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[Tutorial] How to extract logs of an app in Galaxy M31

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New member
Aug 4, 2021
This post explains how you can extract the logs of an app using the adb command line tool. Earlier, we could access the Android->data folder for each app but that is not possible now. But we can do it using the adb command line tool.
1. Step 1
a. Install and setup the adb command line tool for your computer. This article shows you how to do so.

2. Step 2
a. Now since your phone is connected to your computer via adb, open a command prompt and type in "adb shell". Now you can access your phone via the command line.
b. To access the data folder for a particular app, type in the following command "cd /sdcard/Android/data". Here you'll find the data folders for all the apps in your phone.
c. List all the apps using the "ls" command as shown below.

3.Step 3
a. Now get the complete name of your app and type in "cd <COMPLETE_APP_NAME>". Here you can access the logs/cache of your app.


b. Now to download this file to your pc, open another command prompt and type in command "adb pull /sdcard/Android/data/<APP_NAME>/<YOUR_PATH>"

c. This will fetch and download the files you need at the location where your command prompt is pointing to (D drive in this case)