview to rename them to image###
    4-created the folder.(part0)
    6- used root explorer to paste that zip to resources folder in system...

    worked like a charm....:)
    Thanks for the tutorial. I'll try it soon.
    What did I do wrong??

    It just shows a black screen and sometimes doesn't even finish booting, so I have to delete it from recovery.

    EDIT: Nevermind it workes now??????

    m not gettin compression method "store" in 7 zip... :confused: