[Tutorial] Relock Bootloader of Realme MediaTek Devices

Mar 10, 2017
Hello Guys! Its Sarthak Roy here,

Actually I am the mod/admin of Realme C3 telegram group. Recently many of them had tried to relock the bootloader without asking me the process and got bricked. So, I thought to make a tutorial for Relocking Bootloader of Realme MTK based devices.

STEP 1: Download the unlock tool again to apply to exit the in-depth test.

STEP 2:Click “Apply to exit in-depth test”. You should manual operation enter the Fastboot mode(Press both the Volume down button and the Power button when power is off).

STEP 3:In the fastboot mode, use the engineering command below on your PC to re-lock the bootloader.

- Enter the command: fastboot reboot bootloader

- Press “Enter” on your keyboard

- Enter the command: fastboot flashing lock

- Press “Enter” on your keyboard

STEP 4: Press the Volume Up button to select the “Lock bootloader” option (or press the Volume Down button to select “Do not lock bootloader" and keep it unlocked).

STEP 5: Then enter command "fastboot reboot”. The phone will reboot and exit the in-depth test mode.

[PS: All user data on the phone will be erased - we recommend you perform a data backup prior to applying.]

Hope you guys understand the steps. If you got any query, feel free to ask me anytime.

Thanks and Bye :)
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