[TWEAK][MOD][arm/x86][PROJECT DARK BOOSTER] ABS Tweaks V5.0 {2.3-6.0}(23-01-2016)

How Does This Tweak Improved Your Phone?

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jeevan prabha

New member
May 28, 2015
Internet bug is der(can't download and some browsers or nt workng nly what's app chat! ) ...rest all tweaks are perfect!!! (Y)... Soon fix DAT bug ..any wayz, diz s fa ur hard work: (y) cngratz!!
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I have a another question will swap be good for devices with over 2gb ram or will it not be that good ?

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    "ABS Tweaks"

    Formerly "ArkayNine Boost Script"


    [CENTER][SIZE="3"][B]#include <disclaimer.h>
    * Your warranty is now void.
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices,
    dead SD cards,getting fired because the alarm app failed
    * Please do some research before flashing it! 
    * YOU are choosing to make these modifications, 
    * If you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.[/B][/SIZE][/CENTER]

    Hello Folks! After the huge success of my project "PROJECT DARK BOOSTER" I have decided to make it more unique, more powerful, more eligent. So I decided to rebuild everything from A to Z & I done this. I rebuild the whole ArkayNine. In this version I have added lot of features, modes & tweaks which will make your device smooth like hell. We have now our own terminal menu with a lot of features. I have also renamed the tweak from "ArkayNine Boost Script" to "ABS Tweaks". Where ABS stands for ArkayNine Boost Script. I renamed this just to short the name. ;) So take a look at all the features of NeW ABS Tweaks.

    1. Make a backup of your current ROM before flashing it. If something goes wrong than, I will not responsible for anything.
    2. After Installing Or Uninstalling This Tweak Your Device Will Take 2-3 Minutes To Boot At First Time. It can also take 5-6 minutes in some devices.


    ArkayNine Boost Script is a Tweak that combines many scripts and tweaks in one package which is aimed to improve performance, reduce lags and expand battery life, improve stability, improve sound quality.
    This mod will work on any device.
    All you need to ensure is that your phone is running android!
    It doesn't matter which ROM, which version, which device etc.
    It will work from Android 2.3 GingerBread to Android 6.0 Marshmallow

    •XDA Forums
    •HIVE Forums
    •YU Forums

    >>> Performance boost script by @dark_optimistic
    >>> Zipalign at each Boot for better performance
    >>> Kernel Tweaks
    >>> VM Tweaks
    >>> PDB Profiler
    >>> Multitasking, Balanced, Default & Gaming Profiles for Profiler
    >>> Battery Tweaks
    >>> SQ Lite Database Optimiser Tweaks
    >>> Touch Pressure Adjustments
    >>> I/O Tweaks
    >>> New CPU Governor Tweaks
    >>> SD Carf R/W Speed Tweaks
    >>> Strict Minfree Tweaks
    >>> Inbuilt Adblocker
    >>> ABS Booster
    >>> Sysctl.conf Tweaks For Kernel
    >>> No Normalised Sleeper Tweaks
    >>> Internet Speed Tweaks
    >>> Fstrim Engine
    >>> Enables Ditethering
    >>> Improve video HW Decoder
    >>> CPU Boost Scripts
    >>> Lag reduction
    >>> 60 FPS Unlocker
    >>> Inbuilt Junk Cleaner
    >>> Media Server Killer
    >>> Faster Boot Tweaks
    >>> Option To Disable Boot Animation For More Faster Boot
    >>> Liquid Smooth UI
    >>> Scrolling Speed Tweaks
    >>> Flag Tuner by @DiamondBond
    >>> Theme Engine For Terminal Menu (Thanks To @Paget96)
    >>> In Call Speaker Quality Improvement Tweaks
    >>> Various Build.prop Tweaks
    >>> Increases Performance & Battery Life Drastically
    >>> Increase scores in Benchmark Tests upto its best
    >>> RAM Boost Scripts by @dark_optimistic
    >>> Better HD Graphics rendering
    >>> Smooth Gaming performance
    >>> No Launcher withdraws
    >>> Smooth & Lagfree Multitasking
    >>> Enhances Graphics quality and Images output
    >>> More Energy Efficient for long battery life
    >>> Device Information


