TW Launcher 4.5 - beta #21 [beta #22 testing last page]

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Oct 15, 2011
This issue could be a CPU issue, this launcher was built for Arm7 CPU's. Your phone runs a 800 MHz ARM 11 CPU.
Not 100%sure, but if anyone can add, please do.


Transmitted from another galaxy with a Jellybean infused P-5113 full of Unicorn porn.


Oct 28, 2011

Can you port this Launcher to the Galaxy S3? it crashes on startup. It dont like the Nature UX Launcher as much as the older Touchwiz 4 :///
Please ! :eek:


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May 21, 2010
Is there an actual DL Link for Samsung Galaxy S4 Stock Rom?
GT-I9505 - DL from 1. Post doesn´t work for me...


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Jun 20, 2010
trying to get this working on a 4.1.2 samsung rom, but won't work, i get a force close when opening the launcher.
I have removed the stock touchwiz launcher (seclauncher2.apk) and installed novalauncher just in case.


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Nov 24, 2010
Will this work on Jllybean 4.1.2? If yes, then can you please tell me how to install it?

no since touch wiz 4 is completely different than the one in jb... I was using this on my old s2 running gb... I might have used it on ics.... but since then I have been running apex launcher ever since... even now with KitKat on my s4

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    This is the twlauncher 4.5, actually the tw4 launcher from Samsung heavily modified by me. A lot have of options have been added...
    Pictures say more than thousand words ;)



    • Power Widget stays gray on samsung firmwares (it does not on cm7 for example), after reboot it will be displayed normally.
    • If you want working samsung widgets, download TW4Manager app, -> Widgets and select which you want (then menu button -> apply)
    • To fix other widgets, grab the attached key, in AndroidManifest.xml set android:sharedUserId="tw4.fr4gg0r" (if not there add it) and resign it with the downloaded key (password is touchwiz, alias is fr4gg0r) more details here.
    Works with​

    • Every device with armv7 processor and froyo or higher

    • install the attached TW4Manager app. It will offer you several installation methods
      • normal installation
      • installation to /system/app/ (this will let you uninstall apps)
      • cyanogenmod version (/system/ only, if you want normal installation, choose the first one)
      Cyanogenmod users have the privilegue to kill apps like the settings app does (real force stop). This is the only launcher that can do this!

    If you have questions/problems, see this very good HowTo by Corwin9s:

    • me, Fr4gg0r
    • (previously also swiftwork who has left the team (the tw4manager is based on his work).
    Important: I am currently not working on this project (no time).
    There are (at least I hope so) other ppl working on this project, I posted sources somewhere, but I can't remember their names now. xD
    One of them is petsasj.

    If you have questions/bug reports feel free to come on irc (freenode) to #cmsgs

    Don't take the .apk and theme it, instead make a

    Thanks to:
    acrylic - for the icons in the preferences
    Brut.all for apktool ;)
    petsasj for testing
    Corwin9s for everything ;)

    I resigned the Samsung widgets (hopefully all of them), let me know if I missed one. :)

    Here is a CMW-zip containing launcher, ShareApp and widgets.

    I had to reboot two times (after flashing the zip, then once again) to show up all widgets. Strange...
    First Theme for the TW4 Launcher

    Hi Guys,

    Here i want to present you my new Theme for the newest version of this Launcher!




    [*] go to preferences

    [*] click on themes

    [*] click Install Theme

    [*] choose the Theme and apply it


    First Alpha:' s Black-Glass-SGS II

    I hope you like it.

    I hope i find some testers.
    If you like my work, it would be nice if you click Thanks... :rolleyes:
    For those who have the error 6 when installing with cwm, try the below

    I just removed all the other folders except app under system and created a zip again. I did all this on my phone using root explorer. It worked for me. Let me know if it works.

