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Jul 5, 2022
Hello, should I follow this tutorial to root my phone? Thanks by advance
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Hello, should I follow this tutorial to root my phone? Thanks by advance

Greetings. I removed the DL link to "Phonandroid" since the site reqires registration which could be used for data mining and is prohibited by XDA Rule #11:
11. Don’t post with the intention of selling something.
  • Don’t use XDA to advertise your product or service. Proprietors of for-pay products or services, may use XDA to get feedback, provide beta access, or a free version of their product for XDA users and to offer support, but not to post with the intention of selling. This includes promoting sites similar / substantially similar to
  • Do not post press releases, announcements, links to trial software or commercial services, unless you’re posting an exclusive release for
  • Encouraging members to participate in forum activities on other phone related sites is prohibited.
  • Off-site downloads are permitted if the site is non-commercial and does not require registration.
  • Off-site downloads from sites requiring registration are NOT encouraged but may be permitted if both of the following conditions are met:
    The site belongs to a member of XDA-Developers with at least 1500 posts and 2 years membership, who actively maintains an XDA-Developers support thread(s) / posts, related to the download.
    B) The site is a relatively small, personal website without commercial advertising / links (i.e. not a competitor forum-based site with purposes and aims similar to those of
You would likely be more successful with rooting with the already existing guide posted here.

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-Regards: Badger50
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