    An Amazing & Helpful Note From An User @Pheno1992
    for me...
    not to offend anyone who is experiencing bootloops after installing this tweak..
    for stock kernels, it is rare that you will experience bootloops, and besides the tweak works.
    just make sure that you have installed the correct busybox and enabled init.d support, there are apps that can create an init.d folder like universal init.d support app by ryuinferno ..the tweaks really supports 2.2 upto recent android os versions..
    i tried it in stock kernel, this tweak works but not on all devices, there are some dont support swap..some tweaks works, some are not, meaning device dependent..
    all you have to put in mind is that you know what you are doing on your phone...
    for custom kernel users, you might experince something like there are some small issues, yes its normal, it is because init.d tweaks for kernels might have different values on some scripts.. on governor tweaks, your custom kernel must have that governor in order to make the scripts work, coz some might experienced force close issues on apps after installing the tweak package while using a custom kernel or bootloops (minor), or hang ups, it is normal.. just reset your kernel (if you set it up in an app like kernel aduitor) then reboot so that the scripts will do their job.
    hope it helped..



    MAN, i tried L speed and all those other android enhancer/ABS tweak/init.script for weeks. I have been testing various benchmarks and net speed gains, and nothing i have come across comes close to what magic you made here. EXCELLENT. Hit my highest benchmark score (antutu 70,766) on a sprint s6 edge. That is right, i'll say it onnce more... a sprint s6 edge. Due to low kernel developement, we can't do much in that erea. I was averaging between 63,000 and 67,000. UI lags and all. I enabled 90% of the tweaks in PDB terminal to get some great improvements. The one with the swap, didnt work well. Slowed my device down, but that is only my device and experience. Regular arm64 no swap... gets 2 thumbs way up

    OMG!!! it's just damn amazing. ****ing Awesome! No one can beat this tweak. If I had power in my hands I will definitely give you Nobel Prize Sir! Can't believe that my old XOLO Q1000 can be furiously fast!! Yeah hell. Now i can do multitasking smoothly like hell. Omg! Battery is also now much much better. I can't give you anything except thanks!!

    Wtf! Don't know why other people is saying that it doesn't works. It works! It works like hell!!

    Sent From Nexus 6

    Thank u man,that was marvelous,i hit thank of all of your posts till now and noww on, it has made my xperia z flying,mostly mostly the multitasking is now real multitasking that i ever wished. Two heavy games "clash of clans" and "boom beach" are operating at the same time along side "tapatalk" and "messaging" and "ucbrowser". You are a legend man,thank u again.

    Sent from my C6603 using Tapatalk

    works like charm in my grand prime boost it a lot
    working good on samsung glalaxy s4 (i9500) and galaxy tab 3 (t210).
    Thats awesome man...everything working fine....
    I already flash it now. And i choose gaming acceleration and already activate universal init.d and im do a reboot then im test asphalt 8 and the result is awesome!! No lag at all. Im really like it.. but its just the first time.. need further test but overall this is amazing :D
    Damn!! Its really a monster!! Working flawlessly. Thanks for you work.
    Using only the 60-fps unlocker, my build is smoother than a babies bottom!

    ATT Note 2
    Not gonna lie, I thought I already had a fast phone in my Note 4. But this thing makes it fly! And smooth as butter. Thank you for your work!

    Running Zion959's CMREMIX 5.1.1!

    ##Rooted Android Phone(Android 2.2+)
    ##Any Custom Recovery(CWM, TWRP, CTR, COT ,Philz)
    ##Kernel with init.d support(Check Q&A For More Info)
    ##Latest BusyBox Installed(Download From Play store)
    ##Terminal Emulator(Download From Play Store)
    ##Disk Info(Download From Play Store)

    If your kernel doesn't supports init.d than don't worry you can manually enable init.d See Q&A section.

    If you're updating from previous versions, you don't need to do anything, the script will do everything automatically.

    Before flashing please take a backup to avoid any incompatibility issues.
    (Just in case)​

    ##Download Tweak and paste it in SD card.(To download check download section)
    ##Go to recovery
    ##Install zip from SD card
    ##Navigate to Zip & Flash it! (Do Not Wipe Anything)
    ##Now Reboot(First Boot Can Take 1-2 Minutes)
    ##Now Follow The Process Given In "After Installation" Section.


    After installing this Mod you need to activate tweaks of your choice manually. So ABS Tweaks has its own Terminal Menu with many features. So here we have some commands to access the Menu.