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    Theming HOWTO:

    currently the following can be themed:
    1. icons inside the app:
    case Id.Menu.add: name = Settings.currentThemeDir+"menu_add.png"; 
    case Id.Menu.cancel: name = Settings.currentThemeDir+"menu_cancel.png"; 
    case Id.Menu.discard: name = Settings.currentThemeDir+"menu_discard.png"; 
    case Id.Menu.edit: name = Settings.currentThemeDir+"menu_edit.png"; 
    case Id.Menu.preferences: name = Settings.currentThemeDir+"menu_preferences.png"; 
    case name = Settings.currentThemeDir+"menu_save.png"; 
    case name = Settings.currentThemeDir+"menu_search.png"; 
    case Id.Menu.share: name = Settings.currentThemeDir+"menu_share.png"; 
    case Id.Menu.wallpaper: name = Settings.currentThemeDir+"menu_wallpaper.png"; 
    case Id.Menu.settings: name = Settings.currentThemeDir+"menu_settings.png"; 		
    case Id.Folder.icon: name = Settings.currentThemeDir+"folder_icon.png"; 
    case name = Settings.currentThemeDir+"folder_open.png";  //unused?
    case Id.Add.folder: name = Settings.currentThemeDir+"add_folder.png"; 
    case Id.Add.shortcut: name = Settings.currentThemeDir+"add_shortcut.png"; 
    case Id.Add.wallpaper: name = Settings.currentThemeDir+"add_wallpaper.png"; 
    case Id.Add.widget: name = Settings.currentThemeDir+"add_widget.png";
    case Id.AppMenu.app_running: name = Settings.currentThemeDir+"app_running.png"; 
    case Id.Dock.background: name = Settings.currentThemeDir+"dock.png";
    case Id.pageIndicator: name= Settings.currentThemeDir+"pageIndicator.png";
    "dock_apps.png" for apps icon
    "dock_home.png" for home icon
    theme_settings.png (for the icons in the preferences)
    Name the icons like above, that means to change the page indicator icon you name your image "pageIndicator.png".
    (If you want to theme additional icons, pm me..)

    2. app backdrops in appmenu
    icon size: 86x86px !
    Name the tiles tile_packageName.png where you have to replace "packageName" by the package name of the app.
    You can also specify random tiles with tileXX.png, here replace "XX" with numbers from 0 to 15 (0, 1, ... 15).

    3. app icons
    icon size should be 72x72 (or higher) so that the icon does not get upscaled.
    Name the icon either packageName.png or className.png.
    It will first look for the className.png then if not found, for the packageName.png, this means "packageName.png" is more convenient as long as the app does not have multiple icons in the appdrawer.

    4. dock icons
    Here the same as for app icons applies with the difference, that all icon names have to start with "dock_" (for example "").
    Dock icons overwrite app icons (if given).

    At the end, zip all your images in a .zip (directly into the root folder of the .zip).
    Lastly you can also overwrite settings with a, to do that, do a backup in launcher settings, pull the "samsung.tw4.nextgen_preferences.xml" and remove all but the values you want to provide with your theme. Example is attached.
    For additional info see the attached example themes.

    To get your theme downloadable in the tw4manager, upload your theme somewhere and send me the following:


    First part ("Iphone Folder" in this case):
    The title of your theme.

    Second part ("Cool iPhone like folder icons"):
    The description of your theme.

    The third part ("")
    A direct download link to the theme. If you upload it here in the forum, do rightclick on the attachment, "open in new tab", there you have the url.
    Note: if the url starts with forum.xda.... you must insert "http://" at the beginning.

    The fourth part (""):
    How your zip should be named when downloaded (Don't choose a generic name like "").

    The fith part (""):
    A url where to view the theme. In this case it displays this post. Can be optional. If you don't want to provide an url, instert "null" (without "").

    The sixth and last part (""):
    A direct dl link to an image you want to show for your theme in the app. If you don't have an image insert "null" again.

    It is very important to keep the order! Also you must seperate every part with a ";" and lastly if you don't have a view url or a preview image, don't leave the parts out but instead insert "null" (No spaces except in your title/description, and of course don't use ";" in your title/description ;) ).