[TUTORIAL] S-Off & Update to Android 4.3

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Lethal crew

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Jun 7, 2017
Baseband Unkown

You just have to relock bootloader with fastboot and boot looping is gone :)

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please can you help me resolve unknown baseband on my htc one mini. i installed teos 5.1.1 and my imei and baseband went off. I restored imei using xposed but the baseband is still uknown and my device does not see simcard. Please help


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Feb 15, 2014
hi guys !

I have a htc one mini2 UK vodafone, rooted, unlocked BL. I try to make s-off without succses.. In last part when i enter cmand in cmd
./revone - P nothing hapend.. oNly some erors show me... in the pic you can see my phone..pls help


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Nov 9, 2017
I realize how late I am to getting my mini to s-off..
but has anyone got a good Jmz rom download? I managed to get the official jmz kernel and revone..
but can't get the rom download to work.
let's resurrect this thread :D

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    Cheers Guys,
    this guide will lead you to a S-Off HTC One Mini with SuperCID and Android 4.4.2.

    Update to 4.4.2

    Because my english sucks really hard, iam sorry in advanced for it :D

    The S-Off guide is from the Handy-FAQ forum and just translated from german into english.
    All thanks and greetings goes to them :D

    The stock nandroid backup still uploading, pls bepantient.
    You can do the s-off part of the guide if you wish.

    People wich already got S-Off pls just skip that part.

    [B][COLOR="Red"][CENTER]Neither phone FAQ , or assume I, nor the thread creator on XDA
    responsibility for problems you encounter![/COLOR][/B][/CENTER]

    Whats needed?

    • I tested HBoot versions 2.19 & 2.21!
    • Unlocked Bootloader over HTCdev
    • A rooted stock ROM & Kernel (Its important without it will not work!) JmzM4StockRootedOdex-WWE-1.22.401.1 & Jmz M4 Kernel
    • some knowledge how to use ADB and Fastboot
    • cmd-tool, every windows computer should have it
    • i could happen that it not work on the first time, just do it over again from beginning and it will work (i had that problem)
    • it does not looks very user-friendly (no GUI)
    • it will not brick your devices (BUT its possible because its a hack)
    • the possibility to get S-Off without problems is DAMN high :D

    1. download Android SDK for ADB.
    2. Download revone: http://revolutionary.io/revone


    You can use any OS for that guide, you just need an cmd-tool.
    1. Download revone (above) and copy it to your adb folder, while Android is running.[/B]):
    2. open cmd and use following commands:
      adb push revone /data/local/tmp/
    3. now use these commands:
      adb shell
      cd /data/local/tmp
      chmod 755 revone
    4. Prepare S-Off:
      ./revone -P
      • revone will give you an error now: "error message -2"
      • NOW Restart your device but leave USB debugging turned on and use following commands:

        adb shell
        cd /data/local/tmp
        ./revone -s 0 -u

        revone should tell you that everything went fine and i got S-Off.

      • Here just some other commands for revone:
        • -u --> Unlock Bootloader
        • -l --> Lock Bootloader (It will not simply lock it, it will lock it like it was never unlocked)
        • -r --> Relock Bootloader (mark the device as unlocked)
        • -t --> "Tampered" will be removed from bootloader
        • !!!IMPORTANT! YOU NEED FULLY STOCK ROM, STOCK RECOVERY AND STOCK BOOT BEFORE YOU CAN USE THIS!!! fastboot oem writesecureflag 3 --> restore S-ON

    5. If revone say OK then reboot your device into bootloader and check if you got S-Off[/code]
    6. You should see S-Off Now.
    7. Optional: Run revone (via CMD) and remove that tampered flag:
      adb shell
      cd /data/local/tmp
      ./revone -t


    revone developed by Revolutionary dev team.


    Revolutionary dev team declines any responsibility if you use RevOne : If the world goes down, it 's not our fault . If your device ignites spontaneously , that's not our fault . Do you choose to use our tool, we do not force you.


    Please visit # revolutionary IRC on the Freenode network. We will support you as much as possible , but remember : This is an "early access" and we could just sleep or just not be available when you years of accession the chat. Just stay there and wait for a response.

    Super CID :


    1. Boot into bootloader and connect via fastboot USB to your PC
    2. open CMD to use (in my case) cd /Android/ (if your adb folder is on C:/Android/)
    3. use following command
      fastboot oem writecid 11111111
      --> Its 8 times the 1!
    now lets check it twice:
    • Code:
      adb reboot bootloader
    1. Code:
      fastboot reboot-bootloader
    2. Code:
      fastboot oem readcid
      --> You should see CID 11111111 now.