    For ABS Tweaks Command Menu
    Than You Will See A Menu Called "ABS Tweaks" There you will find all the options. Simply follow the menu. Read the "Everything Is Explained" section to know which option does what. :D

    To Directly Boost Your Device
    Than your device will start boosting. Now you can enjoy awesome performance ;)


    What Does This Tweak Do?
    This is just a 4 MB Zip. It increases your performance, battery, sound, internet speed & stability. In low end devices like single core, dual core devices we see that after boot the device lags for some seconds or a minute. But after using this tweak you will not gonna face this problem ever. So lets feel the performance.

    For More Click Spoiler (Important)

    What Does This Tweak Contains?
    *Graphics Optimizer
    *CPU Booster
    *GPU Booster
    *Battery Booster
    *Performance Booster
    *Internet Speed Booster
    *Kernel Optimizer

    My Kernel Doesn't Supports init.d :( How Can I Enable It?
    It's damn simple! Download an app called "Universal Init.d Enabler". Simply open that app and click on "Enable" tha. Grant root permission. Wait some seconds and hollah Now your Kernel also have init.d support :)


    *Open Universal init.d" app.
    *Click on "Activate"
    *Now reboot your phone.
    *Use your phone 2-3 minutes.
    *Than again reboot.
    *After 2-3 Reboots 400MB vRAM will activate.
    *To check whether the vRAM activated or not open "Disk Info Pro" than go to bottom if can see Swap it means that vRAM activated.If not than reboot again.It can take some more reboots depends on your phone but it will activate for sure.


    *Open any root explorer.
    *Go to System>etc>init.d
    *Delete these files 11pdbdata, 12pdbcache, 13pdbsystem
    *Than reboot.
    *Again open any root explorer app.
    * Search for swap.img and you will find 3 swap.img files.Delete all 3 files and Reboot.
    *Hollaah you have successfully remove vRAM!

    I don't want this tweak anymore! How can I uninstall this?
    It's very simple! Check downloads section. There you will find uninstaller zip. Download it and simply flash.
    After Flashing "Uninsatller.zip" Your Phone will take 2-3 minutes to boot.

    @dark_optimistic (For Developing This Tweak)
    @Paget96 (For Always Motivating Me, Theme Engine Base Files, x86 Compatbility Help, Guidance & Helping Me In Finding Issues)
    @devwaseem (For Build.prop tweaks base file & fixing option no. 13, 14 & 15 in PDB Zone)
    @DiamondBond (For Flag Tuner)
    @k1ks (For Previous Versions)
    @Exit_Only (For Previous Versions & Guiding Me)
    @Jeeko (For Previous Versions)
    @You (For Using My Tweak)

    Sorry If I forget anyone. Don't be panic just PM me. ;)

    @Vivek Hingarajiya
    @Dhruv Saxena
    @Harsh Navani
    @Sai Krishna
    @Prakash Niraula
    @Diparth Shah

    Note:- If you also want to be a tester of ArkayNine Boost Scripts than simply message me. ;)

    Please Don't Forget To Hit Thanks On This Thread.
    It took months to Develop this Tweak & Hours to make this thread. So do hit Thanks. It Will Not Cost You But Will Motivate me a lot. And please also do vote in pole and rate 5 Star to this Thread.


    XDA:DevDB Information
    PROJECT DARK BOOSTER - ABS Tweaks, Tool/Utility for all devices (see above for details)


    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 5.0
    Stable Release Date: 2016-01-01

    Created 2015-05-28
    Last Updated 2017-10-16

    Now As Swap version of ABS Tweak is no longer available but still you can create swap by using an addon. Just download the addon from here and flash it after flashing ABS Tweak. It is also for both x86 & arm. It will work with any new version of ABS Tweaks. Enjoy!!

    Don't Try To Mirror My Links!
    NOTE:- I know that I can't stop you for sharing my work. But please note that if you are sharing my work than please don't reupload it. Give links which are available here. And also please give a refer link of this thread on where you are sharing my work. Like your Blog, Page, Group etc.

