[TUTORIAL] Pairing the Amazfit Pace with Android 8.x


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Oct 14, 2010
Hey guys. I own a Xiaomi A1 with Android 8.1 and recently bought a Pace. Beforehand I didn't know that there are problems pairing it with Android 8.1. I always got a message that the pairing had failed. I found some solutions saying to use a phone with an Android version lower than 8.x, update the firmware on the watch and then connect it to a phone with 8.x. I have no such phone and I didn't have any luck with an iPhone. So I contacted Amazfit customer service and suprisingly they responded with a tutorial and the best thing: It even worked! So I want to post this tutorial here for all the poor souls like me :p. All credits go to Amazfit!

Hello Amazfit User,
Thank you for contacting Amazfit.

I send you a tool to help you update . You can have a try. (please use it with a windows computer .)

Could you please tap the following link to install the software on your computer to have a try :


How to use :

Please make sure the watch is fully charged first .

A , If your computer system has an adb driver installed, you can skip installing the adb driver step.
If you are not sure you can connect the watch and the charger data cable to the computer, then click on the file ADBDriverInstaller.exe in the folder, as shown in the screenshot below does not require installation :

If the adb driver is not installed, there are 2 ways to install the watch after it is inserted into the charging stand and connected to the usb interface of the computer.
1. Click the ADBDriverInstaller.exe program in the current folder, and then click the install button to install the relevant driver
2,Double-click the Amazfit Watch Tools.exe program, enter the number 3 and click the install button to install:

B, After adb driver is installed, please try the following steps to make a factory reset :

Double-click the Amazfit Watch Tools.exe program to execute the file. Make sure the watch and computer are connected before executing the file.

The program running interface is as follows:

Double Tap 'Amazfit Watch Tools' and enter 1 and press Enter.​
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Jan 4, 2019
Worked like a charm

Thank you so much for this! I had the same problem (not having an old android device), but luckily I came across your post. Now my Amazfit Pace is connected to my phone and I'm ready to start using it.


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Mar 27, 2020
Hi, Just purchased a Amazfit Pace and went to sync with my samsung S9 did not work, then found this tutorial, updated the driver software manually and now the watch has connected to my Samsung S9 running android 10.0. This is a really simple fix, thank you for sharing!