How To Guide [TUTORIAL] how to set the screen refresh rate to 90 Hz

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Aug 4, 2013
for thoose that cant enable this trick,first choose 120Hz then go to app setedit then change value user_refresh_rate to 90Hz and exit the it should change to 90Hz.
note : remember you must change the refresh rate to 120Hz first,if not you can apply this tricks.
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    [Tutorial] How to set the screen refresh rate to 90 Hz

    90 Hz is the best compromise between smooth experience and battery consumption, MIUI on poco x3 pro does not support the option to set 90 Hz by default.

    How to do it

    1) Go to settings -> about phone -> and click 7 times on "MIUI Version (for POCO)" until you see a message that you have become a developer
    2. go back to the main settings menu, then into additional settings -> developer options and find the option "show refresh rate" and then click. Now you will see the current FPS number in the upper corner (60 or 120 depending on what you have chosen)
    3. Go to apps -> manage apps and search "battery and performance", then select clear data of this app
    4. Go to the google play store and download SetEdit (Settings Database Editor)
    5. run the application, and at the bottom look for the option "user_refresh_rate"
    6. click on this option and edit the value to 90, save the changes and then you can exit the application

    Enjoy! When you exit the application, the FPS indicator should now show 90 instead of 60 or 120
    If I were to do this with a rooted phone, would this be under build.prop?
    It work for me on MiuimiX ROM
    it's work for me on (RJUEUXM)
    Hi.. Isnt this phone have adaptive refresh rate?
    If I'm not mistaken, I don't think so, you just need to set a constant refresh rate, e.g. 60,90,120 Hz