    Previous Versions

    Arkaynine Boost Script V1.0

    ArkayNine Boost Script V2.0

    Arkaynine Boost Script V3.0


    ArkayNine Boost Script V3.1

    ArkayNine Boost Script V3.2

    Now from V4.1 all the previous downloads will available HERE
    Everything Is Explained

    1. Check ABS Tweaks - Use this to check if you have all the files installed
    2. PDB Zone - All mod configurations are here
    3. Uninstall ABS Tweaks - Use this to completely remove ABS Tweaks from your device
    4. Rebot Your Device Now - After you make changes in PDB Zone, you must have to reboot your device
    5. PDB UI Theme Chooser - Change overall UI Colour
    6. ABS Tweaks Changelogs - Shows the changes over different versions
    7. Your Device Info - Shows little info of your device
    8. About ABS Tweaks - Redirects you to the web page of About ABS Tweaks
    9. ABS Tweaks Official XDA Thread - Redirects you to this thread
    10. My Facebook Profile - Redirects you to my Facebook Page(Please Like My Page ;))
    11. My Website - TechFlue - Redirects you to my official website. Here you can get all of my works & my amazing tech articles. Must subscribe to it.

    *About PDB Zone
    All scripts in the mod are here, you can easily disable or enable it, just choose an option.

    1. PDB-FStrim Engine - Triming /system, /data and /cache partition and reduce lags
    2. PDB-Booster - Use this to drop caches and slightly boost your device ;)
    3. PDB-Junk Cleaner - Cleans Junk, Unnecessary Files, Logs & App Cache to make your device neat & clean ;)
    4. PDB-Media Server Killer - Kills Media Server to make your device smooth
    5. PDB-Build.prop Tweaker - Too much tweaks for increasing performance, image quality, battery life, etc.
    PDB build.prop TWEAKS - Various tweaks choosen by me & @devwaseem

    1. Force Launcher Into Memory - Keeps launcher in memory & prevent it to get force stop.
    2. Improve Image Quality - Sets the Image Quality to 100% AS many camera apps (EG. Google camera) only allow middle Quality.
    3. GPU Rendering - Enables GPU Redering for low graphics to save energy
    4. Decrease Dialing Out Delay - Decreases the time of dialing a call
    5. Increase Scrolling Speed - Drastically Increases scrolling speed & makes scrolling smoother
    6. Disable USB Debugging Icon - Disables USB Debugging icon from notification drawer
    7. Touc Smoothness - Makes toch smooth like hell
    8. Increase Audio Recording Quality - Increases audio recording quality of MIC
    9. Internet Speed Extender - Increases net speed in 2G
    10. Fix Black Screen After Call - Fixes (if there) the black screen after call, caused often by proximity Sensor
    11. Fix App FCs - Fixes force closes of various apps
    12. Hardware Button Backlite - Disbales backlite of hardware navbar
    13. Fastet Boot Time - Disables Boot Animation for more faster boot
    14. Signal Strength Extender - Magically Improves signal strength
    15. HSPA Internet Speed Tweaker - Extends speed in 3G
    16. Flag Tuner by @DiamondBond
    - Another Script integrated here,
    Removes any Multitasking restricition and makes the System get smoother
    17. Voice Quality Extender - Improves the voice quality e.g. by call
    18. Battery Optimiser - Drastically Improves the Life of Battery
    19. Faster Streaming - Makes the System stream faster as it should be self explained.
    20. Liquid Smooth UI - Magically reduces OS Lags & makes device smoother.
    21. 60FPS Enabler - Unlocks the maximum framerate of your device to improve graphics rendering.
    22. Disable logcat - Disable this for slightly performance boost

    6. PDB-Profiler - Lets you choose the profile of your choice for gaming, multitasking and both.
    7. PDB-Adblocker - Block annoying ads on your device
    8. PDB-Internet Speed Tweaker - Increases the internet speed by some dns & host tweaks
    9. PDB-Kernel Tweaker - Tweaks the kernel for better performance & battery life.
    10. PDB-Battery Saver - A tweak to save juice of your device like hell. Must use this tweak.
    11. PDB-SQ-Lite Database Optimiser - Optimises the SQ-Lite Binary
    12. PDB-I/O Tweaker - Tweaks for boost in I/O data
    13. PDB-VM Tweaker - Main script, all smoothness is there :D
    14. PDB-SD Card Speed Tweaker - Increase R/W speed, script will calculate the best cache size for your device
    15. PDB-Strict Minfree Tweaker - Controls overall minfree values
    16. PDB-No Normalised Sleeper - No More Normalised Sleep In Your Device


    ArkayNine Boost Script V1.0
    *Initial Release

    ArkayNine Boost Script V2.0 AKA Monster Edition

    *Fixed Ditethering
    *Fixed Bootloop issue
    *Added 400MB vRAM Script
    *Fixed HW Decoder
    *Fixed Sound Output

    ArkayNine Boost Script V3.0

    --> Enables GPU rendernig
    --> Touch Pressure Adjustments Added
    --> Entropy Lag Reduction Adeed
    --> Internet Speed Tweaks Added
    --> New CPU Governor Tweaks Added
    --> Nitro X Manager Added
    --> 64MB ZRAM Added
    --> AdAway Hosts Added
    --> Adrenaline Boost V3 Added
    --> Sysctl.conf Tweaks For Kernel Added
    --> Speedy Script Added
    --> Loopy Smoothness Added
    --> Battery Tweaks Added
    --> Enables Ditethering Added
    --> Improve video HW Decoder Added
    --> CPU Boost Scripts Added
    --> Lag reduction Added
    --> 60 FPS Unlocker Added
    --> Increase scores in Benchmark Tests Added
    --> RAM Boost Script by dark_optimistic Added

    ArkayNine Boost Script V3.1

    --> Fixed Bootloops
    --> Fixed Internet Bug
    --> Removed No LED Script Of Hardware NAVBAR
    --> Removed HOSTS

    ArkayNine Boost Script V3.2

    --> Removed Double Files
    --> Removed Dalvik Cache Clear Script
    --> Added Latest BusyBox
    --> Updated Some Files
    --> Updater Script Fixed
    --> Compatibility Added With Android 2.3 To Android M
    --> Fixed The Tweak To Work On Android 5.1.1 With Different Kernels

    --> Removed Some Unwanted Files
    --> Added Latest Audio Mods

    ABS Tweaks V4.0_Reborn

    ##Rebuilt the whole tweak
    ##Updated all the files
    ##New Kernel tweaks
    ##New VM Tweaks
    ##New SD Card R/W Tweaks
    ##New Internet Tweaks
    ##New Ad Blocker
    ##New Build.prop Tweaks
    ##Renamed the tweak to ABS Tweaks
    ##Added ABS Tweaks Menu
    ##PDB Zone for controlling all the tweaks
    ##Compatibility added for Android 2.3 Gingerbread To Android 6.0 Marshmallow
    ##Compatibility added for x86(intel) devices
    ##Touch tweaks added
    ##Flag Tuner added
    ##Still supports SWAP
    ##Size reduced
    ##Thread updated
    ##Scripts fixed
    ##Updater-script fixed
    ##See the list of features for whole chnagelog as its totally rebuild. ;)

    ABS Tweaks V4.1

    ==>Big changes in UI
    ==>Made RED the Default theme
    ==>BOOST script fixed
    ==>Added Device Info in Main Menu
    ==>Added Changelogs in Main Menu
    ==>Added XDA Thread Re-Direct Link in Main Menu
    ==>Added About ABS Tweaks Re-Direct link in Main Menu
    ==>Added My Website Redirect Link in Main Menu
    ==>UI Themer Fixed
    ==>Resorted the UI
    ==>Fstrim binary fixed
    ==>Junk Cleaner Fixed
    ==>Adblocker Updated
    ==>Removed Swap version
    ==>Swap still supports as an addon

    ABS Tweaks V5.0

    ==> Updated Adblocking script & mechanism
    ==> Updated Host files for better and powerfull adblocking
    ==> Minor improvements in UI
    ==> Battery Saver moved to PDB Zone from Build.prop tweaks
    ==> Battery optimiser moved to Build.prop tweaks from PDB Zone
    ==> BusyBox updated
    ==> Added PDB Profiler
    ==> Added Multitasking, Gaming, Balanced & Default profiles in PDB Profiler. Thanks to @Paget96
    ==> Removed Backup.sh, Restore.sh & Default.sh scripts. Will add them latet for sure
    ==> Added logs in system>etc>PDB-ABS>Extras>ABS_Logs
    ==> Added BusyBox in Extras folder
    ==> Updater script re-written totally
    ==> Removed useless lines and permissions from updater script
    ==> Added new liscence statement in every single script for copyright
    ==> Added new statements in updater script
    ==> x86 updater script also rewritten.