    Now your device is S-Off! :D
    Now lets install a custom recovery and a stock ROM to get the OTA.

    Install TWRP Recovery:
    Please visit this XDA Thread
    You can Download the latest touch recovery there.
    rename it now to twrp.img and copy it to your ADB folder.


    1. Boot into bootloader and connect via fastboot USB to your PC
    2. open CMD to use (in my case) cd /Android/ (if your adb folder is on C:/Android/)
    3. use following command
      fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
    now use

    • Code:
      fastboot erase cache

    • Code:
      fastboot reboot-bootloader
    Now enter recovery by selecting recovery from bootloader and enter it with power-button

    Create now an backup (it shoudl take a lot of time cuz its almost stock device :D)
    Reboot into android now
    Now download this file:
    My Link :D
    Thanks to scotty2000 for the mirror :D
    You can google for an Stock 4.2.2 - 1.22.401.1 Odexed Nandroid Backup
    Copy this nandroid backup into the TWRP backup folder.
    Important (It should looks like /TWRP/BACKUP/SHA********** [Ur device ID]/Stock 4.2.2 - 1.22.401.1 Odexed/backup files)
    Now reboot your device into recovery again and restore it with the backup we copied.
    After it sucessfully restore your device boot it up
    (Maybe TWRP will ask you to restore root, answer with NO!)

    1. Wait until device booted and connect to WIFI.
    2. Goto settings -> info -> Software-Updates and let him check for an OTA
    3. If you have SuperCID you should get an OTA notification.
    4. Download it but NOT install it.
    5. Connect your phone to your PC and copy the OTA
      (sdcard/downloads/) to your PC.
    6. Reboot your device into Bootloader and open CMD
    7. [Make sure you have WinRAR installed, its the only one wich worked for me]
    8. Open the OTA file with winrar, inside it there is a firmware.zip file.
    9. extract it somewhere or if you are lazy like me :D download it here
    10. Open the firmware.zip and extract the recovery.img and copy it to your adb folder.
    11. Boot into bootloader and connect via fastboot USB to your PC
    12. open CMD to use (in my case) cd /Android/ (if your adb folder is on C:/Android/)
    now use

    • Code:
      fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

    • Code:
      fastboot erase cache

    • Code:
      fastboot reboot-bootloader
    now reboot your device into android.

    Let it check for OTAs and if it show you that an OTAs was downloaded and waiting for install....
    Install it!
    Your device should reboot into Stock recovery and install the OTA.
    It takes 5 - 10 mins after it the device reboots into a fresh & clean Android 4.3.

    NEW 24.02.2014
    After installed to 4.3 just look for a new Update.
    You will get a notification that a new update is ready to download.
    After downloading Android 4.4.2 just install it and... your done!

    You can do now a factory reset to set the device up from beginning :D

    If you want to root your device just download this file and install it via recovery:
    Thanks tbwshaun for the Link :D

    For kitkat (4.4.2) User, pls use this SuperSU.zip to get root.

    But if you to lazy to go to recovery to flash stuff just use Flashify App
    flash it from running android and simply reboot :D
    (You can flash boot.img & recovery.img also with this app)

    And i can also confirm that Xposed Framework & Sense Toolbox
    wich is used in ARHD Roms, works very well too.
    It has a lot of custom stuff in it :D

    I already did it to 6 devices now and it works without problems.
    The devices was from Vodafone, O2, Telekom and many others :D
    Mega upload

    Thanks. Once it's downloaded, I'll upload to dropbox and Mega too.

    Here the upload to Mega, enjoy :)

    To fix the bootloop with the combination of s-off and unlocked bootloader, delete the file at /system/bin/hcheck

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    Its still uploading. And Iam still at work. To do s-off u need the rooted Rom and custom kernel, I tried it without and it's not working but if u have fully stock make a system dump to be safe. If u have s-off it doesn't matter if the boot loader is unlocked or locked. U just need it later if you have to sent it back to HTC. I will keep you guys updated with the upload. I will also upload a system dump of my currect 4.3 system. But u all need s-off.

    Gesendet von meinem HTC One mini mit Tapatalk 4
    @tbwshaun can you reupload the stock android that MirageBlader posted?

    ---------- Post added at 11:29 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:29 PM ----------

    somewhere like mega.co.nz

    yes ill do that now not sure how long it will take tho!!